Winek Family:- Laying Down

Videos Incident KTLA 5 Suspect in Riverside triple homicide, house fire killed by deputies in San Bernardino County Profile The suspect in a triple homicide in Riverside was killed by deputies in San Bernardino County Friday, the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department confirmed Saturday. KTLA's Shelby Nelson reports on Nov. 26, 2022. Videos Video #1 … Continue reading Winek Family:- Laying Down

New York Times:- Anthony Kline – The Judge and the Case That Came Back to Haunt Him

Background A family member referred me to this story in New York Times. Case File The story speaks of Judge Anthony Kline. Anthony presided over two cases involving Jamesetta Guy. The first case occurred when Jamesetta Guy was 17. The second case was presented when Jamesetta Guy was 56. About four decades later.   Links … Continue reading New York Times:- Anthony Kline – The Judge and the Case That Came Back to Haunt Him

Apostle Joshua Selman:- Anointing

Videos How To Receive The Anointing And The Power | Apostle Joshua Selman | God Seeker TV Videos Video #1 Channel:- God Seeker TV Date Published:- 2022-July-16th Date Added:- 2022-November-26th Link THE ANOINTING EXPLAINED - IF YOU NOTICE THIS SIGN YOU ARE HEAVILY ANOINTED | APOSTLE JOSHUA SELMAN Videos Video #1 Channel:- Sphere of Glory … Continue reading Apostle Joshua Selman:- Anointing

Maurice Clarett:- Getting Even

Background In 2022, Maurice Clarett was a freshman playing football for the Buckeyes. He played running back for the Ohio State team that won the national championship. Unfortunately, he got kicked off the team. Because of his age he could not immediately enter into the NFL Draft. A year or so removed, he entered training … Continue reading Maurice Clarett:- Getting Even

Adam Tooze, Historian

Videos War and Inflation: The World Economy in the Grip of Polycrisis Profile This session will begin with a keynote address by Adam Tooze, who holds the Shelby Cullom Davis chair of History at Columbia University and serves as Director of the European Institute. In 2019, Foreign Policy Magazine named him one of the top … Continue reading Adam Tooze, Historian

Pray for Denise

Special Events There is so much going on this time of year. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year are shared markers. Corporate Events such as Christmas Parties and End of Year celebrations. And, there are individual events such as Birthdays, Baby Showers, and Naming Ceremonials.   Brother My brother works for one of our areas biggest … Continue reading Pray for Denise

Chesapeake, Virginia Walmart Shooting:- Thanksgiving Week ( Tuesday 2022-November-22nd )

Background At this point it seems a manager at a Walmart Store in Chesapeake, Virginia went into the superstore and opened fire.   Story Line The story is that a manager, Andre, brought a gun into the Walmart Store. Waked into the breakroom and started shooting. The manager turned the gun on himself and he … Continue reading Chesapeake, Virginia Walmart Shooting:- Thanksgiving Week ( Tuesday 2022-November-22nd )

Highlyy, As In Music

Background Highlyy's breakout song is Soldier. Soldier was written and performed by Highlyy and Tion Wayne.   Videos Highlyy - Soldier Videos Highlyy - Soldier (Official Music Video) Channel:- Highlyy Date Published:- 2022-October-7th Date Added:- 2022-November-22nd Link   About The Song Highlyy - Soldier New Wave Mag Highlyy Introduces Herself With Debut Single 'Soldier' With … Continue reading Highlyy, As In Music

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 – Argentina Versus Saudi Arabia

Background Soccer's World Cup is on its third day. Currently in the Group State, In Group C kick off match, Argentina played Saudi Arabia. Videos Extended Highlights FIFA Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup Profile In the first match of Group C Argentina and Saudi Arabia face-off. Argentina brought the pressure … Continue reading FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 – Argentina Versus Saudi Arabia

Meditation:- 2022 – December

Background I will like to touch on some of the benefits of meditation. Scripture   Outline Seek Him Early Desire Kindness Acquaint Meditate Glory   Seek Him Early Proverbs 8:17 ( The Excellence of Wisdom ) Link King James Bible I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me. … Continue reading Meditation:- 2022 – December