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About the fifth estate : For four decades the fifth estate has been Canada’s premier investigative documentary program. Hosts Bob McKeown, Gillian Findlay and Mark Kelley continue a tradition of provocative and fearless journalism. the fifth estate brings in-depth investigations that matter to Canadians – delivering a dazzling parade of political leaders, controversial characters and ordinary people whose lives were touched by triumph or tragedy.



  1. Russell Williams – Above Suspicion – the fifth estate
    • Participants
      • Mary Elizabeth ( Spouse )
      • Larry Jones ( Neighbor )
      • Jeff Farquhar ( College Roommate )
    • Bio
      • He piloted prime ministers and royalty and later commanded our country’s largest air force base in Trenton, Ont. Today, Colonel Russell Williams sits in a prison cell convicted of multiple charges including two murders, sexual assaults and dozens of break and enters. This unbelievable story has captured the country’s attention and left people asking the same simple questions: What really happened? Who is the man behind the headlines? To answer these questions, the team from the fifth estate conducted an exhaustive journalistic investigation over many months as they chased down a multitude of leads, knocked on countless doors and asked many difficult questions of the people who agreed to talk. In exclusive interviews with those who know him best, host Bob McKeown reveals, in intricate detail, the story of Colonel Russell Williams — career military man, respected community leader, husband and, now, convicted murderer.
        Original airdate : September 24th, 2010
    •  Videos
      • YouTube
        • Russell Williams – Above Suspicion – the fifth estate
          Published On :- 2015-Sept-5th
        • Russell Williams – The Confession – the fifth estate
          Bob McKeown deconstructs the interrogation and shocking confession of Russell Williams. From his initial denial to the full declaration of guilt, the fifth estate deciphers one of the most compelling and distressing confessions in Canadian criminal history with the help of people who know the art of interrogation better than anyone else. For many months, the fifth estate has been following the story of Russell Williams and now is able to piece it together from the early clues to the final confession.
          Published on :- 2014-Sept-5th
    • Location :-
      • Canadian Forces Base ( CFB Military Base )
        Tweed, Ontario
  2. Shafia family murders : House of Shafia (2012) – the fifth estate
    A father, a mother and a brother stand convicted of the first-degree murders of four women found drowned in a submerged car in a Kingston, Ont. canal — the so-called “honour killing” that has shocked a nation. But so many questions still remain.

    • Videos
      • YouTube
        Published on :- 2016-June-27th
  3. The Life and Death of Abdinasir Dirie (2010) – the fifth estate
    In the 1990s, Abdinasir Dirie’s parents fled civil war in Somalia for the apparent peace and safety of Canada. Years later, G Baby, as his family called him, made his own way from the rough streets of Toronto’s Jamestown Crescent neighbourhood to the oilfields of Alberta looking for riches and good fortune. There, he died and his murder remains unsolved, like so many other murders of young Somali-Canadians. The extra twist in this case: some members of his family are convinced they know who committed the crime.Hear from the family of Abdinasir Dirie as the fifth estate explores the searing pain of their struggle and peels back the layers of a story even more complicated than anyone originally expected.

    • Videos
  4. Jassi Sidhu Murder
    • Chronicle
      • 2017-09-08
        • Sept 8, 2017 : A B.C. woman and her brother, accused of masterminding the murder of her 25-year-old Jassi Sidhu, should be extradited to India to face justice, the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled.
    •  Videos
      • YouTube
        • Jassi Sidhu murder : Escape from Justice (2012) – The Fifth Estate
  5. Murder in Cottage Country – The Fifth Estate
    • Added On :- 2017-Sept-20th
    •  Videos
      • YouTube
        • Murder in Cottage Country – The Fifth Estate
          It’s a dark tale of people vanishing, mystery, and suspicion of murder: Nearly two decades ago in a secluded part of Ontario’s cottage country, four elderly people disappeared without a trace. Police spent years searching for bodies, clues and answers. To this day, the seniors have never been found — and no one has been held accountable for their disappearance. Now, in a joint investigation with The Walrus magazine, The Fifth Estate uncovers long-secret police documents and new details about the people who went missing, the suspects police had in their sights and clues to what may have happened.
          Published On :- 2017-Sept-15th



