DBeaver – Portable


Needing to take a quick look at an embedded database and I did not have a client installed on the server and I did not have firewall rules in place to engage from my desktop.


DBeaver is my universal database client.


I did not feel like going through a normal install.


Sometimes I just want a lithe footprint use experience.


Googled for Dbeaver portable and arrived here :-



The current portable version is 6.1.2-12 and our targeted OS is MS Windows, 64-bits.




Ran the installer


  1. Window – Welcome
    • The initial screen does not have an actual name
    • In most installers, it is called the Welcome Screen
  2. Window – Notice of Non-Affiliation and Disclaimer
    • Acknowledges that Portapps is not associated with DBeaver
  3. Window – License Agreement
  4. Window – Select Destination Location
    • By default the destination location is the system drive (C:)
    • Please choose one of application drives ( D:, E:, Etc)
  5. Window – Ready to Install
  6. Window – Installing
  7. Window – Completing


Image – Welcome


Image – Notice of Non-Affiliation and Disclaimer


Image – License Agreement


Image – Select Destination Location




Image – Ready to Install







To use, please navigate to the folder you selected during install.

Database Platform

  1. Please choose the database platform you will be targeting
  2. DBeaver prompts you as to whether it is OK to download the Driver
    • Acquiescence
  3. Configure Data Source
    • Database Host Name
    • Database Host Port Number
    • Username
    • Password


Our targeted database platform is MySQL, chose that platform.

Driver – Download
Driver – Test



Dedicated to Portapps, Inc. @ portapps.io

And, Dbeaver ( Serge Rider and the entire mean gang ); you guys do good work.  Actually great work.

Clear Word


I like the fact that life happens and there are spiritual verses that we can use to reason through it.

I am hoping that this is a testimonial post.


Ravi Zacharias

Speaking the Truth

4 months or so ago, I was laying down after a hard day’s work and one of my wife’s cousin was going to call as were scheduled to have a phone conversation.

I did not know how to handle and manage that conversation.

It is not always easy been a champion of people; being an encourager.

And, so I was meandering.

But, then I again looked at the list of hits on our blog site and saw someone had clicked on one of Ravi Zachariah’s video.

I watched along, as well.

Less than a few minutes in, God’s word leapt to me.

Speak the truth to this person; no fluffs nothing.


For a time there I took in all apologists that I could chew on.

My short list included :-

  1. RZIM
    • Ravi Zacharias
    • Michael Ramsden
    • Nabeel Qureshi
  2. Biola University
    • J.P. Moreland

But, lately, I am far more in to God’s presence ( Damon Thompson ) and Spiritual Warfare.

And, so I was surprised that when needing emotional clarity on how to speak to my wife’s cousin, God did not under girdle it with one of Damon Thompson’s words.

But, a straight up word from Ravi.

The words was get yourself together, tighten up your mind, and I, God, got this.

As an aside, Damon Thompson has spoken about taken in all of Apologetics that he could get his hands, on as well.


Wife’s Cousin Clear Word

She confessed where she was lacking.

My time with Stephen Ministry meant me not having to have her say more.

God’s ministry is not what we get, it is what we allow him to give.

It is proportional to that person’s faith, preparedness, and space they have created from the silly things and associations in life.



Family, we have to be cognizant and have internal honest conversations.

The list should include :-

  1. Promises
    • What promises are we back peddling on
  2. Traps
    • What traps are we setting for others
    • And, not realize that we are caught in the same trap
      • If you set a trap for others, you will get caught in it yourself ( Proverbs 26:27 )
  3. What is in it for me?
    • While in college, my college room-mate got in the habit of calling his uncle and asking for money
    • Finally, he realized that his uncle always switches things around and says I was just going to call your myself


Personal Take

I was involved in a good and long conversation this week.

He shared with me his take on why we have fallen leadership.

Again, Ravi Zacharias’s word bailed me out.

