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Unfortunately this time of year spirits work is rampant.


  1. Jezebel Spirit


  1. If you can’t get the ring, at least get the baby???
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        Channel:- The Shumake Way
        Date Published:- 2022-November-30th
        Date Added:- 2022-December-31st
  2. Why do they keep having babies with all these women?
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        Channel:- The Shumake Way
        Date Published:- 2022-November-23rd
        Date Added:- 2022-December-30th
  3. Self worth is at a all time low
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        Channel:- The Shumake Way
        Date Published:- 2022-December-29th
        Date Added:- 2022-December-30th
  4. The TRUTH about Yung Miami and Diddy’s “REALATIONSHIP”
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        Channel:- The Shumake Way
        Date Published:- 2022-December-19th
        Date Added:- 2022-January-1st

Video Transcripts


Why do they keep having babies with all these women?

  1. Nick Cannon
    • Your boy Nick Cannon is the poster child for having multiple children out of wedlock
  2. Sample Size
    • Nick Cannon
      • 12 kids from 6 different women
    • Yung Joc
      • 8 kids from 4 different women
  3. Kids without a father
    • Have issues
      • Behavioral problems
  4. Children’s Need
    • Your kids need your financial support
    • Your kids need your presence
  5. Generational Trauma
    • A child has a baseball game. but the Dad is unable to attend
      • The Dad is unable to attend due to myraid of reasons
        • He has to spend time with other kids
        • He has to work
      • The child sees that his teammates parents are in attendance
      • Some Kind of Way
        • Now, the child starts to feel some kind of way

Self worth is at a all time low

  1. Attention Seeking
    • Attention gets you money

Video Comments

If you can’t get the ring, at least get the baby???

  1. Jessica: The Ghostwriter
    • As a woman who grew up with just my mom and my grandma it made me fearful of relationships for a long time because I had to figure out so much on my own and plus my grandma told me so much misinformation about men that it scared me. Now I’m correcting it through therapy, but it’s a lot of work. I would tell any person, please don’t bring your child into dysfunction.

Why do they keep having babies with all these women?

  1. eyeluv2dance ( Link )
    • Black men have this expectation that Black women should endure struggle just as their own mothers did.
    • Some Black women have this mentality as well.
    • I don’t believe that Black men know how to humanize Black women, like at all.
    • It is hard to unsee once you see it through any sort of interaction/encounter.
  2. Mariama sesay
    • I will never comprehend the idea of being someone’s baby momma let alone being one of multiple women . Unless I mistakenly was the first , which I would be so ashamed that I would move to another country and change my name and my child’s 😅. No lies! It’s so degrading, ghetto, trashy , reckless, low self esteem, low self worth. I just would never understand how a woman would allow herself to be baby momma #3 ,4,5,6 🥴🥴🥴
  3. Radah
    • I will never understand the baby mama or baby daddy culture in America. Granted it happens across the world as well. To me it’s a curse to lay with a partner or several and impregnate women with children you have no intention of being a part of their life. I’ve managed employees who are in this predicament and I wholeheartedly feel bad for their children. They act irresponsible and blame the women for being so needy about child support but are the worst when it comes to work ethic and providing. It’s a sad cycle! In a business it tells me they lack self control and accountability very irresponsible!
  4. Linda Powers
    • Crazy and he has Lupus which can be hereditary and one baby already died of a brain tumor at 5 months old.
    • I believe these women has low self-esteem and don’t even understand the gravity of their actions and how it will affect their children and everyone’s future.
  5. Alexa Gold
    • Thank you for having the necessary conversations. Your voice is desperately needed!! I don’t see enough men talking about the dysfunction and straight up hypocrisy of these choices. On the one hand, single mothers are destroying the Black community, but on the other, these celebrity men (and the women who allow this) are creating single parent households!! Make it make sense!! There’s also this assumption that they can all afford it – but for how long? The children will grow older and eventually need more, what will they do then?!Alexa Gold
  6. Alexa Gold
    • @Angrycannibal : Hey, I can see how you misinterpreted my comment – let me clarify: what I meant to say was that, there’s contradictory messages online in regards to parenting in the black community. On the one hand, people say that single mothers are the problem but on the other hand, you have black men like Nick Cannon making women single mothers and nobody says much about it. I definitely didn’t mean to demean or disparage single mothers or make them responsible for the dysfunction in our community.Hope that makes more sense 🙏🏽
  7. Vicki Bevington
    • In the 80s I encountered this behavior. I was in business school and 1 of the girls was all excited she was pregnant. In my culture you were pregnant you got married. I asked her about marriage and everyone was silent. I knew I said something wrong. I discovered This guy had several girls pregnant at the same time. Had a total of 8 kids at the time. Why? The women would get all expenses paid housing, food stamps, utilities etc. Then on birth certificate states unknown father so he did not have to pay child support. He would take turns staying with different women. This was an entire culture. I was shocked and could not believe it. I am so glad you are addressing this problem. So sad. Children need both parents.
  8. SaluteMiMi
    • The way I hollered when he said jump up and down on you😂😂😂
      Childless women are in survival mode too
      We’re expected to babysit because we’re child free
  9. Duel Dab
    • this is the first video of yours i’m watching, i hope you are who i think you are! the community needs voices like yours!
  10. Selah Aye💋
    • I didn’t realize Joc and Kendra don’t have a child/children together. That’s alot to marry into. 8 kids/4 BM’s, and Meta. Yikes!
    • Latoya Leon
      • Even if they did have a kid together. He has major issues and so does she by thinking he’s a catch
    • oratile tsimatsima
      • Kendra thought she was the exception because she’s an educated black woman. She thought that Yung Joc wouldn’t treat her the same way she treated all his previous partners. I remember how she treated Karlie when she tried to warn her about Joc. She acted like Karlie was beneath her and that it would never happen to her.

Self worth is at a all time low

  1. TKOin2life
    • What they seem to call seeking attention I call being a bold face liar.
  2. Rose
    • Broken families raise broken young women and men. This is sad.
  3. Bree Martin
    • I knew she was lying when I looked at her. She is not Drake’s type.
  4. Simply Whittney K.
    • I agree with get enough attention and make some money! I said the same about glowrilla… she came up off of being ratchet in the middle of the street. I feel like so many little girls are gonna think behaving that way will get them success as well and try to follow in her footsteps. She is not what young girls need to be seeing as a success story… but media says different.
  5. Njemile Nantan
    • Does she not realise social media is for life.
  6. Alexis Alford
    • Wow…OMGoodness. Desperate times=Desperate measures…the things we do for attention…
  7. Paint it Black
    • I knew she lied cause drake has a type and it ain’t us. Gurl not drake🤦‍♀️
  8. Chloe LaGeaux
    • This is why identity and accountability are so imperative! Ppl will try to get everyone’s attention except God! If anything, I would want the attention of God because he is sovereign, humans aren’t! Now, she has garnered all of this negative attention just to feel some sort of importance from fickle human beings! Smh….
  9. Beverly Crittendon
    • Be careful fellas! She is not well.
  10. Brownsugar8154
    • Tales from the hood 😂
  11. Passionate Bliss
    • Poor little baby.
  12. Jamie Richards
    • Not that anything is wrong with her but she doesn’t seem like drakes type. I wouldn’t have believed it anyway
    • All I want to know, is she going to be sued?
      Recording a whole video, telling bold face lies. She’s a dangerous person and people should avoid her. Madam 🤥🤥🤥🤥



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