Paternity Court:- 2021-Fall

Videos Gower v. Ducasse Profile It's an emotional day in Paternity Court when a 24-year-old Missouri man confronts his supposed father for abandoning him after his mother died in a car accident. Show: Lauren Lake's Paternity Court Season number: 6 Episode number: 13 Season 6, Episode 13 Air Date: September 25, 2018 Videos Clip Learned … Continue reading Paternity Court:- 2021-Fall

Larry Elder

Background This is a tough one to watch. Videos Piers Morgan "I Think You're Stupid!" Remember this Classic Exchange Between Piers Morgan and Larry Channel:- The Larry Elder Show Date Published:- 2021-March-12th Date Added:- 2021-August-28th Link Reflective Videos Divorce Court Divorce Court - Judge Toler Divorce Court - Robinson Vs Smith - Winning Arguments Date … Continue reading Larry Elder

Ta’Laah Smith:- “You can cry too”

Videos Haralson v. Smith Haralson v. Smith - After nineteen years of paying for child support, this Detroit man finally meets his alleged daughter yet denies paternity. Participants Kwaina Smith Ta'Laah Smith Raymond Haralson Location Tennesse Detroit, Michigan Videos Video #1 Channel:- Paternity Court Date Published:- 2021-August-11th Date Added:- 2021-August-11th Link   Transcripts Emotionally I … Continue reading Ta’Laah Smith:- “You can cry too”

Nathan Brooker:- The First 48 – A Fighting Chance

Videos The First 48 - A Fighting Chance Profile When an argument at a Tulsa, Okla. Bar ends with the fatal shooting of a young social activist, police search for answers in a divided community Season 16, Episode 7 Date Aired:- 2017-January-12th Listing IMDB Link Videos The First 48: Season 16: Full Episode 7 ( … Continue reading Nathan Brooker:- The First 48 – A Fighting Chance

Sen. Bill Cassidy:- Public Health

  Story Line Sen. Bill Cassidy said he disagrees with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' opposition to mask mandates in schools. “I do disagree with Gov. DeSantis. The local officials should have control here,” the Louisiana Republican said on CNN’s "State of the Union." Cassidy, a physician, added that “when it comes to local conditions if … Continue reading Sen. Bill Cassidy:- Public Health

The First 48 – Critical Minutes

Videos The First 48 - Critical Minutes - The Case That Haunts Me - Season 1 - Episode 1 Profile The First 48 Presents Critical Minutes S01E01 The Case That Haunts Me Season 1 - Episode 1 Date Aired:- 2020-November-5th Show Information In Memphis, the tragic murder of 6 people in the same house on … Continue reading The First 48 – Critical Minutes

Daniel Markel:- Laying Down

Participants Daniel Markel Friend Greenberg Maya Greenberg Ethan j. Leib A law professor at Fordham Law School Wendi Adelson Family Charlie Adelson ( Brother ) Donna Adelson ( Mother ) Harvie Adelson ( Father ) Friend Jeffrey Lacasse ( Wendi Adelson - Ex-Boyfriend ) Sigfredo Garcia Katie Magbanua Baby Mama of Sigfredo Garcia Dated Charlie Adelson … Continue reading Daniel Markel:- Laying Down

Skip Bayless

Videos Videos - Skip Bayless, Jalen Rose Jalen Rose Destroys Skip Bayless on First Take (Classic Debate) Profile Classic Video of Jalen Rose destroying Skip Bayless in a Professional Athlete vs Non Professional athlete debate. Skip Bayless, known to give Jalen a hard time about his playing career, had a meeting with good ol karma … Continue reading Skip Bayless

Paternity Court:- 2021/Summer

Background Paternity Court offers an interesting intersection of life and love. And, at times, intransigence betrayers.   Videos Wilson v. Doughty Profile Wilson v. Doughty - Did a weekend fling produce a love child 36-years ago? Find out as a woman from South Carolina confronts the man who abandoned her three decades ago! Participants Ms. … Continue reading Paternity Court:- 2021/Summer

MC Lyte

Videos MC Lyte - Paper Thin Profile MC Lyte - Paper Thin (Official Video) from 'Lyte as a Rock' (1988) Videos MC Lyte - Paper Thin (Official Video) Channel:- UPROXX Video Date Published:- 2010-October-3rd Date Added:- 2021-June-1st Link MC Lyte - Poor Georgie Official Profile MC Lyte - Poor Georgie (Official Video) from the album … Continue reading MC Lyte