Ending it all.

Bearing the news

I ran into a friend this weekend.

He tapped my shoulders and fessed that I might not see him much longer.

He continued that he is thinking of ending it all.

He caught my attention and I looked him straight.

My look must have betrayed my feeling.

The immediacy of my thinking as to why.

He responded that he has AIDS.  His HIV had transformed into full blown Aids.

He furthered that he takes 24 pills a day.

Sharing the news

He said he called his mum and told her there was no more reason to stay here, alive.

And, that the next world must be better than this one.

He spoke of being so dispirited as he opens up and shares the news.

And, how the part that pains him the most is how people kept him at bay and how they no longer wanted to shake his hands.

Yes, some people embraced him.  But, they did not want “Skin to Skin” contact.


Losing the Glow

He spoke of being destruct.

The only thing he felt good about is keeping AIDS at Bay.

But, now that his HIV status has transitioned to full AIDS he no longer even has that.

I asked him how he found out and he said that he knew something was wrong has he started losing weight and that he has already lost 50.


Listening to

  1. Blaine Larsen
    • Blaine Larsen – How Do You Get That Lonely
  2. Ronan Keating
    • When you say nothing at all



I like it when there is nothing to say.

I have another friend, Michael, who has AIDS, as well.

And, he always reminds me of “Perfect Love“.

Drake And Lessons in Life


For me there are so few people that I can actually journey through life with.

Drake with his vulnerability happens to be one of them.


  1. Album :- Scorpion
    • Inspiration
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  1. Drake
    • Into You
      • I took that energy and put it into me
    •  Career
      • “I think maybe one of my biggest concerns in my career is just to figure out how to exit gracefully,” Drake explains. “I’ve watched people overstay their welcome, and I just don’t ever want to be that guy that’s addicted to the feeling of victory, addicted to the emotion of people digesting something that they love, and get to the point I’m just feeding them something and they’re just like, ‘Yeah…'”
        • Videos
    • Chris Brown
      • Drake Says He Doesn’t Want To Be Associated With Chris brown
      • Quotes
        • In an interview with GQ Drake is asked about the altercation with Chris Brown, he said: “I hear he has everything he could want now. I don’t want my name to be synonymous with that guy’s name. I really don’t. I wish we could sit down, just like you and me are right now, and talk it out man-to-man. But that’s not going to happen.”
        • Date Published :- 2013-June
        • Links
    • Meek Mill
      • “This really gave me peace of mind tonight. Healing and moving forward created one of the most electric and gratifying moments of my career,” he wrote. “@meekmill I’m happy that you are home and that we could find our way back to our joint purpose.”
  2. Jayceon Terrell Taylor
    • I know all about losses



Nice for what



Grew up watching the show Punk’d.

Quickly developed a boy crush on Ashton Kutcher.

He made everything look easy & smooth; forever spoilt by it.


Today feeling the same way.

6:30 AM Train Ride

As I rode the train into work, a young man came in.  He immediately picked a fight over a bike parking spot.

He affirmed that the area being occupied is there for bikes and others should move; especially another man standing there.

I think, based on how the request was communicated, the current occupant refused to move.

The biker was not very happy that his wish was not immediately acquiescence.  He started shouting and clearing the pathway for a fight that he was going to pick.

He continued that he had the same problem in prison with the same people.

And, made it known his Aunt just passed last night and he was in no mood for the current state of affairs, especially today.

Unfortunately, I was standing close to the Intercom and I was elected to communicate the state of events to the Train Conductor.

I reluctantly did so.  Upon being asked by the train conductor for the Bus Number, I replied as the number was right underneath the speakers.

The Train continued on.

But, the mood did not soften.

Words was communicated to another man.  Somehow the biker guy said that this new man was not his brother either, but he looked past everyone and said I was.

At each stop, the young man with the Bike asked the other man to meet him outside so that they can settle the matter.

The spot owner refused to meet outside.

After a couple of stops, a Police Officer came in, placed handcuffs on the biker and led him off the train.

Standing outside, the Police Officer asked us whether anyone was harmed.  And, we replied No.

