U.S. Attorney Justin Herdman On LIFE

Background Each of us wakes up each other and think is today worth getting up for. Is my life so little, my family and affection material or immaterial. Am I squeezed into my thoughts? Can I snuggle on to my love in public or do I have to hide as to how it will be … Continue reading U.S. Attorney Justin Herdman On LIFE

Britain’s Darkest Taboos

Videos David Parker Ray Profile David Parker Ray was a textbook psychopathic sexual sadist. The FBI described him as one of the most intelligent criminals they have ever come into contact with. Others say that to classify him as a psychopath doesn’t do him justice; rather he was the Devil himself. This is the extraordinary … Continue reading Britain’s Darkest Taboos

Judge Greg Mathis

  Videos Daddy's Girl Profile The plaintiff is petitioning the court for a paternity test to determine whether he is the father of the defendant. Warning: the outcome may make you cry. Participants Brian Dixon Bre Kephart  Videos Video #1 Channel :- Judge Mathis Published On :- 2019-July-4th Link Tags Mom is ex-cop China Culture … Continue reading Judge Greg Mathis

Antonio, Dawn, and AJ Armstrong

  Videos A.J. ARMSTRONG: Houston teen accused of killing parents gives his side Profile "It's.... it's been really hard," A.J. said, breaking down in tears. "It's not even the fact of just dealing with not having my parents anymore. It's the fact that I'm being accused of something of this magnitude." Videos Video #1 Channel … Continue reading Antonio, Dawn, and AJ Armstrong

Sunday Night – True Stories, Australia

  Videos The Blood of Christ | Proving the existence of God | Sunday Night Profile it was the question that led Mike Willesee to his greatest and final investigation - does God exist? Travelling the world, he studied crying statues, supernatural events and skulduggery in the Church. Whether you’re a #believer or a sceptic, … Continue reading Sunday Night – True Stories, Australia

The Central Park Five and “Always being behind”

  Videos TimesTalk Profile Ken Burns, co-director and author Sarah Burns, Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times columnist Jim Dwyer, who covered the case and is interviewed in the film, and the exonerated, including Kevin Richardson, Yusef Salaam, Raymond Santana and Korey Wise -- http://www.timestalks.com. The panel engages in a conversation about the issues raised by … Continue reading The Central Park Five and “Always being behind”

Marlee Barnhill, Happy Friday

Condolences Link A group of friends gathered in Carroll County on Friday night to celebrate the upcoming 27th birthday of Marlee Jones Barnhill. She was expecting a fun night of karaoke. Authorities said it ended in carnage. At the party, Carroll County Sheriff Clint Walker said, her husband became intoxicated, grabbed a gun and allegedly … Continue reading Marlee Barnhill, Happy Friday