Prophetic Trends and Examination:- 2022 – November

Background A quick update on ongoing prophetic trends.   Lineage Prophetic Trends and Examination:- 2022 – September Link   Prophetic Trends Economy Whole The economic is not on its way to getting better.   Elections Congress Electoral pundits have predicted that it appears the House will go Republican. It also appears likely that the Republican … Continue reading Prophetic Trends and Examination:- 2022 – November

Trends Through Biblical Lens:- 2022 – October – Industry – Energy

Background Let us cover the trends we are seeing and experiencing this October 2022. Introduction In a series of posts, we will cover recent trends and see whether they lean towards one area or another when seen through biblical lenses. When the events does not markedly weigh towards specific prophetic expected events, we will remain … Continue reading Trends Through Biblical Lens:- 2022 – October – Industry – Energy

Prophetic Trends and Examination:- 2022 – September

Background As a watch men and watch women let us go over some of prophetic trends that we are seeing.   Prophetic Trends Economy Whole Personally I do not see how the economy fairs better. They are far too many headwinds. Chiefly:- Geo Political Issues Until the man of peace makes his ascension and his … Continue reading Prophetic Trends and Examination:- 2022 – September

Pastor John Piper

  Videos Why Did Demons Ask Jesus for Pigs? // Ask Pastor John Videos Video #1 Channel:- Desiring God Date Published:- 2020-Oct-5th Link The Second Coming: Not Before the ‘Man of Lawlessness’ by John Piper Videos Video #1 Channel:- SermonIndex.Net Date Published:- 2020-April-12th Link   Insight Why Did Demons Ask Jesus for Pigs? // Ask … Continue reading Pastor John Piper

Coronavirus & The Church

Videos Shincheonji church Coronavirus: South Korea church leader apologizes for infections Profile The leader of a religious sect in South Korea at the center of a coronavirus outbreak has apologized for not stopping the infection spreading. The founder of the controversial Shincheonji church is being investigated for allegedly trying to cover up infections. The church, … Continue reading Coronavirus & The Church

Pastor Matt Chandler, The Village Church

Background Pastor Matt Chandler delivers a set of teachings. Videos RodiAgnusDei Matt Chandler interviewed by John Piper Channel :- RodiAgnusDei Published :- 2015-Nov-15th Link The Village Church The Gifts of The Holy Spirit Profile :- The Village Church exists to bring glory to God by making disciples through gospel-centered worship, gospel-centered community, gospel-centered service and … Continue reading Pastor Matt Chandler, The Village Church

Sermons & Discussions – 2016/Oct

  Sermons The Bridge Church, Concord, CA Russ Belmont The Love of Jesus and the Gospel / About Us Published On - Sept 18th, 2016 Link John Piper John Piper | Desiring God 2014 Conference for Pastors Glorifying God by Bearing Fruit in Union with Christ Link Jacob Prasch Titus Titus Chapter 1 - From … Continue reading Sermons & Discussions – 2016/Oct

Sermons – 2016/July

Sermons Pat Schatzline Saving Private You Link Pat Schatzline at Summer Ramp 2013 "The Simeon Cry" Link I Am Remnant National Conference - Pat Schatzline Link Damon Thompson Damon Thompson- Finding Focus in the Storm Sermon Damon Thompson - Carolina Revival 12/14/14 Sermon Damon Thompson - Carrier of Revival Sermon At High Praise Panama City … Continue reading Sermons – 2016/July

Sermons & Discussions – 2016/Mid Feb

  Prelude Last weekend I watched a touching and affirming video. The subject area is a bit outside my normal trajectory and it came from walking in on my cousin, Azziz, as he meditated. I also watched a sermon forwarded to me by Paul whom I met on my daily commute.  He pointed me to … Continue reading Sermons & Discussions – 2016/Mid Feb