12:30 PM Lunch

As I went to lunch, ran into my home girl.

She was happy to see me and offered that she just came back from Down South; not far from where I grew up.

And, that she was there for two weeks.

She was walking her dog and she spit knowledge like she prone to.

Can’t talk enough about and for her.

Too deep and so let us save something for Spoken Words; in her case Toast Masters.

Less we go too far, for once, let us remain topical.

As her dog used the bathroom, a young un-sheltered lady approached and started talking at her.

The new lady let my friend know she should stop following her.

We turned around shortly after that.

We are only able to go for short spasms before we had to look back and tend to the words being spitted at us.

Finally, I had to tell the “un-sheltered” that this is my friend and if there is a problem she can take it up with me.

Gladly she replied that all she needed was 85 cents.

And, I said yes I have that.

Brothers, standing by, let us know that were being punked.

I supposed they could tell we were unaccustomed.

My friend went down the stairs to the train and the other lady and I went to the store.

As someone who never has cash, thankfully it is only $2.50 to get funds out of the ATM.

A little less than that to my new friend.

She promised to pay it back to my other friend, the next time she sees her.

Free and Clear

Family, let us continue to keep it Free and Clear.

Keep it simple.

Listening to G-Dep.

And, so that is that and this is now.

He implore us….

Have God work through us.  Never placing aside the act of contrition.

Telling people how we fell, is often considered as an act of weakness.  And, so sometimes it has to stay in same circle.  But, at least that way we get it off our shoulders.

Nothing really Intricate.

What is cool and what is not not.  What it means to be a man.


  1. Kierra ‘Kiki’ Sheard
    • Hear This – Kierra ‘Kiki’ Sheard
  2. Trin-I-Tee 5:7
    • Trin-I-Tee 5:7 – God’s Grace
  3. Kevin Michael
    • Kevin Michael – It Don’t Make Any Difference To Me (ft. Wyclef)


@ 2:00 PM


@ 3:29 PM


Jennifer Teege, granddaughter of a Nazi War Criminal



Monika Hertwig née Göth

  1. Monika Hertwig talks about her father Amon Leopold Göth
    • Profile
      • Snippets from the documentary “Inheritance”. Monika Hertwig talks about her father Hauptsturmführer Amon Goeth who was in charge of the Plazow Concentration Camp. As well as meeting Oskar Schindler when she was in her teens. When Goeth was in charge of the camp. He personally killed over 500 people and had over 10000 men women and children murdered by his SS guards. he was portrayed by Ralph Fiennes in Spielberg’s “Schindler’s List” (1993). Note: The other women is Helen Jonas who was enslaved at Amon Goeth’s house
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel :- cripplehawk
        Published on :- 2110-Sept-15th
    • Participants
      • Ruth Irene Kalder Goeth
  2. Inheritance – Beyond the Film With James, Monika and Helen – POV | PBS
    • Profile
      • Inheritance filmmaker James Moll was joined by his subjects, Monika Hertwig and Helen Jonas, at a special screening of the film in December 2008. Watch an edited version of the conversation that took place after the screening and hear about where Monika and Helen stand with each other now, and how future generations should deal with the legacy of the Holocaust.
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel :- POV
        Published on :- 2015-Oct-28th
  3. Inheritance – Beyond the Scene
    • Profile
      • Behind the scenes description of the film by the filmmaker.
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel :- MacSmiley
        Published on :- 2008-Dec-10th