Russell Williams

Russell Williams – Above Suspicion – the fifth estate

  • Psychology
    • Unpredictability of Human Behavior
    • Under Radar
    • Under cover of darkness
  • Timeline
    • 15 Years Old
      • January 2009
    • 2008 thru 2009
      • 34 similar breakings
    • Ottawa
      • Peculiar in nature
  • Commanding Officer at CFB Trenton
    • Qualification for position
      • Good with people
        • Good as a leader of people
      • Good with Administration
      • Good with the media
      • Good with the public
  • Breakdown
    • Suicide Attempt
    • Psychological World broken down

Russell Williams – The Confession – the fifth estate

  1.  Conversation
    • It is hard to believe this is happening
    • What are you struggling with
    • Struggling with how upset my life is right now

Spiritually Receivedth


Thanks for our time yesterday
A nice planned dinner at your favorite, Benihana

The table was set so well…

From the couple right besides with their young daughter
To the young couple that just moved here from Sweden after spending a couple of years in Denmark


And, the men sited on another table, that we chatted with as we waited on a packed dineout Saturday evening
I couldn’t help it, as they were decently dressed in matching European Apparel
Later find out they are were Irish Men


I know it is a good dinner when the complaints is not about the food itself
But, my old dented car that was waiting for us outside as we emptied the restaurant
You affectionately reminded me
how more than anything you will like for me to get a new one


I am so very sorry that Instagram and text messages had to ruin our evening for us

Took the charge for a 2 Star sleep in, it is the Valley.



As a boy couldn’t wait to get to the physical
But, passed on the holding and caressing thereafter
Ended up as far as I could on the other side of the bed


I know I should have been the first to say sorry on waking up this morning
Gave me an opportunity to say so when you reminded me that I had all night to hold you, as I returned for a return affair this morning


But, pride forever gets in the way
Shallow only see things from one side


If I was a masseuse, I would try to untie you in all the knotted knobs
But, never been good at taking time
And, so I raced to God to bail me out


As I prayed to see what I am dealing with
And, what walls and hallways I was permitted to
God reminded me it wasn’t really you
But, I that needed accepting


There are things we know
There are things we are given
But, unable to accept in the present Life we live


Those things that only prayer into his being
Into his presence can be availed to us


Thanks for allowing me to receive those things that are sometimes physically there,
yet can only be spiritually received

In some ways the one left holding the bag, is the one who hoped or gave the most.

Coincidentally it is same that has to hid for the shame of having giving up so much.


Gone so far, I am Monica
Came back in the morning hoping you did not notice

When things didn’t go my way
Raced to God with a list of all things that is wrong
Thanks goodness, he has a short list
Actually a one liner
Had my name on it

Read you came to him
And, you and he and have already worked it out
And, you already fessed to me, as well

So what does Johnny come lately get
Not a lot

I just sometimes wonder about these guys who get to have a long conversation with him
All I ever get is quick rebuke
And, told to go my way


Cornerstone Verses

Romans 4:6-8
just as David proclaims the blessedness of the man to whom God credits righteousness apart from works:

“Blessed are those whose iniquities are forgiven, whose sins are covered;
Blessed is the man whose sin the Lord will never count against him.”…

Psalm 32:1-2
Blessed is He who is Forgiven

How blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, Whose sin is covered!
How blessed is the man to whom the LORD does not impute iniquity, And in whose spirit there is no deceit!…

Psalm 130:3-4
If You, LORD, should mark iniquities, O Lord, who could stand?

