Jennifer Gates & Nayel Nassar


In a world far too noisy, how does Heaven get a word in…

Jennifer Gates & Nayel Nassar

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  1. She is now enjoying the responsibility of being a team manager but is just happy to be successful in her childhood passion.
    • “I always loved horses. I convinced my parents to let me start taking lessons at a local barn, and things progressed from there,” she said.
    • “I never knew that I would be competing at this level today. I always thought it would just be a childhood hobby, but I’m so grateful that it still has a place in my life.”
  2. Gates graduated from Stanford University in 2018 and took a year out to concentrate on her sporting ambitions, but will soon be returning to her studies.
    • “Med. school will, of course, be a new challenge, but I love staying mentally active in whatever I’m doing,” she added.
    • “I found that when I was at Stanford, I was able to compete, and I’ll just have to play things by ear. But whether I can compete at this level or not, I know that horses will be a huge part of my life”
  3. Giving Back
    • She revealed that her father loves the thrill of the event and can also be seen riding in his spare time.
    • “I couldn’t do this without their support, both emotionally and with the horses. They cheer me on at every event,” she added.
    • Much has been made of Bill and Melinda Gates’ charity work — the couple have donated more than $28 billion to different causes — and their philanthropy has rubbed off on their daughter who wants to explore her own projects in future.
    • “They’ve inspired me to be a lifetime learner but also inspired me to think about ways to give back,” she said, admitting she wasn’t sure what her future profession would be.
      “I’m incredibly fortunate to have the resources that I do, so whether that’s in the equestrian world or in other pursuits, just thinking of ways to help others is a message that I will carry with me forever.”
  4. Special Relationship
    • As well as relying on her parents for support, Gates can also lean on Egyptian boyfriend Nayel Nassar who competes professionally for the Paris Panthers.
    • Together they tour a host of cities, sharing their love for the equine sport.
      “It’s really special,” she smiled. “Horses are just one part of our life, but we love the sport.
    • He’s a professional, and I do this as an amateur. So, to be able to share our love and passion for horses with each other is just incredible.”

Jeff Bezos

  1. I spend my billions on space because we’re destroying Earth.



I smile when I see grown men try to discourage others.

As my favorite philosopher says, “All the problems you have, you still want problems though“.


Do Not Disturb


Referenced Work

  1. Bill Gates
    • The Giving Pledge :– +Bill & Melinda Gates +Warren Buffet
      • Time Magazine
          Sunday, June 24, 2001

Falling in Line

Bus Stop

I raced to the Bus Stop knowing a minute or two in-between will mean missing the Bus.

Upon getting there I looked up and “No Bus” in view.

Called 511 and told the next Bus will be here in 24 minutes.

Who has 24 minutes to wait.

Old Shoes aside, “Baby, I can’t wait”.

I barely walked 3 minutes when that Bus came whistling By.

Belt Buckled

Punishment for lazy rising and missing the Bus, is 30 minutes walk to the next stop.

Additional punishment came through busted Belt Buckle.

Pharmacy Stop

After the morning call went over to CVS.  But, they no longer carry belts.

Leonard said he got me.

But, take another man’s belt, Bro.

The Third Voice

The next behind me in line walked me to the back of the store.

He said he got himself a belt from that same store a few months back.

He pointed at the rack.

Unfortunately, it seems the store no longer carries that item.

He was disappointed he couldn’t save the day.

But, he said not all is lost.

Just walk to the Salvation Army a few city blocks over and pick yourself a belt.

The only other time I was there was the day I met Ms. A.


Salvation Army

Salvation Army did not have my size.

And, besides most of them were worn.


Another CVS is across the street.

The security guard said No they don’t carry belts.

But, she had a good word, China Town, two blocks over.

China Town

Lady Clothes

The first store I walked into is a store that only carries women apparel.

I felt sorry for the merchant right away.

As I walked in pitifully asking for men’s belt, she was counting money.

I just had to look her in the eye and say I am sorry.

Bright and early, ugly as ever, looking like I am about to mug her.

Good Directions

The next store do not carry belts either, but she directed me well.

I said Xie, Xie as I left.

Good Store

The good store had it for $9 and 68 cents or so.

Thank You

I went by the parking lot where the man that forwarded me to Salvation Army works.

Showed him the belt and thanked him for listening to God and speaking a word of encouragement to my desolate morning.

Delivery Man

One of the delivery men that works with us came upon the door as I did.  I badged in and we went in together.

