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Critique – Remnant Radio

  1. Chris Reed Responds To Our Critiques
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        Channel:- The Remnant Radio
        Date Published:- 2022-June-8th
        Date Added:- 2022-June-9th


  1. NEW Prophetic Words from an angelic visitation/Chris Reed/5/13/22
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      • Video #1
        Channel:- Chris Reed Ministries
        Date Published:- 2022-May-15th
        Date Added:- 2022-June-9th

Video Introduction

Critique – Remnant Radio

Chris Reed Responds To Our Critiques

Chris Reed Responds To Our Critiques On two separate occasions, we have reviewed prophetic words given by Chris Reed. One of our critiques was about a dream and the other was about an angelic visitation. As a recap, Chris describes a vivid dream that he had about the Apostle John. In Chris’ interpretation of this dream, he believed that the Apostle John was hiding in the mountains of Turkey soon to be revealed in order to give the church a greater understanding of the book of revelation. In the angelic visitation, Chris predicts some major geopolitical shifting in the political landscape globally. It even sounded like this angel identified the antichrist. Well, Chris watched our videos and was overwhelmingly positive about what we had to say. Additionally, he has graciously accepted our invitation to clarify what he believes about these prophetic encounters, challenge us in our assessment and testing of these prophetic words, and strive for unity through the process. I am not sure how Chris will answer our questions, and I don’t know that I will agree with his assessment, but I do respect him for answering these critiques. Chris does not owe us any explanations and It would be much easier to ignore, gaslight, or appeal to spiritual authority to disregard these critiques. So I am eager to discuss these prophetic words with a brother who believes in striving for unity and the bond of peace.


Video Transcripts

Critique – Remnant Radio

Chris Reed Responds To Our Critiques

  1. Dreams
    • John the Baptist is still alive in Greece
  2. Angelic Visitation
    • Dream – Children of the cold war will not make it to the end of the term
      • Vladimir Putin ( Russian – President )
      • Joe Biden ( US – President )
    • Emmanuel Macron  ( France President )  ( 1 hour 3 minutes  45 seconds )
      • Do you believe that Emmanuel Macron is the Anti-Christ?
      • I believe hell has plans for him to be a Anti-Christ
      • I will be remiss if I do not state what the Angels said to me
      • Hell has plans for him to be a potential answer to some of the chaos in the world; especially Europe
      • He will introduce a false peace
      • Things about his life
        • he is agnostic
        • he has no regards for the God of his ancestors
        • he does not regard the desire of women
      • He was born on December 21st, birthday of every pagan God ( winter solstice )
      • His brother was born on summer solstice, June 21st


NEW Prophetic Words from an angelic visitation/Chris Reed/5/13/22

  1. MFN Conference
    • After I finished speaking during the MFN Conference, the angel of the Lord came into the room
    • At every table he went those sited at that table either received a prophetic word or were blasted with the Holy Spirit
  2. Angelic Visitation – Personal
    • It was the same angel that came to me
  3. Angelic Visitation – Others
    • There will be an increased angelic visitation in the world
    • Those who sign up for the School of the Prophets
    • Increased Evangelic activity in the earth, I am telling you this

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