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  1. Soft White Underbelly
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          Channel:- Soft White Underbelly
          Date Published:- 2020-February-22nd
          Date Added:- 2021-May-15th


Doomer (Doomsday Theorist) interview-Eliot

  1. Doomer (Doomsday Theorist) interview-Eliot
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      • Soft White Underbelly interview and portrait of Eliot, a doomer in Santa Barbara, California.
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      • Video #1
        Channel:- Soft White Underbelly
        Published On:- 2022-December-30th
        Added On:- 2022-December-30th

Video Transcripts

Doomer (Doomsday Theorist) interview-Eliot

  1. Issues
    • Isostatic Rebound
      • Greenland
        • As Ice drops
  2.  Response
    • Emotion
      • Sad Versus Depression
      • Sadness
        • I do all I can each day
      • Depression
        • A depressed person does not do that
        • A depressed person crawls into a hole and say life is horrible
    • Response
      • Activism
  3. Mantras of Life
    • Service
      • Find a way to service your community, the planet, or people in need
      • Do something to serve those in need
      • Call attention or whatever you can do
    • Generosity
      • The second one matra is genorosity
      • We all do not have the same
      • We do not all have …
        • The money
        • The funds
        • The ability
      • to give
      • But, to the extent I am able, I try to give
    • Kindness
      • The third is kindness
      • Just take the breath to be kind
      • There is no reason to be anywhere else, but to be kind
      • At this point
        • In the collapse of civilization
        • In the collapse of the planet
      • There is no reason not to be kind
      • I do not care
        • I do not careI do not care who the person voted for
        • I do not care what their political views are
        • I do not care what their views are on the vaccine
      • Just Don’t
        • I  just don’t care
      • Kind
        • I fail at being kind more than in any other of the endeavors that I have mentioned
  4. Save a Flower ( Segment 15 to 16 Minutes )
    • I try to save a flower each day
    • The pinnacle of the story is that if I can save the beauty of a flower, for one more day, I would have succeded
    • Just go out each day and see if you can help a flower survive that day
    • Mark
      • And, If we all do our part…
    • Eliot
      • We will have a lot more flowers, but we will not have a lot more days
  5. Parodox ( Segment 16 )
    • Their was a Harvard study that came along
    • It came along between 2017 and 2018
    • It states that if you preach hope, the takeaway most people will take is that someone else is already doing it
    • That means I get a free pass
    • I do not have to do anything
    • That is, if we can fix it, it is already being fixed.
    • Someone else is already doing it
    • Hope is actually disinviting for people to be activist
    • It turns out that the doom meassge is the message of activism

Video Comments

Doomer (Doomsday Theorist) interview-Eliot



  1. Wikipedia
    • Post-glacial rebound


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