When one has a life of dissonance, eventually it will fall aside and apart.

Yes, there is incompetency.

But, also there is a life where people hold to failings and seek political advantages.

It takes a clear word from God and the gift of discernment to see through falsehoods.

Of course, we all need words of wisdom, words of knowledge.

These things are used to build communities; interconnect us through gifting.

They are used to reveal falsehood among brethren.

How ?

Bro, how can God use you, when he can not get a clear word out of you.

Falling in Line

Bus Stop

I raced to the Bus Stop knowing a minute or two in-between will mean missing the Bus.

Upon getting there I looked up and “No Bus” in view.

Called 511 and told the next Bus will be here in 24 minutes.

Who has 24 minutes to wait.

Old Shoes aside, “Baby, I can’t wait”.

I barely walked 3 minutes when that Bus came whistling By.

Belt Buckled

Punishment for lazy rising and missing the Bus, is 30 minutes walk to the next stop.

Additional punishment came through busted Belt Buckle.

Pharmacy Stop

After the morning call went over to CVS.  But, they no longer carry belts.

Leonard said he got me.

But, take another man’s belt, Bro.

The Third Voice

The next behind me in line walked me to the back of the store.

He said he got himself a belt from that same store a few months back.

He pointed at the rack.

Unfortunately, it seems the store no longer carries that item.

He was disappointed he couldn’t save the day.

But, he said not all is lost.

Just walk to the Salvation Army a few city blocks over and pick yourself a belt.

The only other time I was there was the day I met Ms. A.


Salvation Army

Salvation Army did not have my size.

And, besides most of them were worn.


Another CVS is across the street.

The security guard said No they don’t carry belts.

But, she had a good word, China Town, two blocks over.

China Town

Lady Clothes

The first store I walked into is a store that only carries women apparel.

I felt sorry for the merchant right away.

As I walked in pitifully asking for men’s belt, she was counting money.

I just had to look her in the eye and say I am sorry.

Bright and early, ugly as ever, looking like I am about to mug her.

Good Directions

The next store do not carry belts either, but she directed me well.

I said Xie, Xie as I left.

Good Store

The good store had it for $9 and 68 cents or so.

Thank You

I went by the parking lot where the man that forwarded me to Salvation Army works.

Showed him the belt and thanked him for listening to God and speaking a word of encouragement to my desolate morning.

Delivery Man

One of the delivery men that works with us came upon the door as I did.  I badged in and we went in together.

The man manning the front desk asked me whether I was playing security this morning, as well.

I sheepishly said NO.

Falling in Line

Life is about falling in line.

Hope you have some good ones to fall in.


Listening To

  1. Nu Shooz
    • Nu Shooz – I Can’t Wait (Official Music Video) – YouTube


Samba :- Name Resolution – From Linux, Resolve Windows Host


Here is how to use Samba to perform name resolution from a Linux Host to MS Windows computers.


  1. Windows
    • WINS
      • Installing & Configuring WINS
  2. Linux
    • Samba
      • Samba – Host Name Resolution



  1. Package Installation
    • samba-winbind
  2. Network Configuration
    • Names Service Switch
      • /etc/nsswitch.conf
    • Samba
      • etc/smb.conf
  3. Firewall Configuration
    • Firewall – firewalld
      • Allow tcp/137 and ucp/137
  4. Restart Services
    • winbind

Package Installation



yum – is package installed?

Is samba-winbind installed?


sudo yum list installed | grep samba



yum – Install Package

Install samba-winbind


sudo yum -y install samba-winbind


Image – 1


Image – 2


Network Configuration


File :- etc/nsswitch.conf
  1. Load the /etc/nsswitch.conf file in an editor
  2. Ensure that wins is included in the list of hosts to consult for name resolution requests
    • Original Entry
      • hosts : files dns myhostname
    • Revised Entry
      • hosts : files dns myhostname wins
Image – 01


Image – 02


File :- etc/smb.conf
  1. Load the /etc/smb.conf file in an editor
  2. Sections
    • Section – Global
      • Configuration Entry
        • workgroup
          • Please have your network domain name
        • netbios name
          • Your computer’s host name
        • wins server
          • Please ensure that your wins server is referenced



Network Firewall Configuration


Our OS is centOS and our current firewall is firewalld.

