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  1. Owls: The Prophets Who See In The Night (Kris Vallotton)
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In Depth

Owls: The Prophets Who See In The Night (Kris Vallotton)

  1. Eagle Versus Owl
    • The prophetic mascot for this Season is not the eagle, but the owl
    • Why is that
      • Because the owl can see through the darkness
      • The owl lives in the darkness
      • The owl can see through the darkness
  2. The Owl
    • Jennifer Jackson
      • Shared a Story
        • An owl was on the road
        • And, will not move
        • He brought the owl to school
    • Ahmad Givens
      • Second Chance at Love on VH1
      • Share Attorney
      • Encounter with God
        • Want to do something with God
      • Purity Book
        • Ahmad endorses the back
        • Reach people who have problems
      • Owl Experience
        • White Owl
          • 3 Cities
            • Almost hit us
            • Fly Around Me
        • It is an Owl because you are called to purity and because you are called to darkness
        • Australia
          • Telling the Owl Story in Australia
          • And, my cell phone starts to vibrate while I am telling the Story
          • 4th Owl and 5th Owl
  3. Called us to be the river that leaves the Sanctuary and go into the deepest and darkest places of the planet
  4. Minister to people we do not agree with, but we love
  5. Daniel
    • In the days of Daniel, he was never called a prophet
    • Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream of a Tree ( Daniel Chapter 4 )
      • King’s View
        • Finally, Daniel came into my presence and I told him the dream. (He is called Belteshazzar, after the name of my god, and the spirit of the holy gods is in him.)
        • I said, “Belteshazzar, chief of the magicians, I know that the spirit of the holy gods is in you, and no mystery is too difficult for you. Here is my dream; interpret it for me.
      • Daniel
        • Daniel had taken up a new name
          • Belteshazzar, after the name of my god
        • Daniel had taken up a new title
          • Chief of the magicians
  6. My Point
    • If we are going to move into darkness
      • We are going to have to learn to customize without compromise
    • He will not eat the King’s food
    • He will not defile himself
    • He prays three times a day
    • He serves the God, but the King thinks he serves the gods
    • Dream
      • Actual
        • The King has a bad dream, it is not Daniel that has the bad dream
        • But, Daniel has to interpret it
      • Interpretation
        • If only the dream applies to those who hate you and its interpretation to your enemies
    • Daniel’s Condition
      • Daniel is a POW ( Prisoner of War )
      • He has been made a eunuch
      • Parents are likely killed
      • Nation is been destroyed
      • Temple turned down
  7. If we love our enemies
    • If you love him, I will let you influence him
  8. Growing up
    • Growing up in denominations
  9. Protestants
    • We came out protesting
    • We protested interpretation of the scripture and we have been doing it ever since
    • If we do not agree with someone, we do not have permission to be their friend
    • We are moving out of Protestantism into Apostleship
    • We gather because we have the same father not because we agree doctrinally
    • And, we can come into Revelation
  10. Agenda
    • As a protestant I do not have permission to fellowship with a homosexual unless I have an agenda to covert them
    • And, you do not think, they know I want to convert them
    • It is like stepping into a car lot and not think the Salesman is trying to sell me a car
    • I love your jeans
    • You look so good today
    • Tired of manipulation
    • Love them
    • These signs will follow those who believe
  11. Same gender Couple
    • Gave me a holy hug when we got to San Francisco
  12. What happened
    • You see the owl can see through the darkness


Mary Jo McConahay – “The Tango War”


Richard Feinberg

During World War II, the United States urged Latin America to join the struggle. Washington aimed to deny Germany and Italy access to vital raw materials from the continent, disrupt fascist spy networks there, and protect transatlantic sea-lanes. The U.S. war machine relied on Mexican oil and Brazilian rubber; Mexicans replaced American farm workers diverted to military service; and a Brazilian expeditionary force fought bravely in the invasion of Italy. These facts have been well recorded elsewhere, but McConahay, a seasoned journalist, enriches her dramatic account of the period with sympathetic interviews of survivors whose lives were scarred by wartime disruptions. She reminds readers that U.S. behavior was not always noble. People of German and Japanese origin living in Latin America were kidnapped, shipped to remote prison camps in the United States, and sometimes bartered for American prisoners of war. And opportunistic U.S. firms seized market shares from their excluded Axis competitors. Distrustful of U.S. power, some Latin American countries leaned toward neutrality or even the Axis, but McConahay reveals the essential truth that, in a time of great peril, the United States and most of Latin America found common cause against a shared enemy.


  1. C-SPAN
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      • Journalist Mary Jo McConahay provided a history of Latin American involvement in World War II, as both the Allied and the Axis powers vied for its support.
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      Published On :- 2018-Sept-18th

