Paternity Court:- 2023 – February – Part 1

Videos Double Episode: My Child's Father Could be One of Three Men | Paternity Court Profile 1. Ellis v. Coger - A man denies a Jacksonville woman's claim that he's the father of her 3-year-old child. 2. Fetters v. Fetters - She had sex with her husband's family member and her ex, and now her … Continue reading Paternity Court:- 2023 – February – Part 1

Half Moon Bay Shooting – Monday 2023-January-23rd

Background There was an incident at Half Moon Bay, California on Monday January 23rd, 2023.   Videos Incident News Media NBC News TODAY At least 7 dead in California’s 2nd mass shooting in 48 hours Profile A 67-year-old man is in custody and accused of killing at least seven people in Half Moon Bay, California … Continue reading Half Moon Bay Shooting – Monday 2023-January-23rd

Divorce Court:- Episodes – 2023/January

Videos Divorce Court - Mablean Ephriam Divorce Court OG - Judith vs. Andrew - Absent Father - Season 1, Episode 204 Profile When Judith was 6 months pregnant, Andrew called her saying he wanted a divorce. Andrew still hasn't come to see his son and he doesn't even know his birthday. Videos Video #1 Channel:- … Continue reading Divorce Court:- Episodes – 2023/January

Fatal Attraction:- 2023 – January

Videos Cynthia Worthy Holding On To Hope Videos Fatal Attraction Full Episode Season 13 Episode 16 - Holding On To Hope (Journalist: Tyrik Wynn) Channel:- TYRIK WYNN NETWORK By Wynn Productions LLC Date Published:- 2022-December-6th Date Added:- 2023-January-12th Link [New] Fatal Attraction 2023 S13E22 🎄🎄🎄 Holding On To Hope ~New TV One Series Channel:- GYM-Man … Continue reading Fatal Attraction:- 2023 – January

Eddy Curry:- Redemption

Background Caught up with Eddy Curry via listening to DJ Vlad interview Gilbert Arenas. Watched the Eddy Curry interview and he name dropped Nova Henry. And, that rekindled my memory about a long forgotten Fatal Attraction episode.   Videos VLAD TV Gilbert Arenas Gilbert Arenas on How He Got His Child Support Lowered from $44K … Continue reading Eddy Curry:- Redemption

Brazil Unrest:- 2023 – January – Videos

Background Here are some videos from the unfolden events in Brazil. What is at stake? Brazil has the largest economy in Latin America. And, the 4th largest democracy in the world.   Democracy By Numbers Population Ranking Country Population Leader Who is he? Assumed office Next Election Wikipedia Link 7 The Phillippines 105 Million Bongbong … Continue reading Brazil Unrest:- 2023 – January – Videos

The First 48:- 2023 – January

Videos Deadly Betrayal Profile With Hurricane Jeanne threatening Miami, Sgt. Joe Schillaci and Det. Olga Rome must solve the murder of the owner of a popular strip club. The club's surveillance video reveals three men ambushing the victim, in Season 2, Episode 5, "Deadly Betrayal." Listing Season 2, Episode 5 Videos The First 48: Solving … Continue reading The First 48:- 2023 – January

Paternity Court:- 2023 – January – Part 1

Videos Double Episode: Is my Son's Father my Boyfriend or his Best Friend | Paternity Court Profile 1. Pace v. Fobbs/Randolph - A California woman wants to know if her son's father is her boyfriend or his best friend. 2. Update Show: Shocking Fan Favorites - Judge Lauren Lake provides surprising updates on some of … Continue reading Paternity Court:- 2023 – January – Part 1

Karamo Show:- 2023 – January

Videos Videos - Karamo Show Paternity Test DNA Mystery: Are You My Cousin Or My Father? | KARAMO Profile Neshay met her lookalike cousin Michael on Ancestry but soon discovered that maybe he was really her biological father. After turning to her mother for answers, Neshay is ready to have Karamo uncover the DNA mystery. … Continue reading Karamo Show:- 2023 – January

Paternity Court:- Previous Episodes ( 2022 – December )

Videos Double Episode: The Father of My Son is now Married | Paternity Court Profile 1. Murphy v. Myles - A Las Vegas woman says the father of her 3-year-old son is a man with whom she had a brief romance, but the man, now married, denies paternity. 2. Gower v. Ducasse - It’s an … Continue reading Paternity Court:- Previous Episodes ( 2022 – December )