Economic Outlook- 2022 – Last One Third – United States

Background Let us be honest, in the United States the economy outlook is diming a bit. Outline Inflation Federal Reserve Jerome Powell Geo-Political Great unwinding Russia China Industries Impacted Semi-Conductor   Inflation Federal Reserve Jerome Powell, Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Economic conference in Jackson Hole, Wyoming ( 2022 - August ) Jerome Powell says Fed … Continue reading Economic Outlook- 2022 – Last One Third – United States

Economy:- 2020 – Spring

  Videos   Bill Dudley, Former Federal Reserve Bank of New York President A Fed Soft Landing Is Highly Unlikely, Dudley Says Profile Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell says the central bank can achieve a "soft landing," slowing growth and curbing inflation without precipitating a recession. Bill Dudley, Bloomberg Opinion columnist and former Federal Reserve … Continue reading Economy:- 2020 – Spring

Rida Morwa:- Big Crash Coming Or Is It?

Link   Big Crash Coming, According To Treasury Yields Summary The long-term Treasury yields (or 10-year yield) remain stubbornly low, signaling a recession or deflation is coming soon. Don't misinterpret Treasury yield signals. We are currently seeing dynamics that the market has not witnessed for over 70 years. How did the stock markets do historically … Continue reading Rida Morwa:- Big Crash Coming Or Is It?

Mohamed El-Erian, An Economist

Profile Wikipedia Link Mohamed Aly El-Erian is an economist and businessman. He is President of Queens' College, Cambridge and chief economic adviser at Allianz, the corporate parent of PIMCO where he was CEO and co-chief investment officer (2007–2014). He was chair of President Obama's Global Development Council (2012–17), and is a columnist for Bloomberg View, … Continue reading Mohamed El-Erian, An Economist