Witchcraft & Governance

Background This is a difficult subject material. But, each one of us encounter problem areas in our lives.   Videos Pastor John A. Kilpatrick Witches cast spells against 'wicked' Trump Profile Alabama pastor John A. Kilpatrick calls for prayer against witchcraft, for Trump Videos Video #1 Channel :- AL.com Published on :- 2018-August-22nd Link  Fox … Continue reading Witchcraft & Governance

Azure Data Studio – Extension – “sqlops-spexecutesql-to-sql”

Background Reviewing a few SQL Statements and noticed some of them came across as prepared statements. Wanted to see if I will be able to understand them by converting them to plain generic SQL. SQL Sample SQL Here is a sample SQL Traditional SQL Here is a hand crafted comversion Azure Data Studio Extension I … Continue reading Azure Data Studio – Extension – “sqlops-spexecutesql-to-sql”

ANSI Standards – Database – Substring

Background Reviewing some SQL and wanted to point out a tiny dissimilarity between database platforms. Data Our test table is Oracle's SCOTT.EMP Here is what the data looks like :- Substring/Substr The HIREDATE is the only well formatted fixed length string. Its format is DD-MMM-YY. Query Oracle SQL Output Explanation Oracle relies on Substr to … Continue reading ANSI Standards – Database – Substring

SSIS :- Exception – Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Pipeline.ComponentVersionMismatchException

Background Deployed a new SSIS package. It is time to test it out. But, really having problems. Error Error Text Error Image Troubleshooting Googled for help. Landed @ Title :- Deploying single SSIS package to SQL 2016 from SSDT 17.0-17.4 Description :- Deploying a single SSIS package with VB script task, targeted for SQL 2016 … Continue reading SSIS :- Exception – Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Pipeline.ComponentVersionMismatchException

SSMS :- Integration Services Catalog – Create Catalog – Version Compatibility

Background Needing to deploy SSIS packages on a new machine, noticed that the SQL Server Instance has yet to be provisioned with an Integration Services Catalog. Let us address fairly quickly. Outline Launch SQL Server Management Studio ( SSMS ) Connect to the SQL Server Instance Navigate to the Integration Services Catalog Create Catalog Right … Continue reading SSMS :- Integration Services Catalog – Create Catalog – Version Compatibility