Orthodox Church & Covid-19

Background Covid-19 continues a massive death spiral.   Lineage Coronavirus & The Church Link   Churches Serbia Orthodox Church Passed Thus Far Bishop Amfilohije Bishop Irinej Irinej, 90, died Friday, three weeks after attending Amfilohije’s funeral in neighboring Montenegro, during which mourners kissed his remains in an open casket. A Bit Ill Bishop David of … Continue reading Orthodox Church & Covid-19

Quotes – 2020/November

Background Here we are. I need a dataset of sentences.   Thank You Thankfully, Eric Kedji has done the work. Here is his GitHub Repository:- Eric Kedji quotes.txt erickedji/quotes.txt [ Link ]   Quotes Blaise Pascal Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction. Truth is so … Continue reading Quotes – 2020/November

Strengthen what remains ( Revelation 3:2 )

Background With Covid-19, hotly contested elections, unemployment, and a hard economy there is plenty of reason for tensions to run high. Scripture Revelation 2:4 - To the Church in Ephesus [ Link ] …Without growing weary, you have persevered and endured many things for the sake of My name. But I have this against you: … Continue reading Strengthen what remains ( Revelation 3:2 )

My Prophetic Walk

Background There are areas of my life that our Lord continues to urge, lead, and guide me in. Prophetic Walk Each of us has spiritual gifts one of mine is Prophetic. Definition spiritualgiftstest.com Link Paragraph - 01 The Greek word for the gift of prophecy is propheteia which is the ability to receive a divinely inspired message … Continue reading My Prophetic Walk

Ministries & Church Leadership

Background Along the line of Angel Tree, our Church's Prison Ministry initiative, I will like to touch on a surprising illumination that I received just yesterday. It is in ministries that back sitters like myself get to interact a bit more with our Church Leadership. Season As we weigh our options and make adjustments due … Continue reading Ministries & Church Leadership

Ex – And, Moving On

Background One of my exes called me and sought advice.   Openness She was very open along the following lines:- How long she has known her new man How long they have been intensely dating His background, education, and current family unit and structure The time they are spending with each other His plans for … Continue reading Ex – And, Moving On