Craig Morgan, Praise & Worship

Praise Daily as I live Daily as I live Profile Chris Morgan is a gospel minister from Nigeria. Daily As I Live and Often as I Breathe...was perform by Chris Morgan In the 2015 Timeless Worship DVD live Recording in Summit Bible Church Auditorium, Abuja. Videos Video #1 Channel:- Chris Morgan Date Published:- 2015-December-8th Date … Continue reading Craig Morgan, Praise & Worship

Yadah, Praise & Wordship

What is in a name? Wikipedia Link Yadah is the third person singular qal form of the Hebrew language verbal root ydh. Depending on its conjugation, it carries a range of meanings involving throwing or praising. In the qal form, it describes the "shooting" of arrows in Jeremiah 50:14. The piel form means "throwing" (as … Continue reading Yadah, Praise & Wordship

Joshua Selman:- 2022 – October

Videos Praise Songs Yadah - Beyond Me Apostle Joshua Selman - You Look Beyond Me Segment Videos Video #1 Date Published:- 2022-September-25th Date Added:- 2022-September-25th Link Full Videos Video #1 Channel:- Yadah Date Published:- 2022-February-24th Date Added:- 2022-September-25th Link Destiny Helpers 4 TYPES OF DESTINY HELPERS AND HOW TO INVOKE THEM | APOSTLE JOSHUA SELMAN … Continue reading Joshua Selman:- 2022 – October

Word of God:- Timidity

Background Let us touch on the word Timidity. Timeline 2022-September-25th Matt Barnes Interesting enough this post was encouraged by Matt Barnes. He fessed up that he likely jumped the gun on a trending news story. He furthered that many in the press say things. As new revelation happens, unfortunately many do not go and clean … Continue reading Word of God:- Timidity

Ime Udoka: Boston Days

Videos Matt Barnes NBA On Fire Matt Barnes speaks on the Ime Udoka situation. Profile “This situation in Boston is deep, it’s messy, it’s 100x uglier than any of us thought.” Matt Barnes speaks on the Ime Udoka situation. Videos Matt Barnes speaks on the Ime Udoka situation. Channel:- NBA On Fire Date Published:- 2022-September-23rd … Continue reading Ime Udoka: Boston Days

Kennedy Maxie, Laying Down

Background In December 2020, the Maxie family went last minutes Christmas shopping in the Lennox Mall area of Atlanta. They barely finished gifts shopping and were on their way to fetch dinner. Sitting at the back left site of a moving vehicle, 7 years old Kennedy Maxie was hit by a stray bullet.   Videos … Continue reading Kennedy Maxie, Laying Down

Chaka Zulu ( Ahmed Obafemi ):- Faces Murder Charges

Background Chaka Zulu, Ahmed Obafemi, was involved in an incident on June 26th, of 2022. Unfortunately, Artez Benton lost his life in the altercation. The incident occurred in the Buck Head Area of Atlanta, Georgia. Specifically at a restaurant owned by Chaka Zulu. The name of the restaurant is Apt 4B. Portrait Chaka Zulu ( … Continue reading Chaka Zulu ( Ahmed Obafemi ):- Faces Murder Charges

Demetrius Omar Lateef Allen ( Ouncie Mitchell ):- Laying Down

Background Demetrius Omar Lateef Allen A professional bull rider, Demetrius Omar Lateef Allen, was mortally wounded by LaShawn Denise Bagley, his girlfriend. Allen lived in Houston Texas. He was visiting Salt Lake City, Utah as one of the competitors in the Utah State Fair. Allen, a Texan who competed under the name Ouncie Mitchell, was … Continue reading Demetrius Omar Lateef Allen ( Ouncie Mitchell ):- Laying Down

Wakko the Kidd:- Praying to a higher power

Background I am glad that Fat Joe showed respect to PNB Rock. And, that he brought up "Wakko the Kidd" hit, as well.   Videos News Media Incident MSNBC Aspiring rapper reportedly shot during follow-home robbery in North Hollywood Profile Lauren Pozen reports from North Hollywood where two men, one reportedly an aspiring rapper, were … Continue reading Wakko the Kidd:- Praying to a higher power

Jalen Rose:- Story Telling

Videos Car Jacked Jalen Rose Shouldn't Be Alive | Story Time With Jalen Rose | ESPN Archives Profile This is the story of Jalen Rose and his friend being carjacked while driving through Beverly Hills. Videos Video #1 Channel:- ESPN Date Published:- 2017-August-4th Date Added:- 2022-September-19th Link Jalen Rose Was Almost Assassinated In Hit And … Continue reading Jalen Rose:- Story Telling