But there is forgiveness with You, That You may be feared.…

… For with the LORD there is lovingkindness ( Psalm 130:7 )


Habakkuk 2:4
Behold, his soul which is lifted up is not upright in him: but the just shall live by his faith.



  1. #4 Romans by Chuck Missler
    • Videos
      • YouTube
        • Channel :- NarrowPathMatt714
          Published On :- 2014-August-17th

48 Hours


Shortie and I is in a good place.

But, I don’t know if it is sanctimony, “sacrimony“, scarcity, or scaredness that has me feeling this way.



Here are some courtesy of 48 Hours wishing they could do it over again!


  1. Michael Tardio, Christopher Monson, Mark Yagalla
    • Participants:-
      • Michael Tardio
      • Christopher Monson
      • Mark Yagalla, Wall Street Investment Advisor
      • Sandy Bentley
      • Andrew Blankstein, LA Times Crime Reporter
      • Linda Kim, “Jewelry Connoisseur
      • Michael Jacobs, “Go Between”
    •  Show
      • Playing With Fire
        Published On :- 2017-July-17th
      • 48 Hours Mystery Extra Interview – Mark Yagalla on Ponzi Schemes
    • Location : Las Vegas, Nevada
  2. Forrest Hayes, Alix Tichelman
    • Participants
      • Tim Hayes
      • Alix Tichelman
      • Dean Riopelle
      • Michael Daly,
    • Video
      • Kiss of Death and the Google Exec
        Published On:- 2016-Sept-8th
      • Alix Tichelman pleads guilty, sentenced to 6 years in jail
        Tichelman smiled in court after receiving the sentence. She also apologized to Forrest Timothy Hayes’ wife and five children for his death.
        Published On:- 2015-May-19th
    • Story
      • 48 Hours
      • EXCLUSIVE: Police reveal Google executive had ‘other liaisons,’ including previous hook-ups with call girl ‘who poisoned him with heroin’ and is now linked to a second overdose death in Georgia
    • Location :-
      • Santa Cruz, CA
      • Meeting Arrangement, Las Vegas, NV
  3. Brian Randone & Felicia Tang
    • Participant
      • Felicia Tang
    •  Video
      • Dateline NBC 2017 The Preacher’s Passion
        Uploaded On :- 2017-Feb-6th
    • Story
      • Wikipedia
      • Actress Suzanne Davis: Accused Model Killer Brian Lee Randone is a Drunk and Woman-Hater
    • Date
      • Passing :- 2009
  4. 48 Hours Mystery Blood And Money 2016
    • Participants
      • Andrew Kissel
      • Robert Kissel
      • Nancy Kissel ( Nancy Keeshin – Wife of Robert Kissel)
      • Carlos Trujillo ( Driver )
      • Leonard Trujillo ( Charles’ cousin )
    •  Video
      • YouTube – Video
    • Story
      • Kissel driver pleads guilty to attempted murder
      • Milkshake Murders
  5. Jocelyn Earnest, Wesley Earnest
    • Video
    • Story
      • Murdering Jocelyn Earnest: A Circumstantial Case
      • Former Chesapeake assistant principal gets life for killing wife
    • Location
      • Pine Bluff, Virginia
  6. Theresa Parker, Sam Parker
    • Participants
      • Theresa Parker
      • Sam Parker
    •  Video
      • Dateline Mystery 2017 The Secret
  7. Lesa Buchanan & Dr. Christ Koulis
    • Participants
      • Lesa Buchanan
      • Dr. Christ Koulis ( Lesa’s Boyfriend )
      • Jessie ( Lesa’s Daughter )
    • Video
      • Youtube
        • Dateline 48 Hours Mystery Addicted to Love 2016 New HD Dateline mysteries full episodes
  8. Lauren Meanza, Adriane Insogna, Leslie Mazzara
    • Participants
      • Lauren Meanza
      • Adriane Insogna
      • Leslie Mazzara
    •  Videos
      • YouTube
        • Dateline Mystery August 2017 Nightmare In Napa ( NEW STORY )
