How We Learn


My deepest friends are teachers.

A teacher

One of my soul mates is a teacher.

Dedicated her life to teaching.

Yet, she tells me in private conversation. I  can not teach anyone.

I have to let them learn their own lessons.



  1. Opportunity to choose Love



Some people only choose love when they have experienced enough hatred

Some people only choose peace when they have gotten sick of war

Some people need to learn their lesson in that way

So they are doing it

So they are playing it out

Pray, Pray

Send the Angels in

If you don’t choose to learn your lesson that way, don’t engage in it


Praying in the Spirit


Late last year as we were finishing up with our Angel Tree gifting, one the ladies that was helping us engaged me in small talk.

She said that she can not come talk to us until she has finishes with her morning prayer.

I really did not want to ask her what time she wakes up, our long she prays for me, and the routine she goes through.

I just nodded along.


My hesitation was not without merit.  I had gossiped about her earlier.

I had spoken to another team member that I hope she is taken good precautions due to the fact we travel a lot in groups of one, to people homes and just meet with them in bares.

My colleague told me that she is good and that these are her people.

I just smiled again.

Thinking to self, that does he think that for the fact I show up in our place of worship as Corporate, I care less.

Or that I am less relate-able.


As I was turning in my sleep this morning, I woke briefly to the thought of a lady that I met one morning during my daily commit.

Just another person trying to go to work.

I asked how she was doing and she shrugged.

We had a good full conversation.

God we have

That is the God we have.

He brings to us, to our thoughts, to our momentarily jerking while sleeping that we should remember each other.

We should prayerfully inquire as to whether the other is better ably navigating the struggles of life.

Praying in Spirit

Spirit of God

I really like the fact that my mind can not engage the Spirit of God.

All I can do is think of her incoherently.

Ask God to please be her Jehovah Jireh; The Lord who provides.

Not Know what to pray for


Romans 8:26-27 ( Link )

In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness.

For we do not know how we ought to pray, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groans too deep for words.

And He who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for the saints according to the will of God.…


Here is what Apostle Paul has to say :-

  1. Romans 8:26
    • The Spirit helps us in our weakness
      • He says we are weak
    • We do not know how to pray
      • Do not know
    • Spirit Intercedes
      • Holy Spirit is the one interceding
    • Groans too deep for words
      • Groans that surpasses our word craftiness
  2. Romans 8:27
    • Searches our Heart
      • Usefulness is predicated on a clean heart
    • Mind of the Spirit
      • Engages what the Spirit is hearing from God
      • Jesus said he will not speak of himself, but what he hears from God
    • Spirit Intercedes for the Saints
      • Spirit is taking over on behalf of the Saints
    • Will of God
      • Ensuring that the will of God is communicated to God on behalf of the Saints

Teach us what we should say to him


Job 37:19

Teach us what we should say to Him; we cannot draw up our case when our faces are in darkness.


  1. Job 37:19 ( Link )
    • Elihu said to Job, teach us what we should say to Him
      • Since Job knows so much, let him be the teacher
    • We cannot draw up our case when our faces are in darkness
      • How does one lawyer up while confronted with the reality that he is in darkness


  1. Pray in the Spirit
    • Ephesians 6:18 ( Link )
      • Pray in the Spirit at all times, with every kind of prayer and petition. To this end, stay alert with all perseverance in your prayers for all the saints.
  2. The Perils of the Pilgrim
    • Psalm 10:17 ( Link )
      • You have heard, O LORD, the desire of the humble; You will strengthen their hearts. You will incline Your ear, to vindicate the fatherless and oppressed, that the men of the earth may strike terror no more.…



  1. Ray Stedman
    • Ray Stedman – Man of Faith Series – How Prayer Works

Sermon In-depth

Ray Stedman

Ray Stedman – Man of Faith Series – How Prayer Works

  1. God
    • Prayer begins with a proposal of God
    • Prayer never begins with Man, it begins with God
    • God is always the one who proposes
  2. Acting upon a promise of God of what God wants
    • Warning
    • Proposal
    • Conviction
  3. Right of friendship
    • I will not keep this from Abraham
    • Called out of Grace
      • Favored position
    • Taught out of Grace
      • Doing Righteousness
      • Walk in righteous
  4. Language of Accommodation
  5. God’s Stewardship of Time
    • As soon as God had finished talking to Abraham, he returned to his place
    • God prayed in Abraham and set the limits of the conversation
  6. Prayer’s Provision
    • Joy of Partnership
    • Appropriate the Heart of God
      • Mercy and Compassion of God
      • Take a bit for ourselves the richness of God
    • Focuses the Power of God on an individual person or place
    • Affects the timing of God

Listening To

  1. Jason Upton
    • Jason Upton – Never Alone Martin (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.)


Tyson Fury vs Tom Schwarz



So impressed with God fearing men.