Jennifer Teege

  1. Biracial author discovered her grandfather was a Nazi commander
    • Profile
      • The author of “My Grandfather Would Have Shot Me” talks about the challenges she faced after discovering her grandfather was a proud Nazi commander. Jennifer Teege spoke to CBSN’s Vladimir Duthiers and Elaine Quijano about her experience.
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel :- CBSN
        Published On :- 2015-April-15th
  2. Beyond 2016 I Jennifer Teege, “My Grandfather Would Have Shot Me”
    • Profile
      • Jennifer Teege is the Author of “My Grandfather Would Have Shot Me: A Black Woman Discovers Her Family’s Nazi Past.” In her inspirational talk, Jennifer speaks about the series of events that led her to discover that her grandfather was the notorious Nazi Amon Goeth, a central character from the film Schindler’s List.
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel :- Beyond Conference
        Published On :- 2016-June-20th
  3. My Grandfather was a Nazi Criminal
    • Profile
      • Ayman Sikseck brings the unbelievable story of Jennifer Teege i24news is an international 24-hour news and current affairs television channel based in Jaffa Port.
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel :- i24NEWS
        Published On :- 2015-Feb-17th
  4. Jennifer Teege, granddaughter of a Nazi war criminal | DW English
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The Skin Deep



  1. You Must Always Protect Your Body | {THE AND} Luna & Hollie
    Luna & Hollie, daughter and mother, share more than just a love for creepy cold case documentaries; after reflecting on their shared sense of humor, Luna implores her mother to be more open to adventure, and Hollie gives her daughter some very important advice about keeping herself safe.
    Channel :- The Skin Deep
    Published On :- 2017-Dec-6th
    Added On :- 2018-Jan-10th
  2. Why Did You Adopt Me? | {THE AND} Cyrus & Calvin
    Cyrus and Calvin, son and father for 13 years, can’t deny the similarities between them; both coming through broken homes to find a loving family in adoption. Cyrus speaks openly about where he comes from and his new possibilities, while Calvin steps back to admire his family and take the necessary steps to be even closer with his son.
    Channel :- Skin Deep
    Published On :- 2018-Sept-17th
    Added On :- 2018-Sept-26th
  3. {THE AND} Francesca & Azzah
    • {THE AND} Francesca & Azzah | Being Muslim in America is Hard Sometimes
      Francesca & Azzah, close friends and recent graduates, discuss the shifting social climate in the United States and its impact on their friendship. Azzah shares growing concerns about her identity as an immigrant and Muslim woman to Francesca, who relied deeply on Azzah during the rough patches in her life. Filmed in July 2016, this dialogue between two young women of color is more relevant now than ever.
      Publisher :- The Skin Deep
      Published On :- 2017-Feb-8th
  4. {THE AND} Keisha & Andrew
    • How Will We Raise A Biracial Kid? | {THE AND} Keisha & Andrew
      Keisha & Andrew are back with {THE AND} after a year, still laughing with and at each other. But things get real as they confront their fears of the future, like having a biracial child in the #BlackLivesMatter era (Part 1 of 2)
      Publisher :- The Skin Deep
    • Keisha & Andrew return to {THE AND} a year later, and are still learning more about each other. When mentioning Keisha’s serious health problems, the two tearfully confront the ticking clocks they have with their soul mate (Part 2 of 2)
      Publisher :- The Skin Deep
      Published On :- 2016-April-13th
  5. Deciding to Separate | {THE AND} Mishal & Elliott (Part 1)
    Channel :- Skin Deep
    Published On :- 2018-April-4th
    Added On :- 2018-April-5th