Command – Syntax

sudo firewall-cmd --zone={zone} --add-port={port-number}/{protocol} --permanent

Command – Sample

sudo firewall-cmd --zone=public --add-port=137/udp --permanent

sudo firewall-cmd --zone=public --add-port=137/tcp --permanent



Restart Services


Please restart relevant services.  Those are :-

  1. winbind



Command – Syntax
sudo service {service} restart
Command – Sample

sudo service winbind restart



ping: unknown host <hostname>

  1. Restart Services
    • Restart winbind
  2. Configuration
    • Linux
      • Configuration – File –
        • /etc/smb.conf
          • Ensure that your WINS Server is referenced

Referenced Work

Vladyslav Baidak
Backend Engineer at Scalified
Devops: Configuring Host Name Resolution
September 24, 2017


  1. StackExchange
    • Ask Ubuntu
      • Windows Hostnames are not resolved
      • Why can’t my machine resolve local windows hostnames?

Installation & Configuring WINS on Windows 2003


To get Linux and Windows computers to be able to use the same name resolution mechanism we can rely on DNS or Microsoft WINS.

While DNS supports global address names, WINS is better suited for mapping Microsoft Windows computer names to their corresponding IP Address.



What is WINS



Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) is Microsoft’s implementation of NetBIOS Name Service (NBNS), a name server and service for NetBIOS computer names.

WINS offers to NetBIOS names a central mapping of host names to network addresses.

Like the DNS, it is implemented in two parts.

The parts are :-

  1. Server
    • A server service that manages a database of netbios names.
    • It facilitates server to server replication, service requests, and conflicts.
    • A TCP/IP client component supports client’s registration and renewal of names
  2. Client
    • And, respond to clients query requests



  1. Windows
    • Launch Configure Your Server
      • Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Configure Your Server
    • Window – “Welcome to the Configure Your Server Wizard”
    • Window – Preliminary Steps
    • Window – Server Role
      • Select “WINS Server”
    • Avail Windows Installation Media
      • In our case Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition


Image – Welcome

Image – Preliminary Steps

Image – Server Role

WINS server is marked not Configured

Image – Configuring Components

Please insert the Compact Disc labeled ‘Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition CD-ROM’ into your CD-ROM


Files Needed – Copy files from

Summary of Selections

This Server is now a WINS Server


On each Workstation, access Control panel, networking, NIC Configuration and specify WINS Server IP Address.

AWS/Virtual Private Cloud ( VPC ) – Review Questions


Finally, returning to my AWS Study.

I was really stuck on the Networking, specifically Virtual Private ( VPC) area.

Admittedly, my shallowness included :-

  1. Not enough Networking Background
    • Too many new words
  2. Lab
    • I knew I will not have the strength nor time to confirm intuition in a Lab setting
    • And, so will be either quick guess or pass on the question



