Berkshire Hathaway:- Warren Buffett & Charlie Munger

Videos Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting Annual Meeting - 2022 Politics Partisanship 'I don't want to say anything that'll get attributed to Berkshire,' says Warren Buffett  Videos Video #1 Channel:- CNBC Television Link Stock Picking Charlie Munger says people shouldn't put their retirement savings into bitcoin  Videos Video #1 Channel:- CNBC Television Link Bitcoin If you … Continue reading Berkshire Hathaway:- Warren Buffett & Charlie Munger

Perry Stone:- Prophetic – 2022 – April

Background Pastor Perry Stone delivers a sobering world. Videos The Reset Has Begun | Perry Stone Videos Video #1 Channel:- Perry Stone Date Published:- 2020-April-21st Date Added:- 2022-April-2th Link Scripture The Reset Has Begun | Perry Stone Turn Over of Authority Revelation 17 - The Mystery Explained …10 There are also seven kings. Five have … Continue reading Perry Stone:- Prophetic – 2022 – April

Ray Dalio:- 2022 – April

Videos A conversation with Larry Summers and Ray Dalio | Politico 15 Conversations Profile Much in the world has changed since POLITICO launched in 2007. What will we confront over the next 15 years? In the first installment of our Conversations series, focusing on finance and competition, former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers sits down with … Continue reading Ray Dalio:- 2022 – April

Gary Vaynerchuk, On Fear

Background Crediting my LinkedIn Family. This time, My Bro. Herschell. Good, Straight Forward, Straight Shooter if ever there was one.   Words   A great leader eliminates fear, a terrible leader weaponizes fear Comments Larry Cabrera Lead with fear, people are quick to leave or take you down. Lead with love, people will fight to … Continue reading Gary Vaynerchuk, On Fear

Sumaia Masoom:- Acts of Inclusiveness

Background This is a baring story by Sumaia Mosoom. It was liked on LinkedIn by my Bro, Aaron S.   Ramadan at Visa Link As I enter my 4th (send help) Ramadan at Visa and try not to make too many typos in my emails with fasting-brain, I’m processing the gravity of the fact that it’s finally … Continue reading Sumaia Masoom:- Acts of Inclusiveness

Economy:- 2020 – Spring

  Videos   Bill Dudley, Former Federal Reserve Bank of New York President A Fed Soft Landing Is Highly Unlikely, Dudley Says Profile Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell says the central bank can achieve a "soft landing," slowing growth and curbing inflation without precipitating a recession. Bill Dudley, Bloomberg Opinion columnist and former Federal Reserve … Continue reading Economy:- 2020 – Spring

Russell Westbrook:- The Lakers Days

Background Life of a basketballer and shortstops around the league.   Videos 2021 2021 - Washington Wizards 2021 - Washingon Devyn Howard ( The Fumble ) Russell Westbrook's Wife Nina Goes OFF On Stephen A. Smith For Saying His Numbers Don’t Matter Profile Nina Westbrook rushed to Russell’s defense after Stephen A Smith dragged’s … Continue reading Russell Westbrook:- The Lakers Days

Mohamed El-Erian:- Economist – 2022 – February

Background About 6 months ago, spoke on Mohammed El Erian. Let us catch up with him.   Lineage Mohamed El-Erian, An Economist Published On:- 2021-July-27th Link Videos Inflation 2022 2022 - Winter Mohamed El-Erian on the market: ‘We have lost our most important anchor’ Profile Mohamed El-Erian on the market: ‘We have lost our … Continue reading Mohamed El-Erian:- Economist – 2022 – February

MIT Sloan Management Review:- Toxic Culture Is Driving the Great Resignation

Background Once again, via Google News came across a well-researched article. It is courtesy of MIT Sloan Management Review. It cites corporate culture as one of the main drivers of the economic trend known as the "Great Resignation". The article itself is almost two weeks old.   Relevancy In terms of relevancy, to me, it … Continue reading MIT Sloan Management Review:- Toxic Culture Is Driving the Great Resignation

The Great Resignation:- 60 Minutes Take

  Videos Why are Americans choosing to quit their jobs in record numbers? Profile The United States is seeing its highest “quit rate” since the government started keeping track two decades ago. Bill Whitaker speaks with employers who are scrambling to find help and people who left their jobs and aren’t looking back. Videos Why … Continue reading The Great Resignation:- 60 Minutes Take