          Published  On :- 2017-August-17th
      • CBS
    • Story
      • A surprising killer is unmasked in a double homicide
      • Copple admits guilt in double murder
    • Added On :- 2017-August-23rd
  9. Retha Stratton, Susan Davis
    • Participants
      • Retha Stratton
      • Rona Stratton Smith
      • Lisa Gabbert
      • Susan Davis
      • Laura Barnard
      • Wesley Wayne Miller
    • Videos
      • YouTube
        • Dateline Mystery : NEW STORY In August 2017 – Please WATCH!
          Published On :- 2017-August-24th
    • Stories
      • 48 Hours Dangerous Reunion 03.10.07
  10. Redemption Song on ID
    • Video
      • YouTube
        • The Murder of Natalie Antonetti
          Published On :- 2017-July-20th
  11. Ryan Poston, Shayna Hubers
    • Video
      • CBS
        • Ryan Poston Murder Part 1: Breaking Point
        • Ryan Poston Murder Part 2: Obsessed
        • Murder suspect talks and talks and talks
    • Met on Facebook
  12. Lauren Dunne Astley
    • Video
      • CBS
        • Lauren Astley remembered
          Malcolm Astley and Mary Dunne share memories of their only daughter, Lauren – who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend in a case of breakup violence.
          Published On :- October 25, 2013, 10:14 AM
      • YouTube
        • Published On :- 2017-May-2nd
  13. Bill McLaughlin, Nanette Johnston, Eric Naposki
    • Participants
      • Bill McLaughlin
      • Nanette Johnston
      • Eric Naposki
    • Date
      • Date Incident Occurred :- Dec 15th, 1994
    •  Videos
      • YouTube
        • Dateline NBC 2016 Mystery
          • Show Title :- Murder in the OC
            Published On :- 2017-Jan-1st
    • Location :- Newport Beach, CA
  14. Allen Blackthorne, Sheila Bellush
    • Participants
      • Allen Blackthorne
      • Sheila Bellush
    •  Videos
      • ( Misplaced )
    • Date
      • Incident Date :- Nov 7th,1997
    •  Locations
      • San Antonio, Tex
      • Florida
  15. Heidt Family
    • Participants
      • Philip Heidt ( Patriarch )
      • Linda Heidt ( Matriarch )
      • Carey heidt ( Husband )
        • Robin Heidt ( Carey’s Wife )
        • Craig Heidt  ( Carey’s Older Brother)
        • Chris Heidt  ( Carey’s Brother)
    • Video
      • YouTube
        • ( Misplaced )
          Published :- 2017-July-12th
    •  Story
      • 48 Hours Mystery: Family Affair
        Published On :- 2012-July-13th
      • Craig Heidt gets two consecutive life sentences
      • Robin Heidt accused of threatening new boyfriend’s ex
    • Added On :- 2017-Sept-15th
  16. Col. Russell Williams
    • Col. Russell Williams was a top military commander trusted to fly the queen. Susan Spencer uncovers his secret life of stolen lingerie, sexual assault and murder.
    •  Participants
      • Col. Russell Williams
      • Jessica Lloyd
    • Video
      • YouTube
        • Name, Rank, Serial Rapist
          Published :- 2017-May-3rd
    •  Story
      • Russell Williams (criminal) – Wikipedia
        Published On :- 2012-July-13th
    • Author
      • Tim Appleby
        • A New Kind of Monster: The Secret Life and Chilling Crimes of Colonel Russell Williams
    • Location
      • Tweed, Canada
    • Added On :- 2017-Sept-15th


There is a lot of people looking for love and soulmates out there.

Each of us has a responsibility to do periodic inventory and see what we allow and keep in our lives.

Just being alert and aware of the various seasons of life and see where things fit and what things are meant for which season.

