Benny Hinn On “Prosperity Gospel”

Background Some of these posts are tough. But, this one is so gratifying as the man himself speaks of conviction. Videos "Prosperity Gospel" Benny Hinn REPENTS of prosperity gospel Profile Benny Hinn from Benny Hinn Ministries has repented of preaching the prosperity gospel and promises to not do seed offering teaching anymore. Videos Video #1 … Continue reading Benny Hinn On “Prosperity Gospel”

Ariana Grande & Thanking Our Ends

Background Here is to Ariana Grande. Sometimes breakthroughs do not happen until one exhausts all of one's provisions. And, then one can look back, and safely say, thank God I really did not get much help. Even truth and self awareness did not occur. It was all take. Till the last moments, it was what … Continue reading Ariana Grande & Thanking Our Ends

SQL Server – Linux – Configuring Firewalld

Background Tried to access our recently upgraded SQL Server on Linux, but unable to do so from a different computer. Troubleshooting Introduction Let use see which network ports our Microsoft SQL Server Instance is using. Tools lsof Syntax Sample Output   Explanation SQL Server is listening on a couple of ports services ms-sql-m Ports 56405 … Continue reading SQL Server – Linux – Configuring Firewalld

SQL Server – Upgrade – v2017 to v2019/CTP – Linux

Background Let us upgrade our Microsoft SQL Server v2017 running on Linux. We will be upgrading it to v2019/RC1. Outline Repositories Current Repository List Current Repository files Map Repository Files to Repositories Update Repository Add Repository File for MS SQL Server v2019 Upgrade SQL Server Upgrade SQL Server - Engine Restart SQL Server Service Validate … Continue reading SQL Server – Upgrade – v2017 to v2019/CTP – Linux

Azure Data Studio – Extension – “sqlops-spexecutesql-to-sql” ( v1.0.1 )

Background Wanted to give a quick update on the Azure Data Studio Extension, sqlops-spexecutesql-to-sql. Lineage Azure Data Studio – Extension – "sqlops-spexecutesql-to-sql" Original Post Date Posted :- 2019-August-24th Link Bug Report Outline Filed a bug. The code is on GitHub and path way to filling a bug it to : Sojourn to GitHub Access Pejman … Continue reading Azure Data Studio – Extension – “sqlops-spexecutesql-to-sql” ( v1.0.1 )

Malik Yoba on Attraction & Sexuality

Background Confessionally listen to too many YouTube videos. Based on listening habits, one of the channels whose videos are often suggested to me is "Dawson Speaks TV".   Dawson Speaks Here is the video that I watched :- Malik Yoba Reveals He Is Attracted To Trans-Women: ‘I Love ALL Women’ Link I really, really like … Continue reading Malik Yoba on Attraction & Sexuality