Windows – Version Number – “Net Config Workstation”

Background As I was troubleshooting another issue a few months ago, stumbled into another pathway for determining the Version Number of a Windows Computer. Lineage Windows 10 – Marketing Name via PowerShell Link Net Commands Command Syntax Output Output - Windows 10 Image Explanation Software version Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB Output - Windows 2016 … Continue reading Windows – Version Number – “Net Config Workstation”

SQL Server – Upgrade – v2017 to v2019/CTP – Linux

Background Let us upgrade our Microsoft SQL Server v2017 running on Linux. We will be upgrading it to v2019/RC1. Outline Repositories Current Repository List Current Repository files Map Repository Files to Repositories Update Repository Add Repository File for MS SQL Server v2019 Upgrade SQL Server Upgrade SQL Server - Engine Restart SQL Server Service Validate … Continue reading SQL Server – Upgrade – v2017 to v2019/CTP – Linux

Azure Data Studio – Extension – “sqlops-spexecutesql-to-sql” ( v1.0.1 )

Background Wanted to give a quick update on the Azure Data Studio Extension, sqlops-spexecutesql-to-sql. Lineage Azure Data Studio – Extension – "sqlops-spexecutesql-to-sql" Original Post Date Posted :- 2019-August-24th Link Bug Report Outline Filed a bug. The code is on GitHub and path way to filling a bug it to : Sojourn to GitHub Access Pejman … Continue reading Azure Data Studio – Extension – “sqlops-spexecutesql-to-sql” ( v1.0.1 )

Azure Feedback and Spam

Background The last couple of days ran into a tiny, inconsequential error. But, wanted to see if it has been logged with Microsoft Azure Feedback. Microsoft Azure Feedback Search I entered a simple search phrase :- STRING_AGG “Incorrect syntax near ‘within'” Matches I received quite a few matches back. Spam Healing Within ( ) … Continue reading Azure Feedback and Spam

Transact SQL – STRING_AGG – Error – “Incorrect syntax near ‘within'”

Background Working on a script, but noticed an error when I tried to sort the data using the String_Agg within group clause. Code Let us reproduce using a sample data set. SQL Sample -01 SQL Output Sample -02 Outline If one reviews our output, one will notice that the cities are listed based on the … Continue reading Transact SQL – STRING_AGG – Error – “Incorrect syntax near ‘within'”

Transact SQL – JSON Functions – OPENJSON

Background The OpenJSON function allows us to shred a JSON Object into relational rows. Legend Here are earlier posts on Transact SQL & JSON :- Transact SQL – JSON Functions – JSON_VALUE & JSON_QUERY Link JSON Data Code Declare Table Variable & Add data SQL Output Queries Query -01 Outline In our first example, we … Continue reading Transact SQL – JSON Functions – OPENJSON