Life & “Righting Wrongs”

Bryson Tiller I got Bryson Tiller playing in the background Trying to think But, needing something worthy to think Layer my thoughts over   Happening With Life and so much happening Somehow how I forget The things that really matter   Social Media Little Note But last night I was looking through a friend's social … Continue reading Life & “Righting Wrongs”

Wade Davis:- Cultures and Ecosystems @ Risk

Story Telling Rolling Stone The Unraveling of America - Anthropologist Wade Davis on how COVID-19 signals the end of the American era Link Wade Davis holds the Leadership Chair in Cultures and Ecosystems at Risk at the University of British Columbia. His award-winning books include “Into the Silence” and “The Wayfinders.” His new book, “Magdalena: … Continue reading Wade Davis:- Cultures and Ecosystems @ Risk

Ray Dalio:- “On a Changing World”

Yahoo News Article:- 'It's not just a trade war': Ray Dalio on why China's rise means big headaches for US, the world Julia La Roche·Correspondent Link   China’s growing global clout poses “enormous implications” for the entire world, according to billionaire investor Ray Dalio, who sees the United States hobbled by soaring debt, populism and … Continue reading Ray Dalio:- “On a Changing World”

The New Yorker:- A President Looks Back on His Toughest Fight

Stories The story behind the Obama Administration’s most enduring—and most contested—legacy: reforming American health care. Link   Our first spring in the White House arrived early. As the weather warmed, the South Lawn became almost like a private park to explore. There were acres of lush grass ringed by massive, shady oaks and elms and … Continue reading The New Yorker:- A President Looks Back on His Toughest Fight

Crimes in Nigeria

Background Life is tough and getting tougher and rougher.   Outline Gloria Onyedikachi Domestic Violence Victim Pregnant, young Wife of 4 Months Uwaila Vera Omozuwa Young University Student Wanted a bit of serenity went to Church to study Subsequently raped and murdered inside the Chuch Ignatius Odunukwe Businessman kidnapped and murdered Dr. Benedict & Iranum … Continue reading Crimes in Nigeria

Soft White Underbelly:- Trina and The Four F’s

  Videos Prostitute interview-Trina Videos Video #1 Channel:- Soft White Underbelly Date Published:- 2020-October-18th Date Added:- 2020-October-18th Link   Transcript Prostitute interview-Trina Drugs Choice Cocaine Crack Weed Got Started Love Women Love Women know how to tend to other females They know how they want to be loved Important Lesson Protect Yourself Have someone to … Continue reading Soft White Underbelly:- Trina and The Four F’s

Covid-19:- Restaurants

Restaurants Family Dinner On Tuesday evening tried to go pick up dinner. Unfortunately, the restaurant was closed. I thought I had misread it's closing time. And, so got out the car, and approached the restaurant's door, and attempted to read a bit clearer. The sign read that the Store was closed by the Health Ministry. … Continue reading Covid-19:- Restaurants

Covid-19 & Mental Health

Background Sadness of life includes how illnesses can interplay and cause increased havoc. Here is a confirming story.   Articles Outline The Boston Globe Study finds altered mental state in nearly one-third of COVID-19 patients Link The Boston Globe Study finds altered mental state in nearly one-third of COVID-19 patients Link Nearly a third of … Continue reading Covid-19 & Mental Health

Covid-19:- Take care & precautions

Family Please continue to take care and necessary precautions in the season we find ourselves. Now is not the time to take risks. To those who have a platform, and we all do, please demonstrate saneness and healthy habits to those in your circle. Scriptural Verses Christian 1st Peter 1st Peter 5:8 { Link } … Continue reading Covid-19:- Take care & precautions

A Sober Holiday Season

Holiday Season As we near the fourth quadrant of the year, we have ahead of us the Holiday Season.   Rosh Hashanah Rosh Hashanah is this weekend. Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year. It started on the evening of Friday, September 18th. And, ended on Sunday, September 20th.   Tough Times These are tough … Continue reading A Sober Holiday Season