Win OS – Determine Application Bitness

Background Sometimes one just needs to determine the bitness of a binary. Tools Microsoft SysInternals sigcheck Visual Studio corflags NTCore CFF Explorer   Microsoft SysInternals Sigcheck Artifacts The artifacts is available at Link. Syntax Sample Output   Explanation Please check under MachineType.   Visual Studio CorFlags.exe Artifacts Part of Visual Studio. Please look for Visual Studio … Continue reading Win OS – Determine Application Bitness

MySQL:- Temporary Tables

Background Was reading through some documentation and it touched on temporary tables in MySQL. Sample Here is a sample code. Outline Create database\schema if it does not exist Begin new transaction using start transaction Create temporary table ( accountTransaction ) create temporary table ( accountBalance ) Add data into temporary table ( accountTransaction ) Summary … Continue reading MySQL:- Temporary Tables

sqlcmd – Avail on MS Windows

Background Trying to a DOS Command batch on an MS Windows Box. Ran into an easy to correct error. Error Error Image Error Text   Remediation Outline Identify sqlcmd Download sqlcmd Install sqlcmd   Identify sqlcmd artifacts sqlcmd is available here. Images   Download sqlcmd Depending on the bitness of your OS, please choose (x64) … Continue reading sqlcmd – Avail on MS Windows

September in Songs / 2020

  Videos Deitrick Haddon Deitrick Haddon - Well Done (Official Video) Videos Video #1 Channel:- DeitrickHaddon Published On:- 2011-March-11th Link Tamela Mann I can only imagine Videos Video #1 Channel:- Natacha Charleron Published On:- 2013-October-16th Link Major. MAJOR. - Why I Love You Videos Video #1 Channel:- Major. Published On:- 2011-March-11th Link Big Sean Big … Continue reading September in Songs / 2020

WordPress – Copying Posts with Categories

Background A week and a half ago, I opened up a support ticket with WordPress. The exact date was August 28th, 2020. The instigator was that when I copy posts, the categories were not copied over. Lineage WordPress:- Classic Editing Date Posted:- 2020-August-19th Link WordPress – Copy Posts – What is copied? Date Posted:- 2020-August-28th … Continue reading WordPress – Copying Posts with Categories

Joshua Selman :- Strategy for Kingdom Advance

Videos Apostle Joshua Selman - Strategy for Kingdom Advance Profile Place:- Kenya Dates:- November 18th to 23rd, 2019 Videos Part 1 Video #1 Channel:- Koinonia Global Link Part 2 Video #1 Channel:- Koinonia Global Link Part 3 Video #1 Channel:- Koinonia Global Link Messages Message - Part -1 Scripture Ephesians God’s Marvelous Plan for the … Continue reading Joshua Selman :- Strategy for Kingdom Advance

Damon Thompson – 2020/Sept

Videos Damon Thompson--A Lamb/Giant Killer(2015) Profile Damon speaking at Emerald Coast Worship Centre in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. He's expounding on 1 Samuel 17: 30-37. Teaching on what the real deliverance of God looks like by killing the lions and bears that are trying to take a Lamb out of your life. Videos Video #1 … Continue reading Damon Thompson – 2020/Sept

WordPress:- Categories Versus Tags

Background Will like to share transcripts from an issue that WordPress Support is working on my behalf.   WordPress - Support Take - Categories Versus Tags WordPress - Norman @ Sep 2, 2020, 6:14 AM UTC Text   Hi there, Thanks for your patience. I did a quick check of your site and found that … Continue reading WordPress:- Categories Versus Tags

Golang:- Microsoft SQL Server Sample – “Quickstart: Use Golang to query a database”

Background Will like to touch on a very subtle error that I sheepishly encountered in one of Microsoft's generous sample code. Sample Here is the sample code:- Azure / Azure SQL / SQL Database Quickstart: Use Golang to query a database in Azure SQL Database or Azure SQL Managed Instance Link   Lineage Here are … Continue reading Golang:- Microsoft SQL Server Sample – “Quickstart: Use Golang to query a database”

Golang – Package – denisenkom – go-mssqldb – Sample – Microsoft

Background Let us utilize one of Microsoft's Sample Code to better understand Go and DeniseKom - go-mssqldb package. Outline Database Data Definition Language ( DDL ) Create Database Schema Create Database Table Security/Permission Users Create Database User Permission Grant permission to User Data Manipulation Language ( DML ) Remove existing data Add data Source Code … Continue reading Golang – Package – denisenkom – go-mssqldb – Sample – Microsoft