Matthew Thomas, A Teacher And An Author


  1. Bergin OMalley
    • Launch of Matthew Thomas “We Are Not Ourselves”
  2. Amazon Books
    • Matthew Thomas at Book Expo America
      “We Are Not Ourselves” author talks to Amazon.com about his highly anticipated debut novel at Book Expo America 2014
      Channel :- Amazon Books
      Published On :- 2014-August-19th
  3. Simon & Schuster Books
    • Author Matthew Thomas on starting ‘We Are Not Ourselves’
      • Profile
        • Author Matthew Thomas discusses how he started writing his critically-acclaimed bestseller ‘We Are Not Ourselves’ with ‘Supernatural’ actor Misha Collins.
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        • Video #1
          Channel :- Simon & Schuster Books
          Published On :- 2015-July-7th
    • Author Matthew Thomas Reflects on His Father’s Alzheimer’s Disease
      • Profile
        • Learn more about We Are Not Ourselves at http://books.simonandschuster.com/We-… In his acclaimed debut novel, We Are Not Ourselves, Matthew Thomas shares his deeply personal experience of his father’s battle with Alzheimer’s disease. “He took the news like a champ,” the author recalls. His novel, inspired by his father’s own illness, took a decade to complete and was an instant New York Times bestseller.
      • Videos
    • Behind the Book: We Are Not Ourselves
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        • Learn more about We Are Not Ourselves at http://books.simonandschuster.com/We-… Simon & Schuster’s Editor-in-Chief, Marysue Rucci, reveals the incredible affect that reading We Are Not Ourselves had on her, and the decade long process that author Matthew Thomas went through to write the novel.
      • Videos
  4. Author Matthew Thomas in discussion with Misha Collins about Matthew’s first novel, “We Are Not Ourselves”. Event held on Sunday, 28 Sep at Barnes & Noble, The Grove at Farmers Market, L.A.
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      • Video #1
        Channel :- luvjackson1
        Published On :- 2014-Sept-28th
  5. Matthew Thomas – We Are Not Ourselves
    • Profile
      • Authors Revealed 2014
    • Host :- Becky Anderson
    • Channel :- nctv17
    • Videos
  6. Matthew Thomas – We Are Not Ourselves
    • Profile
      • Author Matthew Thomas (We Are Not Ourselves) came to St. Francis College March 9, 2015 to help celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a reading and discussion of his New York Times Bestselling book. The novel, about an Irish family in Queens, has a strong connection to St. Francis College, as Matthew’s family member Ronald Thomas ’64 is an alumnus of the College and several scenes in the book may have been inspired by Ronald’s time at St. Francis. About We Are Not Ourselves Born in 1941, Eileen Tumulty is raised by her Irish immigrant parents in Woodside, Queens, in an apartment where the mood swings between heartbreak and hilarity, depending on whether guests are over and how much alcohol has been consumed. When Eileen meets Ed Leary, a scientist whose bearing is nothing like those of the men she grew up with, she thinks she’s found the perfect partner to deliver her to the cosmopolitan world she longs to inhabit. They marry, and Eileen quickly discovers Ed doesn’t aspire to the same, ever bigger, stakes in the American Dream.
    • Channel :- St. Francis College
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Published On :- 2015-March-23rd
  7. St Francis College
    • SFCTV Profiles Matthew Thomas – We Are Not Ourselves
      SFCTV Reporter Tia Quirk tells us about the visit to St. Francis College by New York Times Bestselling Author Matthew Thomas.
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Published On :- 2015-April-23rd

Jean Vanier


As I went back and reviewed one of Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove’s video I heard him mention a quote from “Jean Vanier”.

The specific quote read:

People come to community because they want to help the poor.
They stay in community, because they realize they are the poor.

I thought it was profound.  And, wanted to see other quotes from Jean Vanier.

BTW, the specific video is:

Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove – Oklahoma Christian Q&A

And, the quote is along 3:30 to 4:15 segment.

I listed other videos here.


