Gang Starr:- Soul Merchandizing

Bio Guru Link Gang Starr front man Guru was born Keith Edward Elam. He was born in Roxbury, Massachusetts ( MA ). No diss to my Indian family, but he took the name Guru as a backronym for "Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal". About.Com has Guru #49 on the list of Top 50 MCs. The Source … Continue reading Gang Starr:- Soul Merchandizing

Kathrine Switzer 

Stories Character Leadership & Development Kathrine Switzer – Integrity Link The 71st annual Boston Marathon was held on April 19, 1967. This particular day was filled with freezing rain, snow and strong winds. The weather was absolutely atrocious for the 601 runners who had anxiously awaited this day. However, for one participant named Kathrine Switzer, … Continue reading Kathrine Switzer 

Encounters with Serial Murderers – 2021/October

Portrait Khalil Wheeler-Weaver Sarah Butler Messaging   Videos Instagram Live ( IG Live ) Man Admits Murder On IG Live, Quickly Arrested Profile A man admitted to killing someone on IG Live in graphic detail, he is then arrested while still broadcasting! Videos Man Admits Murder On IG Live, Quickly Arrested Channel:- Blurred Culture Date … Continue reading Encounters with Serial Murderers – 2021/October