Microsoft – Windows 2012 – Missing Start Bar

Background One of our machines was recently upgraded from MS Windows 2008 to MS Windows 2012. Needing to check its state, I connected over a remote desktop to the machine.   Review Current State Let us review our current state Desktop Images Image - Desktop Image - Desktop - Start Explanation The start menu bar … Continue reading Microsoft – Windows 2012 – Missing Start Bar

Desktop Browsers Notifications Setting – Solid No

Background Let us go over the steps to prevent popular desktop browsers from prompting us for notifications.   Outline Google - Chrome ( Link ) Mozilla.Org - Firefox ( Link ) Microsoft - Edge ( Link )   Google - Chrome Outline Access Settings Enter chrome://settings/content/notifications into the URL Form Adjust Settings Navigate to the … Continue reading Desktop Browsers Notifications Setting – Solid No

FireEye:- Sunburst Attack – Risk Assessment

Background Quick personal read of the recent disclosure of network security attack detailed by FireEye.   Lineage FireEye:- Sunburst Attack Link Assessment Quick Assessment of the FireEye Sunburst Attack. Highly Targeted - Software Companies Software Security Companies FireEye SolarWinds Email Provider Microsoft, specifically Microsoft Exchange Highly Targeted - Individuals Government Employees Policy Makers Decision Curators … Continue reading FireEye:- Sunburst Attack – Risk Assessment

FireEye:- Sunburst Attack

Background Let us talk a bit about how FireEye came to be the one who publicly disclosed SolarWind's supply chain security intrusion.   Actors Volexity ( Link ) Fire Eye ( Link ) SolarWinds ( Link ) Microsoft( Link ) Volexity Public Disclosure:- 2020-December-14 Link On December 14th, 2020, Volexity publicly availed a web post. … Continue reading FireEye:- Sunburst Attack

Git – Client – Commands

Background Let us review some of the GIT commands one will use each day. List of Command   Command Description Syntax Link File Operation Add Add a new file git add <filename> Link Remove Remove an existing file git rm <filename> Link Rename or Move Rename or move an existing file git mv <filename> <folder> … Continue reading Git – Client – Commands

Git – Client/Windows – Git Bash

Background Upon installing a recent version of Git Client opted to evaluate one of its sub-components. Git Bash What Is? Definition Atlassian BitBucket [ Link ] Git Bash is an application for Microsoft Windows environments that provides an emulation layer for a Git command-line experience. Bash is an acronym for Bourne Again Shell. A shell … Continue reading Git – Client/Windows – Git Bash

Git – Client/Windows – Upgrade – v2.29

Background Received an email from GitHub.   Email Email Read Th email's content is posted below: Image Text Explanation Basically, it is 9:45 PM on Friday Night. I should likely be doing something else. Yet, GitHub/Microsoft saw a fit to let me know that they are phasing out username/password authentication.   Outline Here are the … Continue reading Git – Client/Windows – Upgrade – v2.29

Jeffrey Snover:- “Engineering Encounters with reality”

Who is Jeffrey Snover? Link Jeffrey Snover is a Microsoft Technical Fellow, PowerShell Chief Architect, and the Chief Architect for the Azure Infrastructure and Management group which includes Azure Stack, System Center, and Operations Management Suite.¬† Snover is the inventor of Windows PowerShell, an object-based distributed automation engine, scripting language, and command-line shell, and was … Continue reading Jeffrey Snover:- “Engineering Encounters with reality”

ClamAV – Installation on CentOS – v8

Background Need an AntiVirus on my CentOS box. AntiVirus ClamAV is free and works on CentOS. Outline Package Verify ClamAV yum yum list installed dnf dnf list installed Install Identify Artifacts Install Artifacts Review Review Packages Configure ClamAV Configure SELinux Configure Services List of Services clamd@.service freshclam.service Configure Service Start Service Review Service Status Tasks … Continue reading ClamAV – Installation on CentOS – v8