Anthony Yarde, Tunde Ajayi, Stephen Addison

Background A series of short YouTube videos, offers us an insight into Anthony Yarde, "The Beast From The East". How watching Mike Tyson was is first situation with boxing. How boxing saved him from "being a kid on the road". How he linked up with Tunde Ajayi in his early twenties. How he partners with … Continue reading Anthony Yarde, Tunde Ajayi, Stephen Addison

Half Moon Bay Shooting – Monday 2023-January-23rd

Background There was an incident at Half Moon Bay, California on Monday January 23rd, 2023.   Videos Incident News Media NBC News TODAY At least 7 dead in California’s 2nd mass shooting in 48 hours Profile A 67-year-old man is in custody and accused of killing at least seven people in Half Moon Bay, California … Continue reading Half Moon Bay Shooting – Monday 2023-January-23rd

Gang Starr:- Soul Merchandizing

Bio Guru Link Gang Starr front man Guru was born Keith Edward Elam. He was born in Roxbury, Massachusetts ( MA ). No diss to my Indian family, but he took the name Guru as a backronym for "Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal". About.Com has Guru #49 on the list of Top 50 MCs. The Source … Continue reading Gang Starr:- Soul Merchandizing

Jamea Harris:- Laying Down

Background The way young people are laying down these days, fuck a _ up.   Eye Witness Account The Eye Witness Account reads:- Darius Miles was a student athlete at the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Currently, University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa, Alabama is ranked #4 in the men's basketball season. Jamea Jonae Harris … Continue reading Jamea Harris:- Laying Down

Fatal Attraction:- 2023 – January

Videos Cynthia Worthy Holding On To Hope Videos Fatal Attraction Full Episode Season 13 Episode 16 - Holding On To Hope (Journalist: Tyrik Wynn) Channel:- TYRIK WYNN NETWORK By Wynn Productions LLC Date Published:- 2022-December-6th Date Added:- 2023-January-12th Link [New] Fatal Attraction 2023 S13E22 🎄🎄🎄 Holding On To Hope ~New TV One Series Channel:- GYM-Man … Continue reading Fatal Attraction:- 2023 – January

Eddy Curry:- Redemption

Background Caught up with Eddy Curry via listening to DJ Vlad interview Gilbert Arenas. Watched the Eddy Curry interview and he name dropped Nova Henry. And, that rekindled my memory about a long forgotten Fatal Attraction episode.   Videos VLAD TV Gilbert Arenas Gilbert Arenas on How He Got His Child Support Lowered from $44K … Continue reading Eddy Curry:- Redemption

Delano Burkes:- Family Update – 2023 – January – Part 1

Background Let us give a quick update on the story of Delano Burkes.   Lineage Crimes & Incidents:- 2023 – January – Part 1 Date Posted:- 2022-December-31st Link Update Story Incident Stephen Burkes, the brother of Delano Burkes, was arrested in the morning of Friday 2023-January-6th. He was arrested and charged with shooting two family … Continue reading Delano Burkes:- Family Update – 2023 – January – Part 1

Theophilus London:- Found

Background Let us pick up on the story of Theophilus London. Theophilus Musa London was born in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. As a child Theophilus moved to Brooklyn, New York City, New York. Theophilus grew up around the West Indies Diaspora; specifically Dominican, Puerto Rican, and Jamaican. In 2014, Theophilus vacated New York … Continue reading Theophilus London:- Found

Sermons on Hell & Heaven:- Day – 01

Videos Mattie Montgomery Evangelism Todd White, Mattie Montgomery, Ben Fitzgerald and Daniel Hagen - Q&A Eternity And Hell Videos Video #1 Published On:- 2016-May-16th Date Added:- 2023-January-4th Link Location Waco, Texas Jackie Pullinger Facing the Cannon The Only one Scarred Videos Video #1 Link Facing the Cannon Profile Jackie Pullinger, author of the best-selling book … Continue reading Sermons on Hell & Heaven:- Day – 01

Jack TV

Videos Videos  - Harlem, New York City - New York Boyfriend Caught Cheating on His 2 Girlfriends With a Man!? (EXPOSED) In New York! (Loyalty Test) Profile Videos Video #1 Channe;- Jack TV Date Published:- 2022-December-4th Date Added:- 2023-January-2nd Link Participants Couple Sophia Nee?? Friends Shy Isaiah Crew Jack Wilson Sassy ( Uber Driver ) … Continue reading Jack TV