FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 – United States Versus Netherlands

Background We are in the sweet sixteen (16 ) of the Soccer World Cup in Qatar. One of the first games is United States Versus Netherlands. Videos Highlights Fox Sports NETHERLANDS VS. UNITED STATES HIGHLIGHTS | 2022 FIFA WORLD CUP Profile The Netherlands and United States squared off in the knockout stage of the 2022 … Continue reading FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 – United States Versus Netherlands

Sepp Blatter & Michel Platini:- Prosecution

Background God has been wanting me to write a couple of blog posts on FIFA's World Cup 2022 in Dubai. I wanted to be obedient, but I have a day job that takes a lot of hard work, focus, dedication, and dexterity. Introduction Hopefully the timing forced on me here is good. We are starting … Continue reading Sepp Blatter & Michel Platini:- Prosecution

Apostle Joshua Selman:- 2022 – December

Videos The Spirits that Follow unique Destinies & Mantles | APOSTLE JOSHUA SELMAN Profile There are spirits that don't follow people, they follow assignments and mantles. whoever carries the mantle is who the spirits will follow. ►Video original and produced exclusively by Soaring Daily ►Footage licensed through Storyblocks ►Speaker: Apostle Joshua Selman Videos Video #1 … Continue reading Apostle Joshua Selman:- 2022 – December

Jalen Kitna:- Prosecution

Background Jalen Kitna, a backup quarter backup at the University of Florida, was recently arrested. His parents, Jon and Jennifer, were with him at his court appearance. Bio Sports Jalen Kitna Jalen Kitna played four games for the Florida Gators this season. He is a redshirt freshman; that is he is actually a sophomore. He … Continue reading Jalen Kitna:- Prosecution

Incidents & Crimes:- 2022 – December

Videos Antioch, California James Williams Incident ABC7 News Bay Area Coworker opens up after Bay Area gas station clerk killed during 'botched' robbery - Exclusive Profile Breaking down into tears, Annette Matamoroz describes James Williams, the 36-year-old Chevron employee gunned down during the attempted robbery, as a kind-hearted man who died trying to protect her … Continue reading Incidents & Crimes:- 2022 – December

Helping The Grieving

Background It is the Holiday Season. Yet, life is still occurring around us. Unfortunately, in some cases in rapid and toiling ways. In this post, we will cover how to help each other.   Outline Don't Don't Take Don't be about you Don't assume Do Trustworthy Empathy Economical Considerate Prayerfully Safeguard Humility Discernment Don't Let … Continue reading Helping The Grieving

Murdered At First Sight

Background Murdered At First Sight is a true crime documentary series that tells the first-hand stories of the most complex and hard-to-solve homicide cases: murders committed by strangers.   Videos Subway Attack: The Murder of Tashan Daniel | Murdered at First Sight Profile In 2019, 20-year-old Tashan Daniel is on his way to watch a … Continue reading Murdered At First Sight

Kehinde Wiley, In Words

Bio Wikipedia Link Wiley was born in Los Angeles, California. His father, Isaiah D. Obot, is Yoruba, from Nigeria, and his mother, Freddie Mae Wiley, is African American. Wiley has a twin brother. When Wiley was a child, his mother wanted him and his brother to stay out of the streets and so she supported … Continue reading Kehinde Wiley, In Words