Shraddha Jain (aiyyoShraddha):- Laid off

LinkedIn Feed Courtesy of a like by someone that I am connected to on LinkedIn, I became aware of AiyyoShraddha. BTW, here is the post:- Link Image   Textual Pareekh Jain CEO EIIRTrend. EIIR (Engineering, IoT, Industry 4.0, R&D) Analyst. Why are tech firms doing layoffs? AiyyoShraddha again with her fresh humorous take on this … Continue reading Shraddha Jain (aiyyoShraddha):- Laid off

Google & Psychological Safety

Background Post recent layoffs, one of the areas that has been raised is the relationship between Google and its employees; specifically the employees "Psychological Safety".   What is Psychological Safety? Center for Creative Leadership What Is Psychological Safety at Work? Link Psychological safety is the belief that you won’t be punished or humiliated for speaking … Continue reading Google & Psychological Safety

Apple:- Tim Cook – Layoffs – 2013 [ No ]

Link If you were CEO would you cut your salary in half to help avoid layoffs? That’s what Apple CEO Tim Cook did. He made $99M in 2022. He’ll make $49M less in 2023. Let’s be honest—these are numbers for the ultra-wealthy. Tim will be just fine making close to $50M this year. Yet he didn’t have … Continue reading Apple:- Tim Cook – Layoffs – 2013 [ No ]

Google:- Layoffs – 2023 – January

Background With everything going on in the world, I have desperately needed to take some down time. I took some this past weekend. Steve D'Aurora Likes John S. Davis II ( Personhood ) Erin Relford ( Posted By ) “Hey Google, what is Googlyness?”On Friday, my team lost our fearless leader and TL John S. … Continue reading Google:- Layoffs – 2023 – January

Fiaz Hossain:- How can I help you?

Liked I like this post from one of my favorite human beings? Fiaz Hossain. Link Distinguished Architect - Security at To all my wonderful #salesforce colleagues affected by the news this week... please let me know how I can help you. - Can I put you in touch with a contact of mine? - … Continue reading Fiaz Hossain:- How can I help you?