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  1. 21 Savage – a lot ft. J. Cole
    • Songwriters: Shayaa Abraham-Joseph / Jermaine Cole / Dacoury Natche
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  2. Genius
    • 21 Savage Talks ‘I Am Greater Than I Was,’ Working With J. Cole & His Whisper Flow | For The Record
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  3. ICE Arrest
    • ABC News – Good Morning America
      • 21 Savage sat down with “Good Morning America” for his first interview after he was released on bond from Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody.
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          Channel :- ABC News
          Published On :- 2019-Feb-15th


21 Savage – a lot ft. J. Cole

21 Savage



J. Cole – Intro


J. Cole – Actual


Lyrics Break Down

21 Savage – a lot ft. J. Cole

Markelle Fultz

Additionally, Cole also makes a play on words, as Markelle’s jump shot and his shot to make it in life, has been messed up.

Fultz commented on the shout-out in an interview with Bleacher Report’s Taylor Rooks, saying:

Means a lot. Real recognize real. And my bro Dennis [Smith Jr.] is family so it was cool.



Close Up

Best assume Cole killed it
But, then who measure up
Credit 21 for even having him on

Wale, J Cole, No I.D. AND Friendship


Spent most of yesterday locked into my laptop trying to learn something new.

Never far from YouTube or Gossip Columns.

One of the click baits I clicked on is ‘Jay-Z Opens Up About Alleged Feud With Kanye West and Reveals “What Really Hurt” Him‘.

In the segment he brought up “No I.D.”, Ernest Dion Wilson.



Nas, J. Cole, No I.D.

In his track “Let Nas Down“, J. Cole spoke about No I.D. upping the ante …

Dion called me when it dropped, sounded sad but sincere
Told me Nas heard your single and he hate that …
Said, “You the one, yo, why you make that …?”


J. Cole & Wale

In his track “False Prophet”  on the second verse, J. Cole spoke about his good friend, Wale.

I got a homie, he a rapper and he wanna win bad
He want the fame, the acclaim, the respect that’s been had
By all the legends, so every time I see him, he stressin’
Talkin’ ’bout, niggas don’t fuck with him, the shit is depressin’
And I know he so bitter he can’t see his own blessings
Goddamn, nigga, you too blind to see you got fans, nigga
And a platform to make a classic rap song
To change a nigga life, but you too anxious livin’ life
Always worried ’bout the critics who ain’t ever fuckin’ did it
I write what’s in my heart, don’t give a fuck who fuckin’ with it
But in a sense I can relate, the need to be great
Turns into an obsession and keeps a nigga up late
Writin’ words, hopin’ people observe the dedication
That stirs in you constantly, but intentions get blurred


Wale’s Response

I’m on my way to Raleigh so grateful for that inspiration
I’ll see you at the game bro


One way too aggressive nemesis, and these never-ending spells with bipolar depression all, the while progressing
Maybe I mind my business and count my blessings
Be a living testament, a walking embodiment for
Everybody that’s been endlessly tested
And maybe resent the sentiment that they rarely respected
Maybe I mind my business and count my blessings


I’m just gonna get my black ass in this booth, cut loose so I can buy papaya juice for my beautiful black baby
And I love you Zyla, but if this game kills your father
Know we started off as a passenger, put some passion in it
And some non-passive aggressiveness


Just know he toured the world with Ross and gave him his first platinum plaque that he ain’t even had to adlib, rap or even talk on
Nah this Folarin with the art of sad song that TT wrote and bad girl RiRi


While I watch these discount niggas buy their way in with their lay-away effort
And lay waste to the very game I did my best in


Battling my label
One way too aggressive nemesis, and these never-ending spells with bipolar depression all, the while progressing
Maybe I mind my business and count my blessings
Be a living testament, a walking embodiment for
Everybody that’s been endlessly tested
And maybe resent the sentiment that they rarely respected
Maybe I mind my business and count my blessings
Everyday is groundhog’s day
So what you say I anticipate, cause I heard it forever and ever and ever


Ain’t no way in hell the devil gon’ stop my endeavors, yes
Forever underrated ’til Undertaker makes his presence
And as we know, the utmost praise for those who cannot feel it


So maybe I mind my business and provide for my Zyla, her mama and my niggas
And one day buy a house for Big I, Emilola, Roberto, Diane and Jordan
So they can enjoy the journey I’ve endured that’ll probably kill me


I mind my business
I mind my business
Nigga mind your business
And in this dark time, if we don’t find a reason to smile
We ain’t never gon’ shine nigga


J. Cole & Cozz

Look, I never admit it, tryna get my brother acquitted
Yo’ tell the judge I be happy to pay him off if he’s with it
My flesh and blood, hauled off to the cell
I search for heaven as I see him getting lost in this hell
Headed for coffin or jail, to never try is the ultimate fail
But love is wanting more for someone than they want for themselves
Deep, I guess I love a lot
Because the more I do my thang the more I feel the guilt and shame that my brother’s not
Reminisce as we was kids screaming “Fuck a cop”
Guess he took it serious, for me that shit was just for props



  1. Wale
    • Letter Ft. John Mayer
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        Published On :- 2009-oct-26th
    • Groundhog Day
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    • Family Affair
      • “Family Affair” is a music video by Wale that is featured on the upcoming “Inside A Change” Soundtrack. 
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          Published On :- 2017-May-26th

Jay Z

The Podcast is title “RAP RADAR / EPISODE 10 – JAY-Z PART 1”.

And, here are some links to the podcast.

