Liu Xuezhou, Family

Background I like that South China Morning Post has some heart-touching stories. Not only are some of the stories heart-touching, but they also happen to be true and direct. As well as spoken through a human-first narrative.   South China Morning Post Journalist:- Mandy Zuo Link Portrait Liu Xuezhou Liu Xuezhou & Mother Story Liu … Continue reading Liu Xuezhou, Family

Moncef Slaoui – Covid-19 – Operation Warp Speed

  Moncef Slaoui, the scientific head of Operation Warp Speed, spent 29 years making vaccines at GlaxoSmithKline. Bio Born in Muslim-majority Morocco, he headed to Europe for his education and is a fluent Arabic, French, and English, speaker. Upon arriving in America in the 1980s, he pursued career fighting diseases like cervical cancer, meningitis, and … Continue reading Moncef Slaoui – Covid-19 – Operation Warp Speed

The Great Irish Famine – Jim Donnelly

Background This is an important and instructive story courtesy of Jim Donnelly.   Story The Irish Famine By Jim Donnelly Link   The Irish catastrophe The Great Famine in Ireland began as a natural catastrophe of extraordinary magnitude, but its effects were severely worsened by the actions and inactions of the Whig government, headed by … Continue reading The Great Irish Famine – Jim Donnelly