Which ones to starve off, which ones to pray out, and which ones to seek intercessory prayers on.

Need is not weak” – Concussion the Movie.


Help ! ( Adam Blai )


  1. Confession
    • Remove relationship with sins
  2. Living within God’s commandments
    • Understanding Urge
    • And getting to the roots
  3. Pray for closeness to God
    • Pray for grace to pray more
    • Pray for grace to come and stay closer to God
  4. Clergy Help
    • Submission
      • Deliverance – Oh God please help me out ( Deprecatory prayer )
    • Confrontation


  1. Forrest Hayes, Alix Tichelman
    • TV Show
      • Sold out a detective
      • Cheapskate
    • USA Today
      • Google exec’s sordid death fodder for ’48 Hours’
        • Turns out having a head for technology doesn’t preclude having a dark side
        • Hayes led a double life, but he’s taking a lot of his secrets to his grave,” says CBS reporter Maureen Maher
        • As for lessons learned about the world of tech, Maher adds only that “from what we heard and saw, it’s not uncommon for people in that high-stress profession to have outlets. And in some cases, you have a lot of money and have no idea how to be social.” ( Link )


Listening to Kenny Rogers, The Gambler

Music :- Link
Lyrics :- Link

General Vincent K. Brooks


In an age where voices can be reduced to soundbites, cliques and inflammatory comments and categorization.

In general finding the worst in each other and blanket statements about “what we have seen before“.

And, those buckets are based on National Origin and Religion.

How do we go forward?

And, so we ask ourselves how do we go forward or are we are just in a maze of bad choices, which leads to stillness, and assumption of a fetal position.

As I was watching an interview yesterday, I heard the name of Vincent Brooks.  I googled on his name and found a couple of freely and broadly accessible videos on youtube.



  1. General Brooks discusses his biggest challenges and biggest successes in Iraq.
    Uploaded On :- 2011-May-4th
  2. GEN Brooks message
    US Pacific, 4 Star General
    Uploaded On :- 2013-July-22nd
  3. LTG Brooks West Point
    Lt. Gen. Vincent K. Brooks, Commander of 3rd Army, returns to his Alma Mater to speak to the Corps of Cadets about Army Leadership.
    Uploaded On :- 2012-April-10th




GEN Brooks message, US Asia Pacific

  1. Command Video for Team 6
  2. Team Qualities
    • True test of a team is not missing a beat even as we change command
  3. Truly blessed to return the Four Star general to Asia Pacific since 1974
  4. Media
    • Another channel for me to air directly
    • It is not substitute to see and hear in person
  5. Opportunity
    • Training
      • Training our own and our partners and friends
    • Professionalism
      • Exporting professionalism
      • Your Professionalism will be available to our partners
        • Qualities
          • Be yourself
          • And, give each task your best effort
  6. Challenges
    • Fiscal Challenges
      • Fiscal challenges we have has a nation
        • Every dollar we are given, we have to stretch
        • Take care of our people and realize that we are fortunate to have the ones we have
    • Changing Culture
      • We can not allow practices that undermine our pride and the pride we feel as an Army
      • Eliminate Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault
        • Actions that leave trauma in unit and members of our team
        • Have a culture where this experiences are not able to occur
        • To do
          • Start with yourself
          • Allow others to make it go away
          • Set example for others to see
        • zero tolerance
        • Trust
    • Gratitude
      • Thanks for welcoming my wife and I


Andrew Galvin :- A Fertilised Egg Is Not A Contract



A Fertilised Egg Is Not A Contract

(On the Question Of A Father’s Rights during Pregnancy)

Dear Men,

Some of you are confused as to whether or not you have the right to force a woman whose egg your sperm has fertilised to either terminate the pregnancy against her will or carry the pregnancy against her will as the case may be. Let’s see if I can help.


No you don’t.

And it’s awful to even think you can.

Once you’ve ejaculated, your agency ends with regard to having a say either way about any pregnancy.

