Daniel Markel:- Laying Down

Participants Daniel Markel Friend Greenberg Maya Greenberg Ethan j. Leib A law professor at Fordham Law School Wendi Adelson Family Charlie Adelson ( Brother ) Donna Adelson ( Mother ) Harvie Adelson ( Father ) Friend Jeffrey Lacasse ( Wendi Adelson - Ex-Boyfriend ) Sigfredo Garcia Katie Magbanua Baby Mama of Sigfredo Garcia Dated Charlie Adelson … Continue reading Daniel Markel:- Laying Down

Linux:- Environment Variables – Basic

Background At a basic level, environment variables allow for system customization.   Set Environment Variables Export To set an environment variable, please use the export command Syntax Sample Read Environment Variables Export One can also use the same export command to read environment variables. Syntax Sample Scenario:- Read All Environment Variables Code Output Image Scenario:- … Continue reading Linux:- Environment Variables – Basic

.Net – Reflection

Background When programming tracking the current class/method can be helpful. Also, capturing the Stack Trace can also be informative.   C# Current Class Current Method StackTrace Output   Vb.Net Current Class Current Method StackTrace Output   Source Code .Net Fiddle C# Link Vb.Net Link Summary This post ended up being a lot of fun. Comparing … Continue reading .Net – Reflection

Gabby Thomas, Athletics & “Pact with God”

Bio Gabby Thomas is the daughter of Desmond Thomas and Jennifer Randall. Desmond Thomas and Jennifer Randall Desmond Thomas is of Jamaican Ancestry. And, Jeniffer Randall is American. Desmond Thomas and Jeniffer Randall met while both were studying at Duke University in the 1990s. Desmond Thomas played football at Duke University. Jennifer Randall has a … Continue reading Gabby Thomas, Athletics & “Pact with God”

Erriyon Knighton, Athlete

  Videos 2021 2021- Olympics Trials 1st Heat 17-year-old Knighton beats Noah Lyles in 200 heat, both advance to semis | NBC Sports Profile Erriyon Knighton, 17, improves his world 200m under-18 record with a personal-best 20.04, beating reigning world champ Noah Lyles (20.19), both moved onto the semis Videos Video #1 Channel:- NBC Sports … Continue reading Erriyon Knighton, Athlete

Apostle Joshua Selman:- Seasons Change

Videos UNDERSTANDING WHEN SEASONS CHANGE | Apostle Joshua Selman Sermon | Koinonia Global Videos Videos Video #1 Channel:- SBiC Connect Date Published:- 2021-July-28th Date Added:- 2021-July-28th Link Scriptures UNDERSTANDING WHEN SEASONS CHANGE | Apostle Joshua Selman Sermon | Koinonia Global Videos Galatians Galatian 2:2 - The Council at Jerusalem ( Link ) I went in … Continue reading Apostle Joshua Selman:- Seasons Change

.Net :- String.Join returns “System.String[]”

Background Hit a curb yesterday and wanted to share about it today. I have a collection and attempted to display its contents.   Code Original Output Image   Revision Output Image Sharing Restester.com Links Visual Basic Online Compiler Link Vb.Net - Displaying Collection Contents Link Git Gist CollectionDisplayContents Link Dedicate Dedicating to:- string.Join(string, string[]) returns … Continue reading .Net :- String.Join returns “System.String[]”

Mohamed El-Erian, An Economist

Profile Wikipedia Link Mohamed Aly El-Erian is an economist and businessman. He is President of Queens' College, Cambridge and chief economic adviser at Allianz, the corporate parent of PIMCO where he was CEO and co-chief investment officer (2007–2014). He was chair of President Obama's Global Development Council (2012–17), and is a columnist for Bloomberg View, … Continue reading Mohamed El-Erian, An Economist

CentOS:- “dnf -y config-manager –set-enabled PowerTools” – “Error: No matching repo to modify: PowerTools.”

Background Playing around with installing applications on our Linux box running CentOS. It is a recently rebuilt Linux box and it is running CentOS version 8. Ran into a little error in the middle of the consequent application installs. We will talk about the error in this post.   Error Error Image Error Text Scenario … Continue reading CentOS:- “dnf -y config-manager –set-enabled PowerTools” – “Error: No matching repo to modify: PowerTools.”