Review Questions

  1. What is the minimum size subnet that you can have in an Amazon VPC?
    • A. /24
    • B. /26
    • C. /28
    • D. /30
  2. You are a solutions architect working for a large travel company that is migrating its existing server estate to AWS. You have recommended that they use a custom Amazon VPC, and they have agreed to proceed. They will need a public subnet for their web servers and a private subnet in which to place their databases. They also require that the web servers and database servers be highly available and that there be a minimum of two web servers and two database servers each. How many subnets should you have to maintain high availability?
    • A. 2
    • B. 3
    • C. 4
    • D. 1
  3. Which of the following is an optional security control that can be applied at the subnet layer of a VPC?
    • A. Network ACL
    • B. Security Group
    • C. Firewall
    • D. Web application firewall
  4. What is the maximum size IP address range that you can have in an Amazon VPC?
    • A. /16
    • B. /24
    • C. /28
    • D. /30
  5. You create a new subnet and then add a route to your route table that routes traffic out from that subnet to the Internet using an IGW. What type of subnet have you created?
    • A. An internal subnet
    • B. A private subnet
    • C. An external subnet
    • D. A public subnet
  6. What happens when you create a new Amazon VPC?
    1. A. A main route table is created by default.
    2. B. Three subnets are created by default—one for each Availability Zone.
    3. C. Three subnets are created by default in one Availability Zone.
    4. D. An IGW is created by default.
  7. You create a new VPC in US-East-1 and provision three subnets inside this Amazon VPC. Which of the following statements is true?
    • A. By default, these subnets will not be able to communicate with each other; you will need to create routes.
    • B. All subnets are public by default.
    • C. All subnets will be able to communicate with each other by default.
    • D. Each subnet will have identical CIDR blocks.
  8. How many IGWs can you attach to an Amazon VPC at any one time?
    1. A. 1
    2. B. 2
    3. C. 3
    4. D. 4
  9. What aspect of an Amazon VPC is stateful?
    • A. Network ACLs
    • B. Security groups
    • C. Amazon DynamoDB
    • D. Amazon S3
  10. You have created a custom Amazon VPC with both private and public subnets. You have created a NAT instance and deployed this instance to a public subnet. You have attached an EIP address and added your NAT to the route table. Unfortunately, instances in your private subnet still cannot access the Internet. What may be the cause of this?
    • A. Your NAT is in a public subnet, but it needs to be in a private subnet.
    • B. Your NAT should be behind an Elastic Load Balancer.
    • C. You should disable source/destination checks on the NAT.
    • D. Your NAT has been deployed on a Windows instance, but your other instances are Linux. You should redeploy the NAT onto a Linux instance.
  11. Which of the following will occur when an Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS)-backed Amazon EC2 instance in an Amazon VPC with an associated EIP is stopped and started? (Choose 2 answers)
    • A. The EIP will be dissociated from the instance.
    • B. All data on instance-store devices will be lost.
    • C. All data on Amazon EBS devices will be lost.
    • D. The ENI is detached.
    • E. The underlying host for the instance is changed.
  12. How many VPC Peering connections are required for four VPCs located within the same AWS region to be able to send traffic to each of the others?
    1. A. 3
    2. B. 4
    3. C. 5
    4. D. 6
  13. 13. Which of the following AWS resources would you use in order for an EC2-VPC instance to resolve DNS names outside of AWS?
    1. A. A VPC peering connection
    2. B. A DHCP option set
    3. C. A routing rule
    4. D. An IGW
  14. Which of the following is the Amazon side of an Amazon VPN connection?
    • A. An EIP
    • B. A CGW
    • C. An IGW
    • D. A VPG
  15. What is the default limit for the number of Amazon VPCs that a customer may have in a region?
    1. A. 5
    2. B. 6
    3. C. 7
    4. D. There is no default maximum number of VPCs within a region
  16. You are responsible for your company’s AWS resources, and you notice a significant
    amount of traffic from an IP address in a foreign country in which your company does not have customers. Further investigation of the traffic indicates the source of the traffic is scanning for open ports on your EC2-VPC instances. Which one of the following resources can deny the traffic from reaching the instances?

    • A. Security group
    • B. Network ACL
    • C. NAT instance
    • D. An Amazon VPC endpoint
  17. Which of the following is the security protocol supported by Amazon VPC?
    • A. SSH
    • B. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
    • C. Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP)
    • D. IPsec
  18. Which of the following Amazon VPC resources would you use in order for EC2-VPC
    instances to send traffic directly to Amazon S3?

