Phoenix Coldon – Where is She?



  1. The Disappearance of Phoenix Coldon
    • Videos
      • The Disappearance of Phoenix Coldon Part 2 Where is She
        • Video #1
          Published On :- 2018-Nov-5th
      • The Disappearance of Phoenix Coldon Part 2 Where is She
        • Video #1
          Published On :- 2018-Nov-5th
      • The Disappearance Of Phoenix Coldon: Bonus clip – Sighting Of Phoenix (Season 1, Episode 2) | Oxygen
        • Profile
          • Family friend, Jeffrey Hargrove, recalls two sightings of Phoenix Coldon two years after her disappearance. Watch episodes of The Disappearance of Phoenix Coldon, premiering November 3rd at 7/6c on Oxygen.
        • Video #1
          Published On :- 2018-Nov-3rd
          Channel :- Oxygen
      • Waiting for Phoenix
        • Profile
          • Phoenix Coldon went missing in 2011.
        • Videos
          • Video #1
            Published On :- 2014-Nov-1st
            Channel :- Ejd8v5
    • Participants
      • Lawrence
      • Shawndrea Thomas, Journalist
      • Joe Delia, Retired Deputy Chief Of Police, St. Louis
    • Location
      • St Louis
    • Dates
      • 2011-Dec-18th ( Date Disappeared )


XPath code Generator – Web Tools


Wanted to quickly review freely available online tools for generating Xpath from XML documents.

Sample XML Documents

Will use these XML documents as samples :-

  1. Microsoft
    • Docs. / NET / C# Guide / Programming guide / Programming concepts / LINQ
      • Sample XML File: Customers and Orders in a Namespace



  1. Xmltoolbox
    • XPath Generator
  2. Qutoric


In depth


XPath Generator


Xmltoolbox is authored by Ole Bille.


  1. Launch web browser
  2. And, go here ( )
  3. Paste the XML text into the canvas
  4. In the loaded canvas, click on the elements you want evaluated
  5. Please review and capture the generated Xpath results







  1. Launch web browser
  2. And, go here ( )
  3. Invoke the Choose File button at the bottom of the screen
  4. Select the file to be evaluated
  5. In the loaded canvas, click on the elements you want evaluated


Screen Shots



Author’s Guideline

  1. This web app enables you to query XML/HTML documents with your browser in real time. It can generate queries for you too!
    • You can enter your xpath query in the top-left panel and it will be instantly executed against this document.
    • To generate an xpath query for a specific element, please hold CTRL and hover over it. An xpath is generated.


To generate an XPath, please paste the XML into the canvas.

Once the XML is available and accessible, please move your cursor to the screen area, hold down the Ctrl button while hovering or selecting the XML tag or body.


Sample #1


  1. Supports Element, but not attribute






Belinda Luscombe :- When fighting against each other, our brains works against us


Author :- Belinda Luscombe
Source :- Time Magazine
Link :- Link

First comes love, then comes marriage (or some modern equivalent), then comes the inevitable really stupid fight you keep having over who threw whom under the carriage last time you went over to that person’s place for that thing. Spats with your significant other—there are infinite varieties—are unavoidable. But they don’t have to be so bruising or so frequent, according to Stan Tatkin, therapist, researcher and author of the new book We Do: Saying Yes to a Relationship of Depth, True Connection and Enduring Love.

Tatkin studies couples by filming them during a fight and then doing video microanalysis (a slow-motion, frame-by-frame examination of the footage) to see what’s really going on. Through this analysis, he has found that the human brain has a set of characteristics that can make fights with our loved ones worse—and that we can out-maneuver, to find better resolutions faster. Not to be spouse-like or anything, but here’s what you’re probably doing wrong:

You’re relying too much on your memory.

Even when you’re 100% sure you recall exactly what your spouse did that was so egregious, you’re probably mistaken, says Tatkin. “The way we record experience depends on our state of mind,” he explains. So if we were emotional or stressed when something happened, our recollections can get skewed, and then as we recall it in a heightened emotional state, the brain adds even more new color. “When people fight over memory, they’re both likely wrong in some way,” says Tatkin. “Because of this, it’s usually better to just end the fight and make up, rather than trying to figure out who is correct.”

You’re expecting perception to be objective.

