Leon Bridges – Sweeter ft. Terrace Martin

  Videos Leon Bridges - Sweeter ft. Terrace Martin Leon Bridges - Sweeter (Live) ft. Terrace Martin, Robert Glasper Videos Video #1 Channel:- Leon Bridges Date Released:- 2020-June-18th Link Leon Bridges - Sweeter (Official Video) ft. Terrace Martin Videos Video #1 Channel:- Leon Bridges Date Released:- 2020-June-16th Link Lyrics Link Hoping for a life more … Continue reading Leon Bridges – Sweeter ft. Terrace Martin

Microsoft – Edge – “Running in the Background”

Background Got on my brother's computer earlier this evening. Noticed it running quite slow. TroubleShooting Outline Task Manager   Task Manager Images Task Manager - Tab - Details Picture Tabulate MicrosoftEdgeCP.exe Memory 893,296 KB 900 MB Firefox Memory 239,380 KB 240 MB Chrome Memory 135,624 KB 135 MB Explanation MicrosoftEdgeCP is using too much memory, … Continue reading Microsoft – Edge – “Running in the Background”

60 Minutes Australia

Videos Roshani Profile  Videos Roshani reunites with mother 28 years after she was forced to give her up | 60 Minutes Australia Channel:- 60 Minutes Australia Published On:- 2019-September-13th Added On:- 2020-July-5th Link Participants Roshani Bruce ( Adoptee Father ) Nouriel ( Adoptee Mother ) Violet ( Biological Mother ) Tim ( Boyfriend ) Stories … Continue reading 60 Minutes Australia

iTunes – Auto Launch when iPhone Connected

Background Was working on my cousin's iPhone this past weekend.   Issue This morning the quickest path to charging my phone is to connect it to my laptop. Noticed iTunes auto-launched. Commentary Sorry, iTunes was a weekend thing, not a daily occurrence. Resolution Outline iTunes Preferences iTunesHelper Stop and Disable AutoLaunch Tasks iTunes / Preferences … Continue reading iTunes – Auto Launch when iPhone Connected

Oleksandr Usyk, A boxer

  Profile How he came to Orthodox Christianity Link "When I was at the hospital, a priest came there. He gave us some sweets. All the kids ran around, not realizing that this tall man, with a black beard and a big cross on his chest just came to save our little sinful souls. I … Continue reading Oleksandr Usyk, A boxer

WinOS – Wireless – “Airplane Mode”

Background Unable to use the wireless network on a computer that I am helping put together for my cousin. Error Message Textual The error messages that I am getting simply states "Airplane Mode". Images Outline Desktop Status Bar Control Panel Network and Internet Network Connections Settings Status Airplane Mode Desktop Status Bar Control Panel Network … Continue reading WinOS – Wireless – “Airplane Mode”

Google – Chrome – Plugins

Background Reading through other people's hard work. Found out I may have to access Google's Chrome Plugins page to validate some settings. chrome://plugins/ Instruction was simple enough. Access the URL page and enter chrome://plugins/ Results Image Textual Remediation Content Settings Outline To access plugins, here are your options:- Access Options Access through the Chrome/Settings page … Continue reading Google – Chrome – Plugins

J. Cole & Drake:- In the Morning

  Background All the things one misses. Sworn off TV and Radio for many years now. Uninterrupted think works; yet lacks, as well.   Videos J. Cole Feat. Drake In The Morning Official Video - J. Cole Feat. Drake Videos Video #1 Channel:- Dreamville Date Published:- 2011-February-14th Link Alexandra Joner Interview - "J Cole In … Continue reading J. Cole & Drake:- In the Morning

Graham Cooke – 2020/June

Videos Graham Cooke - 'The Right Time' Aglow national conference - Saturday Evening message Profile Graham is a popular speaker around the world with a passion to empower the people of God to walk in their true identity. He is a powerful, revelatory communicator with a radiant idea of Jesus, himself and the Kingdom of … Continue reading Graham Cooke – 2020/June

SQL Server – Configuration – Default Directories

Background In the last few days knee-deep reviewing SQL Server Installs and Scripts. ServerProperty In the last hour or so found myself looking at what is exposed via ServerProperty. Folders Here are some of the File System folder entries exposed through the ServerProperty function. InstanceDefaultDataPath Name of the default path to the instance log files. … Continue reading SQL Server – Configuration – Default Directories