T.B. Joshua:- Memorialized

Disclaimer This post is not to encourage or promote any of the persons or ministry noted herein. It is intended to educate and not lead people down a ministerial path.   Background Chuck Missler likes to note that there are some areas that are above each of our pay grades. Deliverance ministry is one of … Continue reading T.B. Joshua:- Memorialized

Bishop T.D. Jakes prays over Micah Stampley

Videos MICAH STAMPLEY HEART-WRENCHING! BISHOP TD JAKES PRAYS OVER MICAH STAMPLEY AS HE MOURNS Profile Loss of Micah Stampley's daughter Videos Video #1 Worship Center:- Potter House, Houston, Texas Channel:- Good AMEllie Music Date Published:- 2020-January-20th Link Transcript Prayer -01 I pray that the strength of God envelop your heart Even as you serve and … Continue reading Bishop T.D. Jakes prays over Micah Stampley

Life in Bars

Videos Vincent Smothers Detroit hit man takes credit for the killing another man is serving a life sentence for Profile Vincent Smothers, a self-confessed Detroit hit man, says he killed Jamal Segars. Segars was fatally shot in 2004 and Thelonious Searcy is serving a life sentence for the murder.  Videos Video #1 Channel:- MLive Published … Continue reading Life in Bars

Lori Anne Thompson, Baring

Videos Lori Anne Thompson Lori Anne Thompson: In Her Own Words Videos Lori Anne Thompson: In Her Own Words || Interview with Glen Scrivener || March 2021 Channel:- Speak Life Date Published:- 2021-March-8th Date Added:- 2021-May-3rd Link Dr. Diane Langberg Church Abuse: Protecting Ministries, Destroying Souls || Dr Diane Langberg, Author (Redeeming Power) Videos Lori … Continue reading Lori Anne Thompson, Baring

DMX, The Artist

  Videos Spirituality Prayer DMX GIVES A BREATHTAKING PRAYER !!! Videos Video #1 Channel:- Breaking the machine Published On:- 2020-February-13th Added On:- 2021-April-11th Link Watch DMX deliver an epic prayer to kick off the Bad Boy Reunion Tour Videos Video #1 Channel:- Revolt TV Published On:- 2016-September-2nd Added On:- 2021-April-11th Link Prayer Virgil DMX Fiancee … Continue reading DMX, The Artist

Dr. Michelle Drouin:- Life Choices

Author:- Dr. Michelle Drouin Who Is She:- CEO at Forensic Psychology Consultants | Author | Professor | Research Scientist | Expert Witness | TEDx Speaker Link:- Link Testimony When I was 7, my mom and siblings fled in the middle of the night to a battered women’s shelter. We lived for two months in a … Continue reading Dr. Michelle Drouin:- Life Choices

God of Midnight – Music – Maverick City

Videos Maverick City God Of Midnight (feat. Aaron Moses) - Maverick City | TRIBL Profile Written "God of Midnight " was written by Aaron Moses, Joel Barnes, and JoeWun Bee. Recording This video was captured at a live recording by Maverick City Music in 2020 at 1971 Sounds in Atlanta before COVID and safety restrictions … Continue reading God of Midnight – Music – Maverick City

God speaking for us

Background It has been an interesting day.   Scenarios Is it really you? I have many mothers and fathers. Unfortunately, years go by that I do not get to speak to some of them. This morning I called one of my mothers. She picked up the phone and asked who is this. I replied Daniel. … Continue reading God speaking for us

Jená & John:- Coupling

Videos Inter-ethnic [Interracial] Couple Tag Profile We finally decided to do the interracial tag (but we are renaming it the inter-ethnic tag). In this video, we give OUR experience and talk from a place of OUR truth. In general, we want to encourage you to be with someone who honors God and treats you like … Continue reading Jená & John:- Coupling

Ex – And, Moving On

Background One of my exes called me and sought advice.   Openness She was very open along the following lines:- How long she has known her new man How long they have been intensely dating His background, education, and current family unit and structure The time they are spending with each other His plans for … Continue reading Ex – And, Moving On