God Has Wings

Grand Pa One of my earliest experiences as a Child Is seeing my second youngest uncle Come over that morning He will wait till my Dad finishes his breakfast And, then he let it down gently His Dad, my Grand Dad Went Home to Glory I already knew Before the Angels gave him his own … Continue reading God Has Wings

Love & Fasting

Background I wanted to write to do a straight arrow write-up on love. But, God laid a different burden on me through a restless night. Conviction And, so out of a conviction let us go with God. Last Night Last Night was just a bit tired. Things carried over from last week and the weekend. … Continue reading Love & Fasting

The Timing on This Girl

Arranged Marriage Wifey and I met through mutual acquaintances. We knew some of the same people. As I looked through their friends list, I was drawn to this regular looking girl. We started texting and something about her drew me in. I had no withholding, but to ask to see her. She said it is … Continue reading The Timing on This Girl

The Skin Deep / 2019 – Fall Season

  Videos How Will We Raise Our Family? Storm and De How Will We Raise Our Family? | {THE AND} Storm & De Profile Storm and De, together for 8 years and engaged, share an endearing conversation to explore all the little things that makes their love unique. Storm expresses her biggest concern about them … Continue reading The Skin Deep / 2019 – Fall Season

Allison Hyacintho – “I have desired it”

  Link And Psalm 132:13 has told me what God is making her to be; "For the LORD has chosen Zion; He has desired it for His habitation. "This is My resting place forever; Here I will dwell, for I have desired it." So anytime I am having a chat with God there is a … Continue reading Allison Hyacintho – “I have desired it”