Encounters with Serial Murderers – 2021/October

Portrait Khalil Wheeler-Weaver Sarah Butler Messaging   Videos Khalil Wheeler-Weaver Part1:- Surviving a serial killer: The story of Tiffany Taylor Profile Tiffany Taylor was attacked by a serial murderer who went on a killing spree in 2016. This is Tiffany's story of how she managed to escape with her life. Videos Surviving a serial killer: … Continue reading Encounters with Serial Murderers – 2021/October

Spirituality: Leadership Vaccination Stance – The Ones For It

Background I will like to post on Pastors that are actually encouraging their congregants to get vaccinated against COVID. Spiritual Leaders & Messaging Judaism Orthodox Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld of Ohev Sholom synagogue in Washington, DC Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld enrolled in a clinical trial of the Moderna vaccine in 2020-July, he wanted to make a difference in the … Continue reading Spirituality: Leadership Vaccination Stance – The Ones For It

Frost:- Family – Tim, Odin

Portrait Snuggling 19 Years Apart Link With my sons autism there is a lot of repetition and routine he uses to find comfort. This is one of my favorite. He has snuggled the same way for 19 years. Friendship Odin and Jordan       Videos Tony Hawk Dropped In -Featuring Tony Hawk Videos Video … Continue reading Frost:- Family – Tim, Odin

The Joys of Closed Code

Background Yesterday someone placed a request in our group's ticket queue. I serviced most of the asks in the request. Unfortunately, there is one outstanding item. I asked the requester to please ask another group for clarifying information that will allow us to service the need more directly.   Technical Lead Email After a little … Continue reading The Joys of Closed Code

.Net Error:- “COM object that has been separated from its underlying RCW cannot be used”

Background Last night after a long day of code rewrite, ran into an error that threatened to force me to discard the numerous optimizations I had taken the time and effort to labor over.   Error Message Here is the full error message:- Remediation Outline Code Review Code Rewrite Code Review Please review your code. … Continue reading .Net Error:- “COM object that has been separated from its underlying RCW cannot be used”

Shaykh Hamza Yusuf:- 2021-October

Intro This is a repost of an earlier blog post. But, God is it timely! Videos   Dr. Hamza Yusuf The poor to the rich mind 2016 Profile Conference:- United Against Poverty Videos Link ( Closing Segment ) Link ( Full ) BBC HardTalk | Shaykh Hamza Yusuf [Full Interview] [Enhanced VHS] Videos Segments Pain, Anger, … Continue reading Shaykh Hamza Yusuf:- 2021-October

Jackie Hill Perry:- Preached Word

  Videos Watch Your Mouth (James 3:1-12) Profile Recorded at The Gospel Coalition Women's Conference 2021 Gospel Web Site:- http://www.jackiehillperry.com Videos Video #1 Channel:- Jackie Hill Perry Channel Published On: 2021-September-9th Date Added:- 2021-October-20th Link Scripture Watch Your Mouth (James 3:1-12) James James 3:1 - Taming the Tongue ( Link ) Not many of you … Continue reading Jackie Hill Perry:- Preached Word

The First 48: Intended Target & Patrick Apoian

Stories The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Former Atlanta officer helps the family of a man who ran over him Link By Raisa Habersham, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Aug 5, 2016 Not too many people would be kind to a person who ran them over. But Patrick Apoian, a former Atlanta police officer, harbors no hard feelings against the … Continue reading The First 48: Intended Target & Patrick Apoian

Paternity Court:- 2021-Autumn

Videos Watkins v. Washington Profile Watkins v. Washington - A woman is determined to prove to her childhood friend that he is the father of her five-month-old son. Listing Show: Lauren Lake's Paternity Court Videos Adult-Sized Headache: Childhood Sweethearts Prove Each Other Wrong (Full Episode) | Paternity Court Channel:- Paternity Court Published On:- 2021-October-1st Added … Continue reading Paternity Court:- 2021-Autumn

Zac Brown – Highway 20 – Zach Cahall Rebuttal

Zac Brown Band - Highway 20 Ride Lyrics A day might come and you'll realize that if you could see through my eyes There was no other way to work it out And a part of you might hate me But son please don´t mistake me For a man that didn't care at all Videos … Continue reading Zac Brown – Highway 20 – Zach Cahall Rebuttal