Why is that?


A) After ejaculation, literally every other aspect of making a baby happens in and to another person’s body.

B) Forcing a woman to carry a pregnancy against her will and forcing a woman to terminate a pregnancy against her will both fall under the legal definition of torture.

But don’t worry, this does not diminish your rights or choices. Here’s how:

If you DON’T want a termination then your fool-proof guaranteed way to ensure that is to exercise your infinite, pre-ejaculation agency and choose not to ejaculate into a vagina.

Crazy, I know but it works 100% of the time, all the time.

If you DO want a termination and the woman involved doesn’t the exact same applies. Your last chance to make that choice is BEFORE you ejaculate. So, make it then; in that glorious time of infinite, pre-ejaculation agency, Instead of thinking you can force a termination on someone who doesn’t want one later down the line.

How great is that? With a little forethought full control of the situation is decidedly back in your hands. I understand this may feel like a bit of a hollow victory to get what you want but without the opportunity to at the same time harass and force your wishes on another person, but what can I say? If you think that an egg fertilised by your sperm gives you control over what does and doesn’t happen to the woman that carries it you are incorrect. A bit scary, and incorrect.

Look, I’m not saying you cannot make your feelings known. In most cases your partner may well even petition you for input but the important part here is that that the decision does and should rest solely with the person who will have to carry and give birth.

To conclude, an easy to remember recap and words I would like all men to remember and live by:

Pre-ejaculation: Your body Your choice. Post-ejaculation: Her body Her choice

Married with secrets


Last weekend I spoke to a young lady I met in College.

I told her about being addicted to the show Fatal Attraction.

She said there are numerous shows along same lines.

And, so that is how I found “Married with secrets“.



  1. Married With Secrets – Season 1 – Episode 7 – Anger ( Reckless Abandon )
    A spoiled 16-year old cheerleader becomes pregnant by her 21- year old boyfriend and is prompted to commit bloody murder.
    And a guy who has it all decides to kill his wife and the judge overseeing his divorce when things just don’t go his way.


    • Person :-
      • Amy Preasmyer ( Cheerleader
      • Jennifer Kellog ( Friend )
      • Ricky Cowels ( Boy Friend)
    • Location :- Lancaster, CA
    • IMDB
  2. Married With Secrets – Season 1 – Episode 1 – A Darker Shade of Blue

    • Persons :-
      • Dr. Jean-Claude Dominique
      • Eliette Dominique ( Nurse / Wife )
      • Marie Betsy Barlabier, his childhood sweetheart from Haiti.
      • Aly Dominique ( Brother )
      • Rachel Dominique, Daughter
      • Jean-Claude Dominique, Junior
    • Video
      • YouTube
        • Video
        • Married With Secrets S01E01: Dr. Deception
          Channel :- Gilbert Yawn
          Uploaded :- 2016-Nov-25th
    • Location :-
      • New York
    • Story :-
  3. Married With Secrets – S01E02 – Obsession Has Its Price
  4. Married With Secrets – Season 1 – Episode 05 – Fear the Ether Man
    A serial rapist known as the Ether Man lurks in the shadows of Albuquerque, New Mexico.
    Victims can’t identify the masked attacker and worse still, it looks like he’s expanding his hunting grounds. Can anyone stop him before it’s too late?
    Published On :- 2016-Dec-13th
  5. Married With Secrets – S01E06 – Yes, Master
    Participants :- Heather Garraus, Ignacio Garraus, Shawna Nelson 

    • Story
      • Ignacio Garraus: ‘I loathe myself’


Not all ends badly.

In the case of Dr. Jean-Claude Dominique, Rachel, his daughter from his marriage to Eliette Dominique, graduated with degrees from a prestigious Ivy League School.  And, she is now a practicing Attorney.

Jean-Claude Dominique, Jr graduated with a degree in Engineering and his pursuing\pursued his Masters.