Karceno:- Life, Music, and Street Stuff

Background My Bro, Akin, texted me a link. Rather than go back and forth with him over text, thought it best to share these messages from Karceno.   Videos - Interviews Tupac Tupac & LL Cool J The 2Pac vs LL Cool J feud Videos Video #1 Published:- 2014-April-6th Date Added:- 2023-February-19th Link Tupac & … Continue reading Karceno:- Life, Music, and Street Stuff

The Shumake Way:- 2023 – January

Background Unfortunately this time of year spirits work is rampant. Inclusive:- Jezebel Spirit Videos If you can't get the ring, at least get the baby??? Videos Video #1 Channel:- The Shumake Way Date Published:- 2022-November-30th Date Added:- 2022-December-31st Link Why do they keep having babies with all these women? Videos Video #1 Channel:- The Shumake … Continue reading The Shumake Way:- 2023 – January

Loon:- Teaching – 2022 – November

  Videos Loon Reacts To Diddy & Mase Beefing: Does Not Agree With It Profile Amir formerly known as 'LOON' continues his talk with HYPE+. The former Bad Boy Videos Video #1 Channel:- Comedy Hype Date Published:- 2022-October-18th Date Added:- 2022-October-20th Link Loon On Why 'Bad Boy' Artist Went Broke: "I Own My Publishing" Profile … Continue reading Loon:- Teaching – 2022 – November

Life, Song Writing, People You Meet, And Destiny:- Tupac And Biggie

Background A cautionary look at young men in their early twenties. Free & Unchained, Charmed & Talented. Full of The Vigor of Life, its promises and vices. Yet, lacking some of its sensibilities and sensitivities. The selfishness, traps, and evils that Satan plants and nourishes in the souls of man. The concealed and hidden. May … Continue reading Life, Song Writing, People You Meet, And Destiny:- Tupac And Biggie

DMX, The Artist

  Videos Spirituality Prayer DMX GIVES A BREATHTAKING PRAYER !!! Videos Video #1 Channel:- Breaking the machine Published On:- 2020-February-13th Added On:- 2021-April-11th Link Watch DMX deliver an epic prayer to kick off the Bad Boy Reunion Tour Videos Video #1 Channel:- Revolt TV Published On:- 2016-September-2nd Added On:- 2021-April-11th Link Prayer Virgil DMX Fiancee … Continue reading DMX, The Artist