The Remnant Radio:- Prophetic Critic – 2022

Background My friends at the Remnant Radio are back reviewing prophetic words. They recently reviewed the prophetic words targeted against the calendar year 2022.   Remnant Radio Panel Link Joshua Lewis Michael Rowntree Michael Miller   Videos Where There 2022 PROPHETIC Words That Came To Pass??? Videos Video #1 Channel:- The Remnant Radio Date Published:- … Continue reading The Remnant Radio:- Prophetic Critic – 2022

Man of Wind

Background Let us lighten things up a bit this evening.   Scripture Micah Micah 2:11 - The False Prophets ( Link ) Berean Study Bible 11 If a man of wind were to come and say falsely, “I will preach to you of wine and strong drink,” he would be just the preacher for this people! … Continue reading Man of Wind

God Promise to Liars & Their Hearers ( OT )

Background In our living days, we sometimes forget that the good book has plenty of concordance on what await liars and their hearers. Scripture Old Testament ( OT ) 1st King Micaiah Prophesies against Ahab (2 Chronicles 18:12–27) 1st King 22:19-25 ( Link ) 19 Micaiah continued, “Therefore hear the word of the LORD: I saw … Continue reading God Promise to Liars & Their Hearers ( OT )

Brazil Unrest:- 2023 – January – Videos

Background Here are some videos from the unfolden events in Brazil. What is at stake? Brazil has the largest economy in Latin America. And, the 4th largest democracy in the world.   Democracy By Numbers Population Ranking Country Population Leader Who is he? Assumed office Next Election Wikipedia Link 7 The Phillippines 105 Million Bongbong … Continue reading Brazil Unrest:- 2023 – January – Videos

Brazil Unrest:- 2023 – January

Background Beloved, please continue to keep Brazil in deep prayer, meditation, and concern. Those of us called into the service of watchmen and watch women stand as witness. Especially, as disorder flourishes.   Lineage Brazil – Elections – 2022 – Jair Bolsonaro vs Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva Date Published:- 2022-October-2nd Link Brazil – Elections … Continue reading Brazil Unrest:- 2023 – January

Season of Weighing

Background Their is something about those who truly wait on God. Those who actually weigh God. Waiting on God drives solitude. Solitary forces sin out of one's life. Outline Revelation People Reveal Love Reveal Dislike Reveal Unsure Counterfeit Bondage Meditation Restoration & Replenishing Confirmation Revelation People Reveal Love Your season of weighing will reveal those … Continue reading Season of Weighing

Prophet Uebert Angel:- 2022 – December

Disclaimer I am always very careful posting videos of people who mainly preach in the prophetic arena. God in heaven knows my heart. I am not posting this to gas lit prophetic messages from Prophet Uebert Angel. But, to share specific messages that I have noted below. Videos Prophet Uebert Angel An Angel of The … Continue reading Prophet Uebert Angel:- 2022 – December

Mark Henry ( Revive Church ):- Examining A Prophetic Ministry

Bio Mark Henry is the Lead Pastor of Revive Church in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. Examining A Prophetic Ministry Here is Pastor Mike Henry's ruler on examining prophetic ministries.   Videos Jan Markell, Tom Hughes and Mark Henry 🌟 - Revival or Rapture will coming next ?   Coming Next: Revival or Rapture? – Pastor Tom … Continue reading Mark Henry ( Revive Church ):- Examining A Prophetic Ministry

Makhado Ramabulana:- Critique of False Pastors and Prophets

  Videos Pastor Chimezie Onyebilanma ( Pastor Chim ) 2019-April A Former False Prophet's Story Profile The news has been filled with concerns about false prophets. How do we engage this issue? My guest Makhado Ramabulana used to be a true pastor but became a popular false prophet before God restored him. Join Chim as … Continue reading Makhado Ramabulana:- Critique of False Pastors and Prophets

Centtwinz:- Innocent & Millicent

Bio Hey Centtwinz Fam, I've been through the most is a documentary series that profiles victims who have been through the most in their life's and are now sharing it with the rest of the world to encourage and to hopefully inspire for the better. Produced by the CentTwinz Innocent Sadiki and Millicent Mashile. Videos … Continue reading Centtwinz:- Innocent & Millicent