  1. Talents
    • Envy comes from people’s ignorance of, or lack of belief, in their own gifts
  2. Man and Woman He Made Them
    • A society which discards those who are weak and non-productive risks exaggerating the development of reason, organisation, aggression and the desire to dominate. It becomes a society without a heart, without kindness – a rational and sad society, lacking celebration, divided within itself and given to competition, rivalry and, finally, violence.
  3. Finding Peace
    • We can be seduced…by powerful political groups that promise more wealth and lower taxes. Those with power can use clever, psychological tricks and play upon our weaknesses and brokenness in order to attract us to their way of thinking. We can be manipulated into illusion.
    • When we love and respect people, revealing to them their value, they can begin to come out from behind the walls that protect them.
    • True peace can rarely be imposed from the outside; it must be born within and between communities through meetings and dialogue and then carried outward.
    • We work for peace every time we exercise authority with wisdom and authentic love.
  4. Eruption to Hope
    • You see what I am driving at. The mentally handicapped do not have a consciousness of power. Because of this perhaps their capacity for love is more immediate, lively and developed than that of other men. They cannot be men of ambition and action in society and so develop a capacity for friendship rather than for efficiency. They are indeed weak and easily influenced, because they confidently give themselves to others; they are simple certainly, but often with a very attractive simplicity. Their first reaction is often one of welcome and not of rejection or criticism. Full of trust, they commit themselves deeply. Who amongst us has not been moved when met by the warm welcome of our boys and girls, by their smiles, their confidence and their outstretched arms. Free from the bonds of conventional society, and of ambition, they are free, not with the ambitious freedom of reason, but with an interior freedom, that of friendship. Who has not been struck by the rightness of their judgments upon the goodness or evil of men, by their profound intuition on certain human truths, by the truth and simplicity of their nature which seeks not so much to appear to be, as to be. Living in a society where simplicity has been submerged by criticism and sometimes by hypocrisy, is it not comforting to find people who can be aware, who can marvel? Their open natures are made for communion and love.
    • But how to be present to another? Our hearts are so hard. We are so insensitive to the suffering of others. We must pray the Holy Spirit to change our hearts of stone into hearts of flesh so that we may give life, for love is giving of life and liberty. By our confidence in another we can bring forth new aspirations and a taste for life in him. We can help the miserable person to live, to progress and to grow. And he will only begin to want to live when he has been told by our gestures, words, the tone of our voice, our look, our whole being that it is important that he live.
  5. Becoming Human
    • Violence
      • Every act of violence is also a message that needs to be understood.
      • I believe every act of violence is also a message that needs to be understood. Violence should not be answered just by greater violence but by real understanding. We must ask: ‘Where is the violence coming from? What is its meaning?
    • When children are loved, they live off trust; their bides and hearts open up to those who respect and love them, who understand and listen to them.
    • “To be lonely is to feel unwanted and unloved, and therefor unloveable. Loneliness is a taste of death. No wonder some people who are desperately lonely lose themselves in mental illness or violence to forget the inner pain.”
    • To reveal someone’s beauty is to reveal their value by giving them time, attention, and tenderness. To love is not just to do something for them but to reveal to them their own uniqueness, to tell them that they are special and worthy of attention.