Whether it is 6′ 7” Deontay Wilder, son of Preacher Man.

I know it is going to cost me, but I got to say how I feel.

Or Tyson Fury, living his worst nightmare.

But, may be God can use some of this.



  1. Prayer
    • Pre Fight
      • The prayer that Tyson Fury reads to his team before every fight
        • Profile
          • Tyson Fury is a religious man and always makes room for a pre-fight prayer to settle the nerves and make sure everything goes to plan…
        • Videos
          • Video #1
            Channel :- BT Sport Boxing
            Published On :- 2019-June-15th
  2. Sportsmanship
    • Post Fight
      • Amazing moment! Tyson Fury goes into Tom Schwarz’s dressing room after knockout win
        Channel :- BT Sport Boxing
        Published On :- 2019-June-15th
  3. Fight Highlight
    • Fight Highlight
      • Tyson Fury vs Tom Schwarz – FULL Fight Highlights HD
        Channel :- Hammer TV
        Published On :- 2019-June-15th
  4. Interviews
    • Pre Fight
      • Tyson Fury: I’ll put on a masterclass vs. Tom Schwarz | Max on Boxing | Top Rank Boxing
        Profile :- Tyson Fury sits down with Max Kellerman on Max on Boxing to describe his motivation ahead of fighting Tom Schwarz on ESPN+ and why he hasn’t looked out knockouts in some of his fights, saying he wouldn’t be able to move like Sugar Ray Leonard if he won in the first round.
        Channel :- ESPN
        Published On :- 2019-June-14th
    • Post Fight
        Channel :- Fight Hub TV
        Published On :- 2019-June-15th



Here is to the victors.

All of 6′ 9” Tyson Fury walking across to the other man’s dressing room; coming in peace.

God Bless you“, but before I say too much, I need to see about you.

How you are doing.

Came with a hug and a smile.

I came alone, actually with my coach, Ben Davison.

Just to make sure things are good.

It was just a fight and we ended it in the ring; actually here.

I came to give my respect and encouragement.

Abii, A Daughter’s Journey



  1. A Daughter’s Journey | Family reunion for woman abandoned at birth | Sunday Night
    • Profile
      • As a baby, Abii was found abandoned outside a hospital, and adopted by Australian parents. She always wanted to find out where she came from – but the answer was even wilder than she imagined. Matt Doran joins Abii on a trip back to Zimbabwe to uncover the truth on a heartwarming story of family, perseverance and corruption.
      • Date Aired :- 2019-May-12th
    • Participants
      • Abigail Prangs ( Abii )
        • Edna ( Mother ? )
      • Kathy and Mike Prangs
      • Caminero
        • Edna and Stanford
          • Lorraine ( Daughter )
          • Mitchell ( Daughter )
      • DNA Test
        • Tinashe Mugabe
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel :- Sunday Night
        Published on 2019-March-3rd
    • Location
      • Australia
        • Queensland
      • Zimbabwe
        • Harare


  1. Kathy
    • I could really love that little girl
    • I said in a few prayers
      • I said she has been dumped once
      • I will never leave her no matter what she does
    • We were trying to love her overly
    • We were trying to make up for what she has lost
    • White
      • Mommy, I want to be white like you
  2. Abi
    • I was found, I was lucky enough to be found
  3. Edna
    • I said God what is that

Angel Tree – 2018 – Chapter 02


Yesterday, Friday, was a good day.  Experienced an unusual intimacy.

Intercessory Prayer

An answered call

A I reviewed our list of Angels, I came across a family with two boys.  I called their grandmother to crosscheck whether the gifts have in fact been delivered.

But, unfortunately she was not reachable.

I thus called the alternate phone we have for another family member; one of the grandmother’s daughters. She confirmed that she has not been able to reach the grandmother, but that she will let her know that we were trying to reach her.

Arranged Meeting

Upon getting home that evening, though late, I made the call and the daughter said her mother was with her and that I could bring the gifts to her place.

