Nick Novello, Retired Police Officer – Precious Testimony

  Videos Nick Novelo If This Cop is Right, Dallas is in Big Trouble Profile Working cop Nick Novello discusses the state of the Dallas Police Department in this tell-all interview with Lone Star Leaf.  Videos Short Clip - Public Interest - Video #1 Published On :- 2019-Oct-14th Link Full - Video #1 Channel :- … Continue reading Nick Novello, Retired Police Officer – Precious Testimony

Ephrat Livni :- Justice Brett Kavanaugh On “Constitutional right to unanimous jury” and Intent

    Link The Supreme Court heard arguments Monday on the constitutionality of a Louisiana law that allows criminal convictions based on jury verdicts that aren’t unanimous. Justice Brett Kavanaugh pointed out that the Louisiana law had racist roots. He noted that there were two “practical reasons” to overrule the precedent the state relied on. … Continue reading Ephrat Livni :- Justice Brett Kavanaugh On “Constitutional right to unanimous jury” and Intent

Angel Tree – 2018 – Chapter 01

Background Wanted to start journaling our experience with Angel Tree 2018. Two Daughters I called a caretaker and inquired about her three grand children.  She confirmed the gift requests and we were good. Before moving on to the next family on our list, I noticed that she is the matriarch of that family as well. … Continue reading Angel Tree – 2018 – Chapter 01

Khalil Cumberbatch

Bio Link Khalil A. Cumberbatch is a formerly incarcerated advocate for social justice in New York City. He serves as a Policy Associate for the Legal Action Center, the only non-profit law and policy organization in the U.S. whose sole mission is to fight discrimination against people with histories of addiction, HIV/AIDS, or criminal records, and … Continue reading Khalil Cumberbatch

Moral Courage

  Videos Omeleto Prison inmates were put in a room with nothing but a camera. I didn't expect them to be so real. Videos Video #1 Channel :- Omeleto Published On :- 2017-Jan-22nd Demoted On :- 2019-April-25th Link Location :- Sing Sing Correctional Facility Participants GodFather III Tremain Lawrence Bartley Devon Rodgers Tyrone Abraham A … Continue reading Moral Courage