The Shumake Way:- 2022 – March


  1. Kanye West needs help dealing with his baby momma drama
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        Date Published:- 2021-February-6th
        Date Added:- 2022-February-22nd

Video Transcripts

  1. Daughter Makeup
    • I see why he may have a fault with his child using makeup
  2. See The Kids
    • He said “She will not let him see the Kids
    • After one of the kid’s parties, he said she told him “he has to take a drug test, as he was on drugs
  3. Controversy
    • The whole family made their money from controversies
    • Kim and her family have built their lives on controversies
    • Being on TV, Being on Social Media
    • They have a makeup empire
  4. Social Media
    • Do you think you are going to have a child with a Kardashian and that child is not going to end up on social media
    • They may keep the child off social media for a while
    • But, eventually, that child is going to be on social media
  5. Situational Awareness
    • You got to know who you are dealing with it
    • In terms of relationships and having sex
    • Kim got control of the kids because they are with her
    • There has nothing you can do
    • You can curse them, talk trash to them
    • You can do all the internet shenanigans you want to do
    • You can go on social media
    • But, that has nothing to do with your custodian privileges
  6. Child Custody
    • Bro, may go to court and try to get custody of his children
    • But, the way this brother has been acting on social media all these years, I think Kim may be able to say to the judge “No,  I don’t think so
  7. Disqualification Timeline
    • The time to have something to say about your child is before you have that child
    • The time to disqualify them is before you have kids with them


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