Angel Tree – 2019 – “Saying Hello”

Background We are deep into November and it is time to start doing those things that makes this season of the year so very special for so many people. Diwali Lated, Belated, Happy Diwali to my Hindu friends. What is Diwali ? Diwali is the festival of lights. It symbolises the spiritual "victory of light … Continue reading Angel Tree – 2019 – “Saying Hello”

Love & Fasting

Background I wanted to write to do a straight arrow write-up on love. But, God laid a different burden on me through a restless night. Conviction And, so out of a conviction let us go with God. Last Night Last Night was just a bit tired. Things carried over from last week and the weekend. … Continue reading Love & Fasting

Gym & Club

Background It has been a few weeks back at the Gym. The music is way too loud. Yet, it can be infectious.   Videos GEoRGiA About Work The Dancefloor Georgia - About Work The Dancefloor (Locum Remix) (Official Audio) Video #1 Channel :- GEoRGiA Published On :- 2019-July-11th Link Sam Smith, Normani Dancing With A … Continue reading Gym & Club

Be Vulnerable

This Morning Public Transit This morning got on an important phone call. Of course, my favorite Public Transits, AC Transit and Bart, conspired to slow things down. I had to have the meeting postponed for 30 minutes. Thankfully the other participants agreed. Conference Call Finally got on the conference call. They asked me what brought … Continue reading Be Vulnerable

The Timing on This Girl

Arranged Marriage Wifey and I met through mutual acquaintances. We knew some of the same people. As I looked through their friends list, I was drawn to this regular looking girl. We started texting and something about her drew me in. I had no withholding, but to ask to see her. She said it is … Continue reading The Timing on This Girl

Jono Jacob, Artist – Christian/Gospel

  Videos Not in a Hurry Not in a Hurry (Live) - Jono Jacob feat. Jessie Cisarik Channel :- Jono Jacob Posted On :- 2019-March-6th Link Build My Life Build My Life (Live) - Jono Jacob Channel :- Jono Jacob Posted On :- 2019-Feb-12th Link   Lyrics Not in a Hurry Lord I don’t want … Continue reading Jono Jacob, Artist – Christian/Gospel

Colicchie – Hold On Pain Ends ( HOPE )

Background This is for my new Sister, Damara. She lost her sis when that ghost pressed the wrong pedal Videos Colicchie - Come Back Home Colicchie " H.O.P.E " Hold On Pain Ends Channel :- Colicchie Published On :- 2016-June-22nd Link Lyrics Colicchie - Come Back Home Link Image Text   I remember when I did … Continue reading Colicchie – Hold On Pain Ends ( HOPE )