Jason Upton:- 2022 – Winter

Videos Jason Upton - Home to me Profile Official Live Video of "Home To Me" by Jason Upton Discography Album:- Table Full of Strangers Vol. 2 Written By:- Jason Upton & Ben Smith Released On:- 2018-January-1st Videos Video #1 Channel:- Jason Upton Published On:- 2020-September-23rd Added On:- 2022-February-15th Link Jason Upton -- When The Time … Continue reading Jason Upton:- 2022 – Winter

Quiet Time

Tribute Sorting Through Life Monday Mondays are not quite easy So much carries over the weekend As I try As I try to get it together And, unruffle Life Wifey Texted Saying "Are you well" Quiet Time In her "Quiet Time" In her "Quiet Time" With and Within the Spirit of God She felt the … Continue reading Quiet Time

Malcolm Muggeridge

Quotes Malcolm Muggeridge, Jesus: The Man Who Lives “Earthly authority displays itself in giving orders, in magnificent apparel, in hordes of servitors, in sycophantic addresses; the authority of Jesus disposes of is, by contrast, spiritual, and expresses itself in serving, not being served, in seeking to be the least instead of the greatest, the last … Continue reading Malcolm Muggeridge

Dr. John Barnett, Calvary Bible Church

Videos What is the Most Repeated Sign of the End of the World? Profile What does the Bible tell us is the most repeated sign that the end has come? Is it obvious? Can we prepare?  Videos Video #1 Channel :- DTBM OnlineVideoTraining Published On :- 2015-March-12th Link The WORST Man who EVER Lives: Daniel … Continue reading Dr. John Barnett, Calvary Bible Church