Soft White Underbelly:- Chyna

Videos Prostitute Interview-Chyna Profile Soft White Underbelly interview and portrait of Chyna, a prostitute in South Central Los Angeles. Videos Video #1 Channel:- Soft White Underbelly Published On:- 2020-June-19th Link Teenage Runaway/Prostitute-Chyna (update) Profile Soft White Underbelly update interview and portrait of "Chyna" AKA Harmonie, a thirteen year old runaway who has been working Figueroa … Continue reading Soft White Underbelly:- Chyna

Leon Bridges – Sweeter ft. Terrace Martin

Videos Leon Bridges - Sweeter ft. Terrace Martin Leon Bridges - Sweeter (Live) ft. Terrace Martin, Robert Glasper Videos Video #1 Channel:- Leon Bridges Date Released:- 2020-June-18th Link Leon Bridges - Sweeter (Official Video) ft. Terrace Martin Videos Video #1 Channel:- Leon Bridges Date Released:- 2020-June-16th Link Leon Bridges - Sweeter (Live At Gold Diggers) … Continue reading Leon Bridges – Sweeter ft. Terrace Martin

Quiet Time

Tribute Sorting Through Life Monday Mondays are not quite easy So much carries over the weekend As I try As I try to get it together And, unruffle Life Wifey Texted Saying "Are you well" Quiet Time In her "Quiet Time" In her "Quiet Time" With and Within the Spirit of God She felt the … Continue reading Quiet Time

60 Minutes Australia

Videos Roshani Profile  Videos Roshani reunites with mother 28 years after she was forced to give her up | 60 Minutes Australia Channel:- 60 Minutes Australia Published On:- 2019-September-13th Added On:- 2020-July-5th Link Participants Roshani Bruce ( Adoptee Father ) Nouriel ( Adoptee Mother ) Violet ( Biological Mother ) Tim ( Boyfriend ) Stories … Continue reading 60 Minutes Australia

Taylor Kueng

Videos KSTP Sheriff's office launches investigation into arrests caught on tape Profile Participants Makala Moore Taylor Kueng Leslie Redmond Videos Video #1 Channel:- KSTP Channel Date Published:- 2019-June-14th Link  Facebook NAACP Participants Makala Moore Taylor Kueng Leslie Redmond Videos Video #1 Link Commentary Difficulty I am really touched as to the difficulty young people face … Continue reading Taylor Kueng

Ovilia Fernandes:- Becoming Men

Olivia Fernandes Dear Men Link Dear Men, After you're done praising Jacinda Ardern for what a wonderful woman she is, sharing her compassionate pictures in hijab and her amazing startegy for coronavirus...say hello to Clarke Gayford. The man behind her success. The person who helped her in her political career, made sure she had enough … Continue reading Ovilia Fernandes:- Becoming Men

Malcolm Muggeridge

Quotes Malcolm Muggeridge, Jesus: The Man Who Lives “Earthly authority displays itself in giving orders, in magnificent apparel, in hordes of servitors, in sycophantic addresses; the authority of Jesus disposes of is, by contrast, spiritual, and expresses itself in serving, not being served, in seeking to be the least instead of the greatest, the last … Continue reading Malcolm Muggeridge

Most of Life is Good, But Then…

Background Most of life is good, but then.   Working from Home Care Working from home means taking most of the same care one takes at work. The care includes:- Sleep Going to sleep on time Coffee Needing and Craving Coffee I am having a tough coffee fiend But, I have not had it in … Continue reading Most of Life is Good, But Then…

“Everything is a sin”

Yesterday Yesterday was an unusually long day for me. Help Me I received a call asking for help. I said OK, will do Met Up We met up and drove where intended. Upon getting there my friend changed his mind and opted to go to another location for the service. He asked the person at … Continue reading “Everything is a sin”

Things Never to Say in Love

Background Wifey and I just had another blowout. Stories So Expensive Spring is making room for Summer and there are little things we are trying to get done. The lady on the other end of the phone was nice, disciplined, and thoughtful. She went over everything. Offered me a few options and placed numbers next … Continue reading Things Never to Say in Love