You know the old “Don’t look at me like that!” “Like what?” “Like you think I’m an idiot.” “I didn’t look at you like that” argument? That’s an example of how perceptions are also unreliable—especially under stress, says Tatkin, because our brains aren’t working at full capacity or normal speed so the usual filters are not applied. “There’s a network of structures that have to talk to each other in order to correct errors,” says Tatkin. “And there has to be enough time and energy for these error-correcting parts of the brain to do their job. When people are upset with each other, they’re moving too fast and they’re under-resourced, meaning that there’s literally not enough blood—oxygen and glucose—going to those areas of the brain.” So if your counterpart believes you looked at him or her in a certain way, it’s best not to expect them to correct a faulty perception right then and there. Just let them know that you love them and don’t think they’re an idiot.

You’re overestimating how well you’re communicating.

“The brain always conserves energy,” says Tatkin. “And that means that it takes shortcuts.” People are often not expressing as clearly as they think they are—or not completely understanding the message the person they’re talking to is getting. “I may be making clarity errors with you, in thinking that you understand. You, as the listener, may be making mistakes by assuming you understood something, or linking it to something else, that may be a leap too far,” says Tatkin. Or the disconnect can be even simpler. “One word may mean something to me and mean something very different to you,” Tatkin explains. “Even on a good day, our verbal communication is poor, and we are often misunderstanding each other most of the time. This just speaks to the imperfection of human communication across the world.”

Small misunderstandings can snowball and get worse over time, unless people realize what they’re doing. Tatkin’s solution? “One way around this is to slow down. Check: ‘O.K., do you mean this? Is that what you’re trying to say when you use that word?’” He believes partners should cut each other a little more slack. He likes the phrase a colleague uses: Be curious rather than furious.

You’re not looking at each other.

According to Tatkin, couples should avoid trying to argue without looking straight into each other’s eyes. “We’re visual animals and while you’re talking, and I’m looking at your eyes and your mouth—which is something we naturally do—I can make many of those corrections” of the misunderstandings that are arising, he says. It’s something the brain does naturally without us even noticing. “But if we’re on the phone or side to side, or we’re texting, anything and everything can happen, because we can’t verify visually.” Intentions and phrases can be misunderstood, and meanings and tones of voice inaccurately inferred. Only after people get better at communicating and fighting in close proximity should they even consider working things out via text. “I’m not saying nobody should ever do that,” Tatkin clarifies. “But I’m saying people who are terrible at this ought to get the other part down first.”

You’re seeking compromise but not collaboration.

There are, of course, those fights that are not simply a matter of communication but of genuine disagreement. Whether to buy or rent. Which school to send a kid to. Netflix or Amazon Prime. Those arguments take a bit of effort to solve, says Tatkinwho this time says brains can be used productively rather than overridden. These spats are more manageable if you both agree initially that you care about each other and the outcomehe says, recommending that each partner present an argument, each acknowledge the validity of the other’s argument and then each offer a solution that builds on the other’s.

That way, “both people are engaged in a collaborative effort to come up with something better than their own idea,” he says. Often, the solution to a disagreement only has to be one that works for right now, and can be adjusted later. “If people see each other as having a mutual stake in the outcome, and that they’re respecting that, and they are giving each other their due, and that they are working towards a win-win, which means not compromise but creativity, bargaining,” says Tatkin, “then they can move the ball forward enough for the next thing, and can take this thing off the table quickly and go have lunch.” Preferably somewhere romantic.

Innocence Down!



  1. Lesandro Guzman-Feliz, Junior
    • How a Gang Hunted and Killed a 15 Year Old in the Bronx | NYT – Visual Investigations
      • Profile
        • The murder of 15-year-old Lesandro Guzman-Feliz, known as “Junior,” drew outrage from across the city. Our investigation retraces his last steps — and reveals how a recent wave of violence in the Bronx took the life of a boy just two blocks from his home.
      •  Videos
        • Video #1
          Channel :- The New York Times
          Published On :- 2018-Sept-10th
    • The Junior Files
      • The Junior Files, Part 2: How the NYPD tracked the 14 suspects
        • Profile :- In the weeks before the savage slaying of “Junior” Guzman-Feliz, his mother saw other teens being rushed to the hospital where she works. They were getting stabbed near a street close to home. In Part 3 of #TheJuniorFiles, Mary Murphy talks to the mom who tried to heed the warning signs.
          Published On :- 2018-Sept-20th
          Channel :- PIX 11 News
      • The Junior Files, Part 3: Bronx teen’s mom had bad feeling about Adams Place
        • Profile :- In the weeks before the savage slaying of “Junior” Guzman-Feliz, his mother saw other teens being rushed to the hospital where she works. They were getting stabbed near a street close to home. In Part 3 of #TheJuniorFiles, Mary Murphy talks to the mom who tried to heed the warning signs.
          Published On :- 2018-Sept-20th
          Channel :- PIX 11 News
      • The Junior Files, Part 4: Police say Junior made one call before deadly gang chase
        • Profile :- That`s the word from a law enforcement source on Junior`s murder case, who told PIX11, “There`s no text on Junior`s phone records to come to Adams Place. Junior made a call.”
          Published On :- 2018-Sept-25th
          Channel :- PIX 11 News
      • The Junior Files, Part 5: `His Last Words Were `Water, Water”
        • Profile :- Three young women who live across the street from the bodega sidewalk where Lesandro “Junior” Guzman-Feliz was fatally stabbed by a mob on June 20 told PIX11 they ran to the store and then St. Barnabas Hospital after the vicious attack.
          Published On :- 2018-Sept-26th
          Channel :- PIX 11 News
  2. Shots Fired
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Published On :- 2018-Nov-28th
        Channel :- Is this one new?
    • Participants
      • Smith
        • Quincy Smith
        • Gwendolyn Smith
      • Neighbors
        • Jon ( Jay ) Tompkins
    • Stories
      • CBS
        • CBS Evening News
          • Officer speaks about shooting after attempted killer sentenced
      • Fox News
        • Officer recalls near-fatal shooting captured by body cam in doc: ‘I did think I was going to die’