The man manning the front desk asked me whether I was playing security this morning, as well.

I sheepishly said NO.

Falling in Line

Life is about falling in line.

Hope you have some good ones to fall in.


Listening To

  1. Nu Shooz
    • Nu Shooz – I Can’t Wait (Official Music Video) – YouTube


Life and embarrassment of riches


My cousin silently pulled me in to a phone conversation he was having with his lady friend a couple of times yesterday evening.

He was intentionally pulling her strings and she couldn’t quite get well with it.

When we got on the phone, I had to explain to him, to him she is a conquest.

To her it was hoping to manage her way into a better breed.

Most times it does not materialize, but that rarely deters us.

We know when it does, it is such a big pull up, and it can mean so much to our lives and those who follow.



Wifey’s certificate got held back as I did enter our credit number properly as I registered her for her class.

This morning she texted me to let me know.

I asked her for the phone number to call to make amends.

She said already emailed it to me.

I asked her to please text me instead; as I was on the train commuting.

She went back through her notes and texted it to me.

I was able to call the center and give them the information clearly over the phone.


A Point

I was in a conversation, a couple of weeks back.

One of the participants opted to make and revisit a point a few times.

Later that day, I ran into someone a bit closer to him.

I said to him that you have an embarrassment of Riches for friends.

He knew what I was taking about immediately.

He pressed me for who I specifically had in mind.

I deferred.

He wouldn’t allow my differential.

And, mentioned our mutual friend.

Finally, I acquiescenced.



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Joshua Radin
In her eyes

Abii, A Daughter’s Journey



  1. A Daughter’s Journey | Family reunion for woman abandoned at birth | Sunday Night
    • Profile
      • As a baby, Abii was found abandoned outside a hospital, and adopted by Australian parents. She always wanted to find out where she came from – but the answer was even wilder than she imagined. Matt Doran joins Abii on a trip back to Zimbabwe to uncover the truth on a heartwarming story of family, perseverance and corruption.
      • Date Aired :- 2019-May-12th
    • Participants
      • Abigail Prangs ( Abii )
        • Edna ( Mother ? )
      • Kathy and Mike Prangs
      • Caminero
        • Edna and Stanford
          • Lorraine ( Daughter )
          • Mitchell ( Daughter )
      • DNA Test
        • Tinashe Mugabe
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel :- Sunday Night
        Published on 2019-March-3rd
    • Location
      • Australia
        • Queensland
      • Zimbabwe
        • Harare


  1. Kathy
    • I could really love that little girl
    • I said in a few prayers
      • I said she has been dumped once
      • I will never leave her no matter what she does
    • We were trying to love her overly
    • We were trying to make up for what she has lost
    • White
      • Mommy, I want to be white like you
  2. Abi
    • I was found, I was lucky enough to be found
  3. Edna
    • I said God what is that

Personal Testimony :- Ty’Jalayah Robertson



  1. My Testimony. (Sensitive Topic)
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        • Profile
          • There are some things we just don’t talk about. Stigma, shame, and fear of being judged keeps a lot of people from telling their stories but I believe that our #testimonies need to be shared! It kills the stigma, reduces the shame, and reveals the #truth. I hope that you are blessed by my story of God’s grace in my life.
        • Videos
          • Video #1
            Channel :- Ty’Jalayah Robertson
            Published On :- 2018-Sept-26th


In Depth

My Testimony. (Sensitive Topic)

  1. Hearing God
    • Been Used
      • I will ask God to use me
      • And, I will thank him for using me
      • You can talk about other things you are going through
      • God can not use me in this
    • YouTube
      • Certain things that people don’t talk about
  2. Met a boy
    • I was 16 when I met him
    • I told him I was not having sex
    • He was very quick on that
    • I want to wait till I get married
    • After a year, we were intimate
  3. Talking
    • There was one girl that was pregnant
    • And, they were talking about her
    • People go through stuff and you never know their story
  4. Look
    • I look like I got my head on straight
    • We make all these expectations
  5. I am going to keep the child
    • I can’t to to the University anymore
      • I will likely go to a Community College
      • That way, I don’t have to pay for living
    • I cannot do tracks anymore
      • I will quit tracks
  6. Sacrifice
    • My sacrifice to God and to that Baby is not having sex
  7.  Enemy
    • The Enemy is trying to tell me this is not my testimony
    • God is still using me, knowing I did that
  8. Mindset
    • Whatever their mindset now is what is allowing them to do those things
    • Satan gave me justification to do those things
      • Satan gave me justification to have sex
    • I did not just say yes to sex
      • I had justifications
  9. Talk to God
    • Talk to God on behalf of that person
    • So that they hear God
  10. A Way
    • Raising a child
      • This is the way I have to raise this child
      • There is a way you can do it so that it does not have to be done in the DARK
      • he still loves you
      • You can keep it and still not follow God’s path
        • Selling Drugs
  11. Faith
    • I did not have faith in God
    • Knowing
      • Knowing that I am wrong
      • Knowing that I am young
  12. Need
    • I just need God
  13. Because I did not Keep my Baby
    • I have to encourage your thinking and forethought
    • It lies in you trusting God
  14. Pursue God
    • You see me Pursue God
  15. Praying
    • As a mother no one wants to hear their teenage one having children
    • Put the love back on them



