WinOS – Wireless – “Airplane Mode”

Background Unable to use the wireless network on a computer that I am helping put together for my cousin. Error Message Textual The error messages that I am getting simply states "Airplane Mode". Images Outline Desktop Status Bar Control Panel Network and Internet Network Connections Settings Status Airplane Mode Desktop Status Bar Control Panel Network … Continue reading WinOS – Wireless – “Airplane Mode”

SQL Server – Configuration – Default Directories

Background In the last few days knee-deep reviewing SQL Server Installs and Scripts. ServerProperty In the last hour or so found myself looking at what is exposed via ServerProperty. Folders Here are some of the File System folder entries exposed through the ServerProperty function. InstanceDefaultDataPath Name of the default path to the instance log files. … Continue reading SQL Server – Configuration – Default Directories

Powershell – Linux – Invoke Using Command Argument

Background There are a couple of ways to invoke Powershell in Linux. Options Here are a couple of Options:- -File -Command Payload - File Syntax Sample Payload - Command Outline To get username Environment::UserName Syntax Sample Hello World Output Output - Image Output - Text Explanation We printed out our username Environment Variables and $PSVersionTable … Continue reading Powershell – Linux – Invoke Using Command Argument

TimeWindows:- Compilation Using Microsoft Visual Studio

Background I am really tempted to attempt a private build of TimeWindows application available via Google Code. Outline Identify Source Code Repository Download Code Uncompress Package Examine & Prepare Artifacts Build Application Tasks Identify Source Code Repository Source Code ( Source / Commits ) Link Source Code ( Source ) Link Repository ( svn ) … Continue reading TimeWindows:- Compilation Using Microsoft Visual Studio

WinOS – File System – Symbolic Links

Background When blogging one tries out various scenarios across different platforms. File System Symbolic Links Need As I was working on compiling time-windows I wanted to have a couple of branches. One for compilation with Microsoft Visual Studio and another branch for compiling with MinGW ( Minimalist GNU for Windows). Premise The code is C … Continue reading WinOS – File System – Symbolic Links

WinOS – Timing Application Runs

Background I was recently looking at getting an accurate measure of how long it takes an application to run. Tools Here are some tools that work well in the MS Windows environment:- Outline time-windows time-windows Gammadyne Corp timer Artifacts time-windows Profile This is a Windows utility which executes a program and displays its execution time, … Continue reading WinOS – Timing Application Runs

Install Powershell on Linux/CentOS

Background Back playing around with a Linux box and wanted to see if it is any easier for me to understand the steps for installing Powershell. Outline Configure Source Repositories Review available Microsoft Repository for your OS/Version ( ) Redhat Repository - Local Review "Local" Redhat Repository Is Microsoft repository registered? If Microsoft Repository … Continue reading Install Powershell on Linux/CentOS

Linux – cent-OS – Application – Installed Location & Application Name – “Azure Data Studio”

Background Yesterday evening I installed Microsoft's Azure Data Studio on a Linux Cent-OS box. Use It Naturally, I wanted to start using it. But, I couldn't find it. OS MS Windows In MS Windows, I will simply access the Start button and trek the start menu. Linux - Cent-OS My Cent-OS does not have a start … Continue reading Linux – cent-OS – Application – Installed Location & Application Name – “Azure Data Studio”

Windows 10 – “Search the Web”

Background Only Microsoft can slow one's PC Experience down to a crawl and call it better OS Integration. Family I was using my brother's computer last night and noticed it was not running well, at all. Search Every time I access the "Search Windows" button and try to search for an application on his computer, … Continue reading Windows 10 – “Search the Web”

Powershell – Error – “The property …. cannot be found on this object. Verify that the property exists.”

Background Playing around with Powershell and ran into an error that one should avoid through defensive programming. Error Error - Image Error - Text Outline We will create a few standalone objects using PSCustomObject Add created objects into an array Iterate through the array Access each object Retrieve property Because our object's properties are created … Continue reading Powershell – Error – “The property …. cannot be found on this object. Verify that the property exists.”