    • A. Amazon S3 gateway
    • B. IGW
    • C. CGW
    • D. VPC endpoint
  19. What properties of an Amazon VPC must be specified at the time of creation? (Choose 2 answers)
    • A. The CIDR block representing the IP address range
    • B. One or more subnets for the Amazon VPC
    • C. The region for the Amazon VPC
    • D. Amazon VPC Peering relationships
  20. 20. Which Amazon VPC feature allows you to create a dual-homed instance?
    • A. EIP address
    • B. ENI
    • C. Security groups
    • D. CGW 


Additional Study Material


Web application firewall



  1. AWS WAF is a web application firewall that helps protect your web applications from common web exploits that could affect application availability, compromise security, or consume excessive resources.
  2. AWS WAF gives you control over which traffic to allow or block to your web applications by defining customizable web security rules.
  3. You can use AWS WAF to create custom rules that block common attack patterns, such as SQL injection or cross-site scripting, and rules that are designed for your specific application.
  4. New rules can be deployed within minutes, letting you respond quickly to changing traffic patterns.
  5. Also, AWS WAF includes a full-featured API that you can use to automate the creation, deployment, and maintenance of web security rules.
  6. With AWS WAF you pay only for what you use.
    • AWS WAF pricing is based on how many rules you deploy and how many web requests your web application receives.
    • There are no upfront commitments.
  7. You can deploy AWS WAF
    • Amazon CloudFront as part of your CDN solution
    • Application Load Balancer (ALB) that fronts your web servers or origin servers running on EC2, or Amazon API Gateway for your APIs.


VPC Size



Q. How large of a VPC can I create?

  1.  IPv4
    • Currently, Amazon VPC supports five (5) IP address ranges
      • One (1) primary
      • and four (4) secondary for IPv4.
    • Each of these ranges can be between /28 (in CIDR notation) and /16 in size.
    • The IP address ranges of your VPC should not overlap with the IP address ranges of your existing network.
  2. IPv6
    • For IPv6, the VPC is a fixed size of /56 (in CIDR notation).
      • A VPC can have both IPv4 and IPv6 CIDR blocks associated to it.



Malik Drief :- When you create new subnets within a custom VPC, by default they can communicate with each other, across availability zones?



Can some elaborate more on the below question, I was thinking that we have to configure VPC peering between??

When you create new subnets within a custom VPC, by default they can communicate with each other, across availability zones.



Mike G Chambers

  1. You setup VPC peering to configure communication between two different VPCs.
  2. In this question we are talking about communication between two subnets inside of the same VPC.
  3. By default when you create a subnet, it’s associated with the default route table for that VPC, and as such each subnet can route to each other.
  4. The fact that in this case the subnets are in different Availability Zone is irrelevant.
  5. Hope that helped.

Siba Senapati

  1. As per the VPC lab, we need to add ICMP for allowing SSH from public subnet to private subnet.
  2. Not sure if there are other ways to communicate from one subnet to another subnet.

Axiom IO

ICMP is not for SSH, rather for pinging your instance in private VPC from public instance(bastion). What mike said makes sense to me.


Amazon VPC Limits



  1. Limits
    • Virtual Private Gateways
      • Default Maximum Virtual Private Gateways per Region is 5
      • Maximum Virtual Private Gateway per VPC is 1
    • VPCs per Region
      • Default Limit of 5
        • The limit for internet gateways per Region is directly correlated to this one.
        • Increasing this limit increases the limit on internet gateways per Region by the same amount.

EC2-VPC Instance resolve DNS Names outside of AWS


Which of the following AWS resources would you use in order for an EC2-VPC instance to resolve DNS names outside of AWS?

  • A. A VPC peering connection
  • B. A DHCP option set
  • C. A routing rule
  • D. An IGW


DHCP option

  1. Set allows customers to define DNS servers for DNS name resolution
  2. Establish domain names for instances within an Amazon VPC
  3. Define NTP servers
  4. And, define the NetBIOS name servers.