God can not use me in this….

Making Amends


There is an area of life that is difficult to measure.

And, that is how to accept people asking for forgiveness.



Personally I think that personal change should be part of that journey.

Has the behavior changed ?

Is the person-hood that led one down that path changing ?

If the person is not changing, the behavior will be repeating.

Public Life

There are a couple of public figures that come to mind.

And, I will go a bit back; to the 90s to the precise.

House Democrats

While the younger legislatures may be more opportunistic, the seasoned ones are not so.  At least in public.

They understand the journey the country went through with Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.

Bill Gates

In the late nineties, everyone faulted Bill Gates for over competitiveness.

The journey went through the courts and he was faced with the prospect of his company being broken up.

His company’s leadership group persuaded him to take a less public face.  He relinquished the Day to Day running of the organization and became Chairman of the Board.


The Japanese flooded the company with cheaper and competitive automobiles and electronics.  Likely vilified, as well.

With time the attention shifted.

The Chinese should likely seek and see solace in that journey.


In summary one should ask him or her self, which areas are you withholding forgiveness.

And, why :-

  1. Is the fault personal or group?
    • Was the fault directed at the person directly or at a group?
  2. What has the offending partner done to change the situation and perception
    • Has there been confession?
      • And, sometimes confession is personal and sometimes it is public
    • Has he or she sought forgiveness
    • What has been done in the private and public place to amend
  3. Have you had the opportunity to see those changes
    • If you have not, then the scope of the problem is likely lesser than one thinks it is
    • One is holding on to old grudges or at least expecting a fuller recompense than is likely due

Aggressive Personality @ Work – Day 01


I am the last person that should be writing this post.

But, what better than to lay on one’s own sword.



If you find yourself dealing with aggressive people at work, what should you do ?


  1. Organizational Culture
    • Look at the Culture of the Organization and decide if it is tilted that way.  Is it one where the founder still heads and does he have a “buccaneer” attitude?
    • If the Organization is like that then there is likely not much room for change
    • Decide if the job meets your long and short term goals; the rewards of such a culture and the likely fruits from engaging and may be thriving in it
  2. Team Culture
    • Look at the team Culture
    • Is the manager like that?
    • Does he exhibit that trait identifiable or is it more silent ( unknowingly or hidden )

Personal Approach

Have you tried to pull that person aside and see if you are reading the situation wrong.

Reading people wrong comes with a cost :-

  1. You make them uncomfortable
  2. And, they will likely wonder why you treat them a certain way
  3. If you do not give them an opportunity, they will likely develop a diminished perception and attitude towards you, as well


Build Relationships

Build relationships with as many people as you can within and across the organization.

Invariably opportunities will arise to work with others.

The Good

Within those opportunities there will be steller performances.

Recognize the steller performances, but more importantly recognize the organization culture and structure that allowed and allows it.

The unsung heroes.

The sacrificing family; the present wife that covers for the absent husband.

The well behaved children that allows the father to indulge in selfish ambition.

The Not So Good

There will be lapses, as well.

Do you cover for those lapses or do you exploit it for your gain?

The time will come when the aggressive mindset will turn against you.  One of your few benefits may be the way you treated others.


Invest in self

Work Hard at your craft.

Work hard at communication.

Both Oral and Written.

Work at being direct and respect other people’s time.

When you need them be direct and concise as to how and when.

It is easier to get help when one does not overreach.


Respect Your Space

Respect your space.

Root out gossip.

Find ways to weed out bitterness.

Though harder, look for ways to pull people up without lazily putting others down at the same time.