Trends Through Biblical Lens:- 2022 – October – Industry – Energy

Background Let us cover the trends we are seeing and experiencing this October 2022. Introduction In a series of posts, we will cover recent trends and see whether they lean towards one area or another when seen through biblical lenses. When the events does not markedly weigh towards specific prophetic expected events, we will remain … Continue reading Trends Through Biblical Lens:- 2022 – October – Industry – Energy

Prophetic:- Prophetic Timeline – 2022 – Midpoint Report – Governance

Background God has been pressing in on me to give an update on where I think we are in the area of prophetic timeline.   Timeline Outline Governance Coverage In this initial post, we will review Joe Biden's vision for his 4-years presidency ( Years 2020 - 2024 ).   Governance President Joe Biden ran … Continue reading Prophetic:- Prophetic Timeline – 2022 – Midpoint Report – Governance

The Remnant Radio:- Chris Reed

Videos Critique - Remnant Radio Chris Reed Responds To Our Critiques Videos Video #1 Channel:- The Remnant Radio Date Published:- 2022-June-8th Date Added:- 2022-June-9th Link Prophecies NEW Prophetic Words from an angelic visitation/Chris Reed/5/13/22 Videos Video #1 Channel:- Chris Reed Ministries Date Published:- 2022-May-15th Date Added:- 2022-June-9th Link Video Introduction Critique - Remnant Radio Chris … Continue reading The Remnant Radio:- Chris Reed

Prophetic Timeline – Gog & Magog – My Take – Day 02

Background More on whether current conditions are indicative of "Gog and Magog" war.   Lineage Here are preceding posts:- General Prophetic Timeline – Gog & Magog? Link Dr. Michael Heiser Dr. Michael S. Heiser:- Ezekiel 38/39 ( Gog & Magog ) Link Blog Prophetic Timeline – Gog & Magog – My Take – Revelation 20 … Continue reading Prophetic Timeline – Gog & Magog – My Take – Day 02

Our Lady of Fátima:- Consecration of a Nation

Background This is another tough subject matter. Actually, very tough. May God cover each of our heads. Especially, as we place ourselves and lives in his service. And, his service alone.   Stories Wikipedia Link Private Versus Public Revelation Categorized as private revelation The teaching of the Roman Catholic Church distinguishes between "public Revelation" and … Continue reading Our Lady of Fátima:- Consecration of a Nation

Christianity & The Prophetic:- 2021/October

Introduction To say the Church, at least the prophetic arm, is not getting much sleep these days is to put it very mildly.   Videos Marcus Rogers He Kept Getting Angry That I Wouldn't Open The Door For Him Profile I had an encounter with Joe Biden in my dream. You must listen to this … Continue reading Christianity & The Prophetic:- 2021/October

Prophetic Timeline & Current Affairs:- 2021/September

Background In the last couple of months, I have posted Prophetic Timeline messages from a couple of teachers.   Responsibility and Care I know the responsible act is to try to reconcile some of those blog postings and accompanying videos with my own personal reading of where we are.   Outline Afghanistan War Jewish Appointed … Continue reading Prophetic Timeline & Current Affairs:- 2021/September

Prophetic Timeline:- 2021-August

Background In December 2020, on a single day, December 13th, we posted three times on how 2021 will likely play out. We are halfway into the year. Let us touch on some areas that are worth speaking on.   Lineage Prophetic Timeline – 2021/June – Current Affairs Analysis Posted:- 2021-June-11th Link The Prophetic:- Year 2021 … Continue reading Prophetic Timeline:- 2021-August

Scriptures:- Spurring One Another To Good Deeds

Background Here are a few scriptures that encourage loving and helping each other.   Pretext As I read through the comments section of the Yahoo article on Heath Care Subsidy, I had to go back and look at scripture. BTW, the article is availed here:- Doug Whiteman The Biden stimulus offer of free health insurance … Continue reading Scriptures:- Spurring One Another To Good Deeds

San Jose VTA Shooting ( 2021-May-26th )

Profile The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority ( VTA) is responsible for public transit services, congestion management, specific highway improvement projects, and countywide transportation planning for Santa Clara County. VTA manages emergencies on San Jose's light rail.   Portrait AP Photo/Noah Berger Link Videos Governor Gavin Newsom 'What the hell is wrong with us?': Governor … Continue reading San Jose VTA Shooting ( 2021-May-26th )