Prophetic:- Prophetic Timeline – 2022 – Midpoint Report – Governance

Background God has been pressing in on me to give an update on where I think we are in the area of prophetic timeline.   Timeline Outline Governance Coverage In this initial post, we will review Joe Biden's vision for his 4-years presidency ( Years 2020 - 2024 ).   Governance President Joe Biden ran … Continue reading Prophetic:- Prophetic Timeline – 2022 – Midpoint Report – Governance

Arash Bereliani, M.D.

Background Steph liked this story on Linked In. Let us get with it. Portrait     Story I let a mother die. Link I let a mother die. Almost… This was about 3 years ago when a 22-year-old female with a 2-year-old daughter was in need of medical help. She had been having chest pains … Continue reading Arash Bereliani, M.D.

COVID – Rescue Package – Health Insurance

Background Family, we all know someone struggling financially. Added on, someone needing medicare care. Please render them hearing ears. Minds, ears, and eyes that are attentive. Sober disposition.   Referenced Work Please read more here:- Doug Whiteman Yahoo The Biden stimulus offer of free health insurance is quickly coming to an end Date Published:- Monday … Continue reading COVID – Rescue Package – Health Insurance