Athletes:- Boxers with African Roots

Athlete Ancestry Born Lives & Trains Weight Division Height Ranking Fights URL David Adeleye Nigeria Parents Britain England Heavyweight 6 ft 4+1⁄2 in Link Efe Ajagba Nigeria Parents Nigeria Houston, US Heavyweight 6 ft 6 in Lost to Undefeated Frank Sánchez. ( On 2021-October-9th on the undercard of Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder III ) Link Joshua Buatsi … Continue reading Athletes:- Boxers with African Roots

Akeem Olajuwon:- Athletes Spoke

Videos Athletes Vernon Maxwell Vernon Maxwell Almost STABBED Hakeem Olajuwon In Locker Room Fight | No Chill with Gilbert Arenas Profile Before Hakeem Olajuwon converted, him and Mad Max got into so bad in the Houston Rockets locker room, Vernon Maxwell almost stabbed him! Videos Video #1 Channel :- fubo Sports Published On :- 2022-August-1st … Continue reading Akeem Olajuwon:- Athletes Spoke

Honor:- Day – 03 ( Islam )

Background One of the areas that we are currently struggling mightily is in the area of honor within the Christian Church.   Lineage Honor:- Day – 01 ( Apostle Joshua Selman ) Link Honor:- Day – 02 ( Oprah Winfrey ) Link   Introduction In this post, I will like to share from a couple … Continue reading Honor:- Day – 03 ( Islam )

Loon:- Teaching – 2022 – November

  Videos Loon Reacts To Diddy & Mase Beefing: Does Not Agree With It Profile Amir formerly known as 'LOON' continues his talk with HYPE+. The former Bad Boy Videos Video #1 Channel:- Comedy Hype Date Published:- 2022-October-18th Date Added:- 2022-October-20th Link Loon On Why 'Bad Boy' Artist Went Broke: "I Own My Publishing" Profile … Continue reading Loon:- Teaching – 2022 – November

Nicolas Elizalde, Laying Down

Bio Nicolas Elizalde was shot during the recent school shooting in Philadelphia, PA. The shooting occurred at a High School Football games in Roxborough High School. Please keep Nicolas' mother, Meredith Elizalde, in your mediation and prayer. Also, keep the four other Roxborough High School students in your prayers, as well. Videos Impacted Family Incident … Continue reading Nicolas Elizalde, Laying Down

Wakko the Kidd:- Praying to a higher power

Background I am glad that Fat Joe showed respect to PNB Rock. And, that he brought up "Wakko the Kidd" hit, as well.   Videos News Media Incident MSNBC Aspiring rapper reportedly shot during follow-home robbery in North Hollywood Profile Lauren Pozen reports from North Hollywood where two men, one reportedly an aspiring rapper, were … Continue reading Wakko the Kidd:- Praying to a higher power

Kedarnath:- Qaafirana

Background Yesterday evening opted to eat out. By the time I got to Burger King, found myself 5 minutes late. It was five past 8 PM. Went to the Indian eatery in the same shopping center.   Music Confessionally, the only reason I ever go to the Indian restaurant is the music. The music playing … Continue reading Kedarnath:- Qaafirana

Nouman Ali Khan:- 2022 – July

Introduction We live in a time where preachers have so many agencies yet they are unable to get their listeners closer to God. Here a preacher says give me your Sunday morning. Bring the wife and the kids. You oblige. Yet you return home. Unmoved towards God. Less to talk towards Godly Living. The preacher … Continue reading Nouman Ali Khan:- 2022 – July

Apoorvanand:- “Love Jihad” Laws

India’s ‘love jihad’ laws: Another attempt to subjugate Muslims Link The new anti-conversion laws not only remove agency from women, but also put a target on the backs of innocent Muslim men and boys. On January 6, the Supreme Court of India declined to stay controversial laws recently enacted in several states to tackle “love … Continue reading Apoorvanand:- “Love Jihad” Laws

Arundhati Roy:- Irreversible Damages

Background Something led me to CNN early this morning. There is an opinion piece by one of my favorite human beings, Arundhati Roy. Let us see what she has to say.   Portrait   Opinion Piece Arundhati Roy: 'The damage to Indian democracy is not reversible' Link June 22, 2022 Opinion by Arundhati Roy … Continue reading Arundhati Roy:- Irreversible Damages