ODBC – API – SQLBindParameter – Date, Time – Timestamp – Error Messages

Background Wanted to highlight a few less than intuitive error messages one can run into when trying to work on dates using the SQLBindParameter. BTW,  our programming language is C and ODBC. Code 1) DATE_STRUCT // SQL_C_TYPE_DATE // SQL_TYPE_DATE Code Output 2) SQL_TIMESTAMP_STRUCT // SQL_C_TYPE_TIMESTAMP // SQL_TYPE_TIMESTAMP Code Output 3) SQL_TIMESTAMP_STRUCT // SQL_C_TYPE_TIMESTAMP // SQL_TYPE_TIMESTAMP … Continue reading ODBC – API – SQLBindParameter – Date, Time – Timestamp – Error Messages

Microsoft Visual C++ – Compiling for 64-bit

Background As I tried to run our little ODBC application noticed that we have not created the targeted ODBC Data Source. Error Error Image Error Text Remediation Created the datasource and as I thought more, opted to consider 64-bit platforms, as well Target - x64 Objective Let us compile our application and target 64-bit bitness. … Continue reading Microsoft Visual C++ – Compiling for 64-bit

Cold Case Files

  Profile "Cold Case Files," one of A&E Network's most popular and successful series of all time, chronicles the re-examination of long-unsolved crimes and the journeys of law enforcement personnel who reopened them. With the use of forensic advances and new evidence, police and detectives attempt to crack the cases and clarify unanswered questions. Each … Continue reading Cold Case Files

God Has Wings

Grand Pa One of my earliest experiences as a Child Is seeing my second youngest uncle Come over that morning He will wait till my Dad finishes his breakfast And, then he let it down gently His Dad, my Grand Dad Went Home to Glory I already knew Before the Angels gave him his own … Continue reading God Has Wings