Tevin Campbell



  1. Tevin Campbell – What do I Say
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      • Tevin Campbell
    • Lyrics
      • What do I say
      • What do I do
      • May be you will turn and walk away
      • That’s a chance that I’ve got to take
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        Channel :- BigPeter1086 Real Music Channel
        Published On :- 2013-June-2nd
  2. Tevin Campbell – I am Ready
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      • Tevin Campbell’s “I’m Ready” music video was originally released in 1994 and was a single on his “I’m Ready” album.
    • Songwriters
      • Kenneth Edmonds
    • Participants
      • Tevin Campbell
    • Lyrics
      • I am Ready to love you forever
      • Hey love now
      • Come love me forever more
      • May be I am the fool you call me
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        Published on :- 2018-Oct-10th
  3. Tevin Campbell – Always in my heart
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      • Music performed by Tevin Campbell (C) 1994 Qwest/Warner Bro
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      • Tevin Campbell
    • Lyrics
      • I know, I know I love you more than words can show
      • If I ever say that I love you
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        Published on :- 2013-Feb-3rd
  4. Tevin Campbell – Tell me what you want me to do
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      • Music performed by Tevin Campbell (C) 1991 Qwest/Warner Bro
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      • Tevin Campbell
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        Music performed by Tevin Campbell (C) 1991 Qwest/Warner Bro
  5. Tevin Campbell – Never Again
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      • Tevin Campbell
    • Lyrics
      • Never again will I fall into your arms
      • Trying to forget you is so hard for me
      • Pretending to love me
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        Channel :- Willie Ellebie
        Published on 2017-March-1st
  6. Tevin Campbell – Everything you are
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      • A Wonderful Duet of 2 of the major voices in R/B of the 90s Tevin and Coko of SWV fame show some love on this track a Must for anyone in love
    •  Participants
      • Tevin Campbell
      • Coko from SWV
    • Lyrics
      • Your love gently lays me down
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        Published On : – 2009-Dec-4th
  7. Tevin Campbell – Tell me where
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      • Tevin Campbell
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        Published On : – 2009-May-28th
  8. Tevin Campbell – One Song
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      • Music performed by Tevin Campbell (C) 1993 Qwest/Warner Bro
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      • Tevin Campbell
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        Published On :- 2013-Feb-3rd
        Music performed by Tevin Campbell (C) 1993 Qwest/Warner Bro
  9. Tevin Campbell – Strawberry Letter 23
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      • Tevin Campbell
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  10. Tevin Campbell – Just Ask Me To
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      • Tevin Campbell
      • Chubb Rock
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      • Audi 5000
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  11. Tevin Campbell – Confused
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      • Tevin Campbell
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        Published On :- 2008-Mar-11th


Trying to Take it Off, to Keep it On


The Weather Man called for rain all week
And, that is just fine
Cause I kept some gift certs and them still good at Target

New Blankets
Oil and Candles

I know Larenze Tate killed it on Love Jones, but that was Oh So Long ago
And, if you quizzed in the news lately, Chicago is gone the other way

Thinking and Talking about mistaken Identity
I heard we get new names upon crossing over


These thoughts in my mind
Wouldn’t have to write them down, if I were married to Beyonce
But, as is
Will drive me crazy, if not for the notepad


10 years from Now

10 years from now
She will ask me why I didn’t wait on her
And, I will say I did here is proof
The leaflets on the web says it so
I had her on and in mind all along



Just like the lake here at the Merritt
The leaves blow, but never stay in one place
And, even now trying to bag them
but, then their LIFE wouldn’t hold

I got a boyfriend

She said I got a boyfriend
Why you got to write about me
But, then I said, I write about her
But, not for her

As it stands

As it stands, she the one proper enough to read
Yet, not keep them


She looked up and asked if I like her tummy
Her wash boy tummy
To wish I reply Yes, what is there not to like

Wish, Trip, and Strip

I could tell the way she looked
The look on her face
It Said, you know you don’t have to look at them girls on your computer screen
I could wish, trip and strip for you

Like to

In fact, I like to
Just get me new Shirt and Boy Shorts


Right Way

It is likely not the way to look at things
Likely should try a different move
Yet, this is less complicated
For us who bit on Bytes


As we drove home

Later as we drove home
She looked and said as hard as is
Having to fess
Junior likes you
And, he is my Man

So I could and would
Whore, Kill, Steal, Kiss, and Trill for you

Means and Ways

But, then I heard we got new means and ways
right after crossing over


Bottom Feeding

Bottom feeding on my bottom bitch all night
The weather man call for rain
No Rain Coat
No Hard Hat
I answered back I do, before been told her last name is Adu


Young One

Young one said it is so easy
Grand Ma complaining about all the kids she left to raise
My cousins and I would get ourselves in a lot more, if it was any easier

They Was

She had a come back for every pull up
She said them 2 before you, had babies on me
Yes, they was cute
They was mixed
They was whitewashed



He gave me a title, but forgot I got titties
He pays my bill, but forgot I got ills and needs
He found out I watch girls disrobe
But, overlook it is role playing



Like Slick, all the years
If I pull this zipper
And, though the years do add up
I held out like Red


Finally Woke
Started from “Just Say No
To “It takes a Village
Short Breath at “Reading”
On to “Reveals who you are
Here now at “Marry Rich


Listening To

  1. Tauren Wills
  2. Wale
    • Family Affair
  3. Miha Sibbett
    • Something lasts forever
  4. Dionne Farris
    • Dionne Farris – Hopeless
  5. Simply Red
    • Holding Back the Years


Phoenix Coldon – Where is She?



  1. The Disappearance of Phoenix Coldon
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      • The Disappearance of Phoenix Coldon Part 2 Where is She
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          Published On :- 2018-Nov-5th
      • The Disappearance of Phoenix Coldon Part 2 Where is She
        • Video #1
          Published On :- 2018-Nov-5th
      • The Disappearance Of Phoenix Coldon: Bonus clip – Sighting Of Phoenix (Season 1, Episode 2) | Oxygen
        • Profile
          • Family friend, Jeffrey Hargrove, recalls two sightings of Phoenix Coldon two years after her disappearance. Watch episodes of The Disappearance of Phoenix Coldon, premiering November 3rd at 7/6c on Oxygen.
        • Video #1
          Published On :- 2018-Nov-3rd
          Channel :- Oxygen
      • Waiting for Phoenix
        • Profile
          • Phoenix Coldon went missing in 2011.
        • Videos
          • Video #1
            Published On :- 2014-Nov-1st
            Channel :- Ejd8v5
    • Participants
      • Lawrence
      • Shawndrea Thomas, Journalist
      • Joe Delia, Retired Deputy Chief Of Police, St. Louis
    • Location
      • St Louis
    • Dates
      • 2011-Dec-18th ( Date Disappeared )