Prophetic:- Prophetic Timeline – 2022 – Midpoint Report – Governance


God has been pressing in on me to give an update on where I think we are in the area of prophetic timeline.




  1. Governance


In this initial post, we will review Joe Biden’s vision for his 4-years presidency ( Years 2020 – 2024 ).



President Joe Biden ran on a broad and inclusive platform.

Joe Biden’s vision is outline here.

His objectives includes:-

  1. Health
    • Covid
  2. Health Insurance
    • Affordable Care Act
  3. Economy
    • Economic Recovery Plan for Working Families
  4. Labor
    • Build on Made In America
  5. Climate Change
    • Curb Climate Change
  6. Crime
    • End Violence Against Women
  7. Justice
    • Here is the link
    • Advocate and Work towards a more equitable and just criminal justice system
  8. Housing
    • Invest in Housing
  9. Ethnic Groups
    • Arab Americans
  10. Immigration
  11. Foreign Policy
    • Restore American Leadership Abroad




As of 2022-July, 67% of Americans are fully vaccinated against COVID.

Within the same period, about 78% of Americans have received at least one dose.


Health Insurance

Affordable Care Act

Brookings Institute

The Brookings Institute has an article that will help us as it outlines some of the critical junctions and near time potholes.

The article is:-

Authored By:- Frank J. Thompson
Title:- Can Biden avert a health insurance cliff?
Date Published:- Friday, June 10, 2022

  1. Preserving and expanding health insurance coverage for Americans has been a salient goal of the Biden administration. Through legislative and executive initiatives, it has succeeded in bolstering federal programs directed toward this goal. But this success may be short lived. A health insurance cliff looms that threatens to erode coverage gains achieved during Biden’s first two years. As 2022 ebbs, it remains an open question whether the Biden administration will maneuver around this cliff or plummet over it.
  2. The cliff partly emanates from time limits attached to Biden’s efforts to reinvigorate and expand the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) health insurance exchanges.
  3. The Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) exchanges, or marketplaces, allow individuals to buy coverage from participating insurance companies.
  4. The rescue plan law and Biden’s executive initiatives (e.g., greatly expanded sign-up periods) kindled a surge in exchange enrollments, which reversed four years of declines during the Trump presidency.
  5. Yearly Increase
    • Year:- 2021
      • Sign-ups for exchange insurance for 2021 rose to over 12 million, a five percent increase over the preceding year.
    • Year:- 2022
      • Increases continued in 2022 with more than 14.5 million enrolling.
    • Year:- 2023 And Out
      • But the clock is ticking on this enrollment progress since the American Rescue Plan subsidies apply only to 2021 and 2022.
      • The Congressional Budget Office estimates that failure to renew the subsidies will lead exchange sign-ups to decline by three million, reducing enrollments to what they were the last year of the Trump administration.
  6. Congressional Support
    • Democrats
      • Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kristen Sinema of Arizona
        • Joe Manchin of West Virginia
          • The legislation has some chance of winning Sen. Manchin’s support since his opposition to the original bill ( Build Back Better legislation ) did not stem from its health care provisions.
          • Still, Manchin has indicated that his backing of any such measure rests on whether it also includes tax reforms and does not add to the federal deficit. Prospects for legislation extending the exchange subsidies are, therefore, uncertain at best.
        • Kristen Sinema of Arizona ( ??? )


Ethnic Groups

Arab Americans

Here is the subject area on Arab Americans.

Muslim Travel and Refugee Bans

Pledged to rescind the Muslim travel and refugee bans.

Instruct Department of Homeland Security To Review “Watch List” and “No-Fly List”

Instruct the Department of Homeland Security to undertake a review of “watchlist” and “no-fly list” processes to ensure that they do not have an adverse impact on individuals or groups based on national origin, race, religion or ethnicity.

And, improve the process to remove names, when justified, from these lists.




Currently the world has over 80 million displayed people.

During his presidency, candidate Biden pledged to raise the maximum number of refugees admitted each year to over 125,000  ( 1/8th of a million ).

Candidate Biden also pledged to work with congress to put into law minimum target of 90,000  ( 1/10th of a million ) people each year.

Public Charge Rule

Rollback the expansion of criteria that was weighed when considering whether an immigration benefits applicant is considered a public charge.

First established by congress in 1882, the public charge concept allows the US Government to deny a U.S. visa to anyone who is likely at any time to become a public charge.





  1. USA Facts
    • US Coronavirus vaccine tracker
  2. Becker’s HealthCare
    • Hospital Review
      • States ranked by percentage of population fully vaccinated


Health Insurance

Affordable Care Act

  1. Bookings Institute
    • Can Biden avert a health insurance cliff?



Public Charge Rule

  1. Boundless
    • The Public Charge Rule – What was the public charge rule for U.S. visa applicants?

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