Powershell – Module Dependency ( ActiveDirectory )

Background As always downloaded a script over the Internet. The problem now is I can not get it to work. Active Directory User Check Outline Here is credit to the author and a link to the script :- svendsen tech Check if an AD user exists with Get-ADUser Link Script Output Image Textual TroubleShooting Outline … Continue reading Powershell – Module Dependency ( ActiveDirectory )

SQL Server – v2019 / Java JDK – Binaries

Background Thankfully, with SQL Server version 2019, Microsoft bundles a Java JDK. Lineage Past In the past one will go to the Oracle Web Site and download a Java JDK. Once downloaded the JDK will be installed. To ensure that SQL Server installation is aware of the install, one needs to restart the SQL Server … Continue reading SQL Server – v2019 / Java JDK – Binaries

Powershell – Modules ( .psm1 )

Background Powershell is a beautiful language. It weaves well. Constraint That flowness can be an annoyance to those who come from more structured and object oriented languages such as C++, C#, Java. Module If one learns how to use Modules in Powershell, one can move a bit further towards more structure and encapsulation. Sample Code … Continue reading Powershell – Modules ( .psm1 )

SQL Server – 2019 – Developer Edition – Installation Media

Background Microsoft SQL Server Developer Edition is free for non-production use.   Explore Let us touch on where to get our hands on the install media/ISO. Media Microsoft SQL Server Downloads URL Link Microsoft | Visual Studio Subscriptions URL Link   Review Media Availability Microsoft | Visual Studio Subscriptions Outline Go to Visual Studio Subscriptions … Continue reading SQL Server – 2019 – Developer Edition – Installation Media

Network Adapter Configuration – Powershell

Background Needing a quick visible listing of current Network Adapter Configurations. Googled on the need and found a one liner. One Liner PowerTip: Use PowerShell to Find MAC Address Link   WMI WMI - win32_networkadapterconfiguration CIM CIM - win32_networkadapterconfiguration Script Powershell networkAdapterConfiguration.ps1 Code Output   Explanation Areas covered :- Description macaddress DHCPEnabled IPAddress DefaultIPGateway IPSubnet … Continue reading Network Adapter Configuration – Powershell

Video/Audio – Increase Volume

Background For us who peddle in sharing other people's video, we sometimes end up with a video or audio artifact whose volume is a bit low and not quite audible. Workaround If the message is powerful enough, it's quality does not always dissuade us. Tools Here are a few tools that can help us cross … Continue reading Video/Audio – Increase Volume

SSMS – AWS/RDS – Error – “The EXECUTE permission was denied on the object ‘xp_regread'”

Background When SQL Server Management Studio ( SSMS ) is ran against an Amazon/RDS SQL Server instance, we can get a little error. Error The error reads :- Error Message Image Text Error Message - Advanced Information Image Text Explanation Looking at the Stack Trace the error occurs at :- Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo.Agent.JobServer.get_MsxServerName() TroubleShooting What is the … Continue reading SSMS – AWS/RDS – Error – “The EXECUTE permission was denied on the object ‘xp_regread'”