    • What happens when a child feels unloved, unwanted? There is nothing to compare with the terrible loneliness of a child; fragile and helpless, a lonely child feels fear, anguish, a sense of guilt. And when children are wounded in their hearts, they learn to protect themselves by hiding behind barriers. Lonely children feel no commonality with adults. They have lost trust in them and in themselves, they are confused and feel misunderstood. Lonely children cannot name the pain. Only self—accusation remains. However, life wants to live. If some children fall into depression and want to die, others seem to survive despite adverse conditions such as sickness, squalor, abuse, violence, and abandonment; life can be tenacious and stubborn. Instinctively, all children learn to hide their terrible feelings behind inner walls, the shadowy areas of their being. All the disorder and darkness of their lives can be buried there. They then throw themselves into their lives, into the search for approbation, into self—fulfillment, into dreams and illusions. Hurts and pain can transform into the energy that pushes children forward. Such children can then become individuals protected by the barriers they had to build around their vulnerable, wounded hearts. Children who are less wounded will have fewer barriers. They will find it easier to live in the world and to work with others; they will not be as closed in on themselves. The lonely child is unable to connect with others. There is a lonely child in each of us, hidden behind the walls we created in order to survive. I am speaking, of course, of only one aspect of loneliness, the loneliness that can destroy some part of us, not the loneliness that creates.
    • “Every child, every person needs to know that they are a source of joy; every child, every person, needs to be celebrated. Only when all of our weaknesses are accepted as part of our humanity can our negative, broken self-images be transformed.”
    • But let us not put our sights too high. We do not have to be saviours of the world! We are simply human beings, enfolded in weakness and in hope, called together to change our world one heart at a time.
    • We human beings are all fundamentally the same. We all belong to a common, broken humanity. We all have wounded, vulnerable hearts. Each one of us needs to feel appreciated and understood; we all need help.
    • Claudia lived a horrible form of madness which should not be idealized or seen as a gateway to another world. In l’Arche, we have learned from our own experience of healing, as well as through the help of psychiatrists and psychologists, that chaos, or “madness,” has meaning; it comes from somewhere, it is comprehensible. Madness is an immense cry, a sickness. It is a way of escaping when the stress of being in a world of pain is too great. Madness is an escape from anguish. But there is an order in the disorder that can permit healing, if only it can be found.
  6. Community & Growth
    • “Look at your own poverty
      welcome it
      cherish it
      don’t be afraid
      share your death
      because thus you will share your love and your life”
    • We have to realize that this wound [of loneliness] is inherent in the human condition and that what we have to do is walk with it instead of fleeing from it. We cannot accept it until we discover that we are loved by God just as we are, and that the Holy Spirit in a mysterious way is living at the centre of the wound.
    • Communities need tensions if they are to grow and deepen. Tensions come from conflicts within each person – conflicts born out of a refusal of personal and community growth, conflicts between individual egoisms, conflicts arising from a diminishing gratuite, from a class of temperaments and from individual psychological difficulties. These are natural tensions. Anguish is the normal reaction to being brought up against our own limitations and darkness, to the discovery of our deep wound. Tension is the normal reaction to responsibilities we find hard because they make us feel insecure. We all weep and grieve inwardly at the successive deaths of our own interests.. . . When everything is going well, when the community feels it is living successfully, its members tend to let their energies dissipate, and to listen less carefully to each other. Tensions bring people back to the reality of their helplessness; obliging them to spend more time in prayer and dialogue, to work patiently to overcome the crisis and refind lost unity; making them understand that the community is more than just a human reality, that it also needs the spirit of God if it is to live and deepen.