Shots Fired

  1. Cousin
    • Father in the name of Jesus, protect this young man
    • I am not going to leave you, I will be with you till the end
  2. Mother
    • They done kill my child
    • We do not have time to wait, I have to get to South Carolina
    • It is a 13 hour drive, I made it in 10
  3. Officer Smith
    • I came extremely close
    • Extremely close
  4. Charlene Cohen Smith
  5. Mother
    • I held him in my arms
  6. Jon ( Jay ) Tompkins

Visual Studio – Error – “Could not load file or assembly ‘netstandard, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=cc7b13ffcd2ddd51’ or one of its dependencies.”


Upon preparing Visual Studio to be able to develop mobile applications courtesy of Xamarin, ran into a blocking issue right away.

Set the Stage

Setting the stage for our error is easy  and it goes :-

  1. Launch Visual Studio
  2. Elected to design new Project
  3. Chose Project based on Mobile / Xamarin
  4. The system prepares the baseline project
  5. Attempted to build the project


Error Image


Error Text

Could not load file or assembly 'netstandard, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=cc7b13ffcd2ddd51' or one of its dependencies.


Microsoft .Net Version

Review the version of Microsoft .Net that is installed.

Windows Explorer

Launched Windows Explorer and entered %windir%\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64 as targeted folder.




We have a Version 4 version of Microsoft .Net installed; The baseline version # is v4.0.30319.

Please keep in mind that patches to his baseline might be installed, as well.


Registered Files

Registered File – netstandard.dll

Accessed %windir%\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64  to determine if the referenced Assembly, netstandard.dll is present.

Confirmed it is not.


Microsoft .Net Version


Installing .net framework 4.7.1 and above will help!



Please access ( Link ) and see if there are newer versions of .Net than the one you have installed.

As of this morning, 2018-12-07, here is what is available.




The latest .Net Framework, not the .Net Core, is 4.7.2.


Product :- v4.7.2



  1. .Net Framework 4.7.2
    • Products
      • Build apps – Dev pack
      • Run apps – Runtime

We chose the Developer pack ( offline installer ).



License Terms


Setup Successful



Restarted Machine

Restarted Machine



Assembly – netstandard.dll

Windows Explorer

Accessed Windows Explorer and targeted C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319


Took the following steps :-

  1. Folder View
    • Columns
      • Added Date Created
    • Sort/Order
      • Ordering by Date Created


  1. netstandard.dll now included


Visual Studio

Project Build

Launched Visual Studio, loaded our mobile project, and it compiled successful with a couple of non-blocking warnings.




  1. As we do not have a Mac attached expected this warning.


Referenced Work

  1. xamarin
    • xamarin/Xamarin.Forms
      • Xamarin.Forms.Build.Tasks.GetTasksAbi build error #2667
  2. David Kean
    • Twitter ( @davkean )
      • Folks this is a bug in the Xamarin task – it’s making the assumption netstandard is in the GAC.

Microsoft – Access Database Viewer


Have a database that I need to review.

Unfortunately it is a Microsoft Access Database and I do not have Access installed.

And, so googled for opportunities.

Sample Databases

You likely want to try things out against sample databases before hand.

Here are some sample databases that are available online.

  • Microsoft Office Access 2010
    • Links
      • Download Sample Databases



Here are some sample databases that are available online.

  • Online
    • Maklabu GmbH
      • MDB Opener
  • Desktop
    • Alex Nolan
      • MDB Viewer Plus