  1. jay-z-kanye-west-444-tidal-rap-radar-podcast-interview



Words come in so many different ways.

Some are public, while others are private.

With time we learn whether they are to hold us back.

Or whether they are to encourage us.

Prayerfully don’t mistake words to “Grow On” with ones “To Miss“.

Letting Cole have the last words…

But love is wanting more for someone than they want for themselves



  1. J. Cole
    • J. Cole – Let Nas Down
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    • False Prophets
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  2. Wale
    • GroundHog Day
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          • Groundhog Day (Poem)
            Genius – Poem
          • Groundhog Day
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  3. J Cole & Wale
    • Wale and J. Cole Hang Out at a Basketball Game Together



Years ago a good friend told me most programmers are writers.

People Blog because someone inspired them.

People sing and rhyme cause they seen someone do it before them.



Role Modeling

Not everyone is able to admit to having role models.

It is good to take note of people digging in, investing life and time to get better and hoping to change along the way.


Living It

From Nas’s Dad travelling to Africa, getting with Fela, and taking the name “Olu Dare“.

To Nas paying tribute to Rakim.

And, J. Cole giving it back on “Let Nas Down“.

Sharing a Birthday and producer with Amy Winehouse, he posthumously went back and collabed on a couple of things.

As he said it, we are born on the same day, her not being here don’t give me a pass.

Btw the date he shares with Amy is Sept 14. And, the producer is Salaam Remi.


  1. Nas & Rakim
    • Nas – U.B.R. (Unauthorized Biography Of Rakim)
      Music video by Nas performing U.B.R. (Unauthorized Biography Of Rakim). (C) 2004 Sony BMG Music Entertainment
      Published on :- 2015-Sept-10th
    • Nas and Rakim Interview
      Published on :- 2015-April-27th
  2. Nas & J. Cole
    • Let Nas Down
      • YouTube
        • J. Cole – Let Nas Down (Extended Remix) ft. Nas
          The transition is at 3:36 but it can’t be heard because both tracks have the same line on the hook. “Long Live The Idols” is the start of the remix.
          Published On :- 2013-June-23
    • Stay
  3. Nas & Amy
    • Nas Talks About His Relationship With Amy Winehouse [Interview]
      Nas sits down and talks about the Life is Good Album which was released in 2012 and How Amy Winehouse ended up on the song ‘Cherry Wine’.
      He talks about how the friendship between them two. R.I.P Amy Winehouse.

      • Video
      • Video
        Published On :- 2103-May-29th
    • Nas Talks Relationship with Amy Winehouse on Big Boy’s Neighborhood
      Published On :- 2012-August-2nd
    • Nas – Cherry Wine (Explicit) ft. Amy Winehouse
      Published On :- 2012-Oct-2nd
  4. Nas & Nore
    • Nore on Ending Nas Beef: First Thing He Said to Me Was ‘Sorry’
      “At the end of the day he was a friend of mines, f**k the music. When you’re friends, and you stop being friends with a person it’s just weird.”
      Published On :- 2015-May-12th




  1. Nas – Cherry Wine
  2. Nas – Unauthorized Biography of Rakim



Nas and Rakim Interview

  1. If we there making songs, let us make songs about things that is important. Dude is important.
    This dude is an Alien.
    Nas about R

Nas – U.B.R. (Unauthorized Biography Of Rakim)

  1. First off, I want to Thank God
    Nuff Said
  2. The unauthorized copy. Dedication to my children, my child
    Destiny Jones. To my niece and nephews, Suree, Malik, Jabari.
    The world is yours. Acknowledgements: First off, I wanna
    Claiming his nephews and nieces as his own
  3. At sixteen, son was watching him, mesmerized
    Respect, not jocking him, was so amazing
  4. Clap to this
    Track from Eric B & Rakim
  5. Discography: Paid In Full, Follow The Leader, Let
    The Rhythm Hit ‘Em, Don’t Sweat The Technique.
    Tracks from Eric B & Rakim

Cherry Wine – Nas & Amy Winehouse

  1. I had to tell homes, I don’t keep a cell phone, my bad
    I drag off the L and try to silence it
  2. The noise in my head, the curse of the talented
    Nas about Mental Illness
  3. Who can be from out the hood or even work for the president
    As long as there’s no selfishness
    Yes, as long as her love for the people is deep rooted and evident
    You can be easily recruited, you’re heaven sent
    Nas about love for the people
  4. I hate when people write me hostile texts
    On account of my lifestyle’s perception
    Invade my personal life out of the question
    What are they expectin’? I be tryin’ to reply and
    They never suppose I get my quiet time in?
    Nas on need for “Quiet Time”

J. Cole


Have not listened to radio in months and so forgive me for missing this new voice from Fayetteville, NC.

Who ever held of Fayetteville and even Chrome mocks it up as a misspelled word.

But, all week long thanks to YouTube…J Cole has being on repeat…


Here are a couple of tracks…

  1. J Cole – Let Nas Down
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        Link ( Sampled a bit of Fela )
      • Video
        Channel :- thisisromel
        Published On :- 2013-July-5th, 2013
  2. J Cole – Villematic
    • Link
    • Link
      Striked out on 2017-11-14
    • Villematic, Fridays Night Out
      Channel :- kurtcurto1
      Added On :- 2017-11-14
  3. J. Cole – Too Deep For The Intro | Friday Night Lights
  4. J.Cole – Grew Up Fast


Always, good to see a college graduate, who is yet able to hold a crowd.

J Cole’s Lengthy Speech To Explain “Let Nas Down” Power 105 1 FM


Repeat (on YouTube) yet again…