      I am told that there is a Chinese word for ‘crisis’ which means ‘opportunity and danger’. Every tension, every crisis can become a source of new life if we approach it wisely, or it can bring death and division.”

    • We discover that we are at the same time very insignificant and very important, because each of our actions is preparing the humanity of tomorrow; it is a tiny contribution to the construction of the huge and glorious final humanity
    • The poor are always prophetic. As true prophets always point out, they reveal God’s design. That is why we should take time to listen to them. And that means staying near them, because they speak quietly and infrequently; they are afraid to speak out, they lack confidence in themselves because they have been broken and oppressed. But if we listen to them, they will bring us back to the essential.
    • A community that is growing rich and seeks only to defend its goods and its reputation is dying. It has ceased to grow in love. A community is alive when it is poor and its members feel they have to work together and remain united, if only to ensure that they can all eat tomorrow!
    • At the heart of the celebration, there are the poor. If [they] are excluded, it is not longer a celebration. […] A celebration must always be a festival of the poor.
    • I am struck by how sharing our weakness and difficulties is more nourishing to others than sharing our qualities and successes.
    • All of us have a secret desire to be seen as saints, heroes, martyrs. We are afraid to be children, to be ourselves
    • A growing community must integrate three elements: a life of silent prayer, a life of service and above all of listening to the poor, and a community life through which all its members can grow in their own gift.
    • We have to remind ourselves constantly that we are not saviours. We are simply a tiny sign, among thousands of others, that love is possible, that the world is not condemned to a struggle between oppressors and oppressed, that class and racial warfare is not inevitable.
    • A Christian community should do as Jesus did: propose and not impose. Its attraction must lie in the radiance cast by the love of brothers.
    • It is only when we stand up, with all our failings and sufferings, and try to support others rather than withdraw into ourselves, that we can fully live the life of community.
    • Many people are good at talking about what they are doing, but in fact do little. Others do a lot but don’t talk about it; they are the ones who make a community live.
    • When people love each other, they are content with very little. When we have light and joy in our hearts, we don’t need material wealth. The most loving communities are often the poorest. If our own life is luxurious and wasteful, we can’t approach poor people. If we love people, we want to identify with them and share with them.
    • One of the marvelous things about community is that it enables us to welcome and help people in a way we couldn’t as individuals. When we pool our strength and share the work and responsibility, we can welcome many people, even those in deep distress, and perhaps help them find self-confidence and inner healing.
    • Community is a sign that love is possible in a materialistic world where people so often either ignore or fight each other. It is a sign that we don’t need a lot of money to be happy–in fact, the opposite.
    • Love doesn’t mean doing extraordinary or heroic things. It means knowing how to do ordinary things with tenderness.
    • A community is only being created when its members accept that they are not going to achieve great things, that they are not going to be heroes, but simply live each day with new hope, like children, in wonderment as the sun rises and in thanksgiving as it sets. Community is only being created when they have recognized that the greatness of man is to accept his insignificance, his human condition and his earth, and to thank God for having put in a finite body the seeds of eternity which are visible in small and daily gestures of love and forgiveness. The beauty of man is in this fidelity to the wonder of each day.
    • If we are to grow in love, the prisons of our egoism must be unlocked. This implies suffering, constant effort and repeated choices.
    • People cannot accept their own evil if they do not at the same time feel loved, respected and trusted.
    • Every human activity can be put at the service of the divine and of love. We should all exercise our gift to build community.
    • The response to war is to live like brothers and sisters. The response to injustice is to share. The response to despair is a limitless trust and hope. The response to prejudice and hatred is forgiveness. To work for community is to work for humanity. To work for peace is to work for a true political solution; it is to work for the Kingdom of God. It is to work to enable every one to live and taste the secret joys of the human person united to the eternal.
    • …Individualistic material progress and the desire to gain prestige by coming out on top have taken over from the sense of fellowship, compassion and community. Now people live more or less on their own in a small house, jealously guarding their goods and planning to acquire more, with a notice on the gate that says, ‘Beware of the Dog.
    • in the end, the most important thing is not to do things for people who are poor and in distress, but to enter into relationship with them, to be with them and help them find confidence in themselves and discover their own gifts. . . . The promise of Jesus is to help us discover that the poor are a source of life and not just objects of our charity.
    • The cry for love and communion and for recognition that rises from the hearts of people in need reveals the fountain of love in us and our capacity to give life. At the same time, it can reveal our hardness of heart and are fears. Their cry is so demanding, and we are frequently seduced by wealth, power and the values of our societies. We want to climb the ladder of human promotion; we want to be recognized for our efficiency, power and virtue. The cry of the poor is threatening to the rich person within us.We are sometimes prepared to give money and a little time, but we are frightened to give our hearts, to enter into a personal relationship of love and communion with them. For if we do so, we shall have to die to all our selfishness and to all the hardness of our heart.
    • “Community as caring . . .So many people enter groups in order to develop a certain form of spirituality or to acquire knowledge about the things of God and of humanity. But that is not community; it is a school. It becomes community only when people start truly caring for each other and for each other’s growth.”
    • In community, people let down barriers; appearances and masks disappear. But this is not easy. Many people have built up their personalities precisely by hiding their wounded hearts behind the barriers of independence and of the attitude, “I know, you don’t”. They are highly active and their activity is based on the need to assert, to succeed, to control, to do projects and to be recognized . . .A community comes about when people are no longer hiding from one another, no longer pretending or proving their value to another.
  7. Spirituality
    • We are not called by God to do extraordinary things, but to do ordinary things with extraordinary love.
  8. Love
    • To love someone is to show to them their beauty, their worth and their importance.
  9. Introspection
    • Growth begins when we start to accept our own weakness
    • This evolution towards a real responsibility for others is sometimes blocked by fear. It is easier to stay on the level of a pleasant way of life in which we keep our freedom and our distance. But that means that we stop growing and shut ourselves up in our own small concerns and pleasures.
  10. Humanity
    • Our humanity is so beautiful, but it needs to be transformed
  11. From Brokenness to Community
    • To be in communion means to be with someone and to discover that we actually belong together. Communion means accepting people just as they are, with all their limits and inner pain, but also with their gifts and their beauty and their capacity to grow: to see the beauty inside of all the pain. To love someone is not first of all to do things for them, but to reveal to them their beauty and value, to say to them through our attitude: “You are beautiful. You are important. I trust you. You can trust”