Music – 2019/Dec

Videos Armin van Buuren feat. Josh Cumbee Armin van Buuren feat. Josh Cumbee – Sunny Days Armin van Buuren feat. Josh Cumbee – Sunny Days ( Official Music Video ) Channel :- Armin van Buuren Published On :- 2017-June-17th Link Troye Sivan YOUTH Troye Sivan – YOUTH (Live on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon) … Continue reading Music – 2019/Dec

Judge Greg Mathis

  Videos Daddy's Girl Profile The plaintiff is petitioning the court for a paternity test to determine whether he is the father of the defendant. Warning: the outcome may make you cry. Participants Brian Dixon Bre Kephart  Videos Video #1 Channel :- Judge Mathis Published On :- 2019-July-4th Link Tags Mom is ex-cop China Culture … Continue reading Judge Greg Mathis

Deion Sanders On Rock Bottom

Living As Deion tells me, he "had what the world calls success." He was the only athlete who played in both the Super Bowl and the World Series. He had money, fame and women. And then he found out there was “nothing there." So he drove his car off the side of a highway, falling … Continue reading Deion Sanders On Rock Bottom

21 Savage

  Videos 21 Savage - a lot ft. J. Cole Songwriters Shayaa Abraham-Joseph Jermaine Cole ( J. Cole ) Dacoury Dahi Natche ( DJ Dahi ) Videos YouTube Video #1 Link Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Video #1 Link  Twitter Video #1 Link Genius 21 Savage Talks ‘I Am Greater Than I Was,’ Working With … Continue reading 21 Savage

Judge Lauren Lake :- Paternity Court

  Videos Miller / Wright v White Profile Miller / Wright v White: An Atlanta, GA woman has a father-daughter relationship with two men, both who believe adamantly that they are her father. She comes to court to finally have the truth revealed. Season 3, Episode 64 Episode Aired 2015-November-18th Participants Miranda Miller Kenny White … Continue reading Judge Lauren Lake :- Paternity Court

The FBI Files

Background THE FBI FILES reveals the crime busting techniques and forensic science used by the FBI to solve the most baffling cases. Former head of the FBI's New York Office James Kallstrom hosts these true stories of crime and detection. Videos The FBI Files: Season 2 - Ep 5 "A Stranger in Town" Profile The … Continue reading The FBI Files

Forensic Files

Videos Shattered Shield Videos YouTube The FBI Files: Season 2 - Episode 8 "Shattered Shield" Published On :- 2014-Nov-27th Link Persons Police Richard Pennington, New Orleans Police Chief Sammy Williams ( Police ) Len Davis ( Police ) Community Kim Groves Location :- New Orleans, Louisiana Stories The New Orleans Advocate A murder 20 years … Continue reading Forensic Files