Helping The Grieving

Background It is the Holiday Season. Yet, life is still occurring around us. Unfortunately, in some cases in rapid and toiling ways. In this post, we will cover how to help each other.   Outline Don't Don't Take Don't be about you Don't assume Do Trustworthy Empathy Economical Considerate Prayerfully Safeguard Humility Discernment Don't Let … Continue reading Helping The Grieving

Apostle Joshua Selman:- Anointing

Videos How To Receive The Anointing And The Power | Apostle Joshua Selman | God Seeker TV Videos Video #1 Channel:- God Seeker TV Date Published:- 2022-July-16th Date Added:- 2022-November-26th Link THE ANOINTING EXPLAINED - IF YOU NOTICE THIS SIGN YOU ARE HEAVILY ANOINTED | APOSTLE JOSHUA SELMAN Videos Video #1 Channel:- Sphere of Glory … Continue reading Apostle Joshua Selman:- Anointing

Pray for Denise

Special Events There is so much going on this time of year. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year are shared markers. Corporate Events such as Christmas Parties and End of Year celebrations. And, there are individual events such as Birthdays, Baby Showers, and Naming Ceremonials.   Brother My brother works for one of our areas biggest … Continue reading Pray for Denise

Highlyy, As In Music

Background Highlyy's breakout song is Soldier. Soldier was written and performed by Highlyy and Tion Wayne.   Videos Highlyy - Soldier Videos Highlyy - Soldier (Official Music Video) Channel:- Highlyy Date Published:- 2022-October-7th Date Added:- 2022-November-22nd Link   About The Song Highlyy - Soldier New Wave Mag Highlyy Introduces Herself With Debut Single 'Soldier' With … Continue reading Highlyy, As In Music

Meditation:- 2022 – December

Background I will like to touch on some of the benefits of meditation. Scripture   Outline Seek Him Early Desire Kindness Acquaint Meditate Glory   Seek Him Early Proverbs 8:17 ( The Excellence of Wisdom ) Link King James Bible I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me. … Continue reading Meditation:- 2022 – December

Hebrews 7:7 – “Without all dispute the lesser is blessed by the greater”

Background There is no one I have learnt more from these last couple of years than my parents and Joshua Selman. Trek Having the opportunity to watch and observe a parent trek is foretelling. It speaks to what await us. Being able to watch them age and gracefully do so is one of life's greatest … Continue reading Hebrews 7:7 – “Without all dispute the lesser is blessed by the greater”

Tom Barrack, Acquittal

Humble Beginnings Barrack's grandparents were Lebanese Christians who immigrated in 1900 to the United States from Zahlé, Lebanon. Barrack was raised in Culver City, California, where his father was a grocer and his mother was a secretary. Education Barrack earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Southern California (USC), where he participated … Continue reading Tom Barrack, Acquittal

Mark Cuban:- RealLyfe Productions – Mental Wellbeing, Athletes, Wealth, Business

  Videos Athletes Mental Health:- Kyrie Irving, Kanye West, Delonte West Profile It might take quite some time before the Kyrie Irving controversy completely dies down. Ever since the NBA star got caught up in the controversy around anti-semitism, several big names have come forth to give their take on the matter. While many have … Continue reading Mark Cuban:- RealLyfe Productions – Mental Wellbeing, Athletes, Wealth, Business

Tiffany Trump and Michael Boulos:- Wedding

Background Tiffany Trump and Michael Boulos recently tied the knot. Tiffany Trump is the lone child from Donald Trump's wedding to Marla Maples. Stories Courting Boulos, 25, joins the family after he and Tiffany began dating in 2018, according to Town and Country. They were engaged in January 2021 with Tiffany posting an Instagram photo … Continue reading Tiffany Trump and Michael Boulos:- Wedding

Apostle Joshua Selman:- “Ask and I will Give the Nations To You”

Background Out of Psalm 2:8, I like Don Moen's take.   Lyrics - Snippet You said ask and I'll give the nations to you Oh Lord, that's the cry of my heart Distant shores and the islands will see your light As it rises on us   Scripture Psalm Psalm 2:8 - The Triumphant Messiah … Continue reading Apostle Joshua Selman:- “Ask and I will Give the Nations To You”