Amazon VPC resources would you use in order for EC2-VPC instances to send traffic directly to Amazon S3


  1. Which of the following Amazon VPC resources would you use in order for EC2-VPC
    instances to send traffic directly to Amazon S3?

    • A. Amazon S3 gateway
    • B. IGW
    • C. CGW
    • D. VPC endpoint


  1. Endpoint
    • Understand what endpoints provide to an Amazon VPC.
    • An Amazon VPC endpoint enables you to create a private connection between your Amazon VPC and another AWS service without requiring access over the Internet or through a NAT instance, a VPN connection, or AWS Direct Connect.
    • Endpoints support services within the region only.


Samba :- Name Resolution – From Windows, Resolve Linux Host Names


Upon trying to connect to the lone Linux host on our LAB network found it inaccessible.

Later found out that the IP Address received from the DHCP Server has changed.



Need to be able to use name resolution and find the Linux host from a windows box.


Network Ports

  1. Netbios Name Service
    • UDP Port 137
  2. Netbios Datagram Service
    • UDP Port 138
  3. SMB/CIFS Network Traffic
    • Windows NT 4.0 and Below
      • TCP Port 139
      • UDP Port 139
    • Windows 2000 and above
      • TCP Port 445

Access Linux Hosts from Windows


  1. Samba Package
    • Is Samba Package Installed?
    • If not, install Samba Package
  2. Configuration
    • /etc/samba/smb.conf
      • netbios name
  3. Start and Enable Services
    • smb
      • Start & Enable for auto-start
      • Check Status
  4. Firewall
    • Netbios Naming Service
      • UDP port 137
      • TCP port 137
  5. Confirm
    • Linux
      • Confirm listening network ports
    • Windows
      • Confirm windows hosts name resolution


Samba Package

Is Samba Installed?

sudo yum list installed

sudo yum list installed | grep samba

Output – Image


  1. Samba Installed

Install Samba

If Samba has not yet been installed, we install it.

sudo yum -y install {package}
sudo yum -y install samba

Samba Configuration


  1. /etc/samba/smb.conf
    • Domain
    • Host
sudo vi {file}
sudo vi /etc/samba/smb.conf

Output – Image



Service Start and Enable for auto-start

sudo systemctl start {service}
sudo systemctl enable {service}
sudo systemctl start nmb
sudo systemctl enable nmb


Service Status

sudo service {service} status -l
sudo service nmb status -l


  1. Local Master Browser
    • Our Linux host takes upon the role of a local master browser
    • The role is for a specific subnet based on the Interface’s IP Address


Firewall – Open
sudo firewall-cmd --zone=public --add-port={port}/{protocol} --permanent

sudo firewall-cmd --zone=public --add-port=137/udp --permanent
sudo firewall-cmd --zone=public --add-port=137/tdp --permanent

Output – Image


  1. TCP Port 137
    • Opened
  2. UDP Port 137
    • Opened


Confirm Listening Ports

On Linux Hosts, confirm listening network ports

netstat -lu | grep netbios
Output – Image


  1. The listening ports are listed
    • Network Ports
      • They are udp ports
        • netbios-ns
        • netbios-dgm
    • Services
      • /etc/services
        • Please consult the /etc/services file for corresponding network port numbers for the listed service


Confirm Windows Host Name Resolution

Confirm that windows host able to perform name resolution against Linux Hosts

Command Line Tools
ping {linux-host-name}
ping linuxdbhost
Output – Image


  1. The windows host is able to perform name resolution against the windows host


Referenced Work

Vladyslav Baidak
Backend Engineer at Scalified
Devops: Configuring Host Name Resolution
September 24, 2017


  1. Samba.org
    • Firewalling Samba
  2. Centrify
    • Configuring the Samba integration
      • Modifying the Samba smb.conf configuration file
  3. Stack Exchange
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      • What is NetBIOS? Does Windows need its ports 137 and 138 open?
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      • Check running services on Linux
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