Made it over

Made it over with a guilt due to the lateness of the hour.  But, they welcomed me in to their home.


The emptied themselves and spoke openly of generational roots :-

  1. Grandmother’s pain
    • Losing a daughter to violence
    • And, losing her son to the criminal justice system
    • Having to give her two grandchildren up because she lacked the strength to care for them
  2. Grandmother’s coping mechanism
    • With sorrow of bereavement and age how the tools to manage are been taxed


At a place

It is a place that I have been before.

God can only use someone who has had to empty himself.

Ambiguity of our compartmentalize lives sometimes absolves and withholds God.

Permission to Pray

I asked whether we can pray and they said a clear YES.

Made sure to get permission and focus on what we can pray on.

And, we went in and prayed for each other.

I asked whether they were open to praying in Spirits and they affirmed.

One of their children came into the middle of the circle.


Faithfulness of God

The faithfulness of God calls us to :-

  1. Keep a good account of our sins and confess them
    • Proverbs 18:21
      • Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.
        ( Proverbs 18:21Link
    • Job 11
      • 13 If thou set thy heart aright,
        And stretch out thy hands toward him;
        14 If iniquity be in thy hand, put it far away,
        And let not unrighteousness dwell in thy tents.
      • 16 Thou shalt remember it as waters that are passed away,
        17 And thy life shall be clearer than the noonday;
        Though there be darkness, it shall be as the morning.
        18 And thou shalt be secure, because there is hope;
        Yea, thou shalt search about thee, and shalt take thy rest in safety.
        19 Also thou shalt lie down, and none shall make thee afraid;
        ( Job 11  [ Link ] )








Lance Lambert of Blessed Memory


  1. The Cost of Intercession by Lance Lambert
    • Profile
      • Lance Lambert, of blessed memory, speaks at one of The Jerusalem Channel’s conferences on the cost of being an intercessor for Israel and the nations.
    • Videos


The Cost of Intercession by Lance Lambert

  1. Intercessor
    • The word intercession has been greatly devalued
    • Many people come to me claiming that they are an intercessor
    • Many people are in prayer
  2. Real Intercessor
    • An intercessory is the deepest prayer
    • Journey to the throne of God
  3. World
    • This world is essentially a Spiritual World
    • You can not see Satan, but he exists
  4. Soul Versus Spiritual
    • It is not a spiritual thing
    • It is a soul thing
  5. Real Intercessory
    • Begins when God Reveals his mind
      • Abraham
        • I will destroy this nation, Sodom
      • Moses
        • I will destroy these people
  6. What is the mystery
    • Why
      • Why do we have to pray into it when God has said he will do it
      • We are a load of  Problems
      • Why do we have to be mindful
    • It is a good Question, and I
      • If you do not pray, I will not answer
      • If you do not intercede, I will not fulfill my purpose
    • Reasons
      • God seeks fellowship
      • Come into a place where we can read the mind of God
      • Educated and Trained for Eternal Purpose


Colicchie – Rapping about LIFE


Chas “Colicchie” Smith is a little known rapper from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Hip Hop is his life and you can tell by the lyrical content and substance in his songs, which allowed him to go out his numerous periods using drugs (he had 6 overdoses, as he say in To Whom It may Concern)



  1. Colicchie – Come Back Home
    • Colicchie – Come Back Home with lyrics
      Channel :- Colicchie
      Published On :- 2015-June-26th
  2. Colicchie – To Whom It May Concern
    • To Whom it may concern – Part 3
      Channel :- Colicchie
      Published On :- 2016-Jan-26th
    • To Whom it may concern – Part 1
      Channel :- Colicchie
      Published On :- 2012-Dec-5th
  3. Colicchie ” Weapon In My Hand ”
    • Colicchie ” Weapon In My Hand ”
      Channel :- Flip City Show
      Published :- 2016-March-6th
      Profile :- Recorded, mixed and produced by Big Jerm. ID Labs studio. Pittsburgh, Pa.
  4. Drug Addiction
    Channel :- Colicchie
    Published On :- 2017-Sept-19th
  5. My own thoughts
    Channel :- Colicchie
    Published On :- 2016-April-2nd
  6. Pursuit of Loneliness
    Channel :- Colicchie
    Published On :- 2016-April-2nd
  7. Written with Love
    Published On :- 2010-May-23rd
  8. Colicchie ” Never Giving Up ” ( prod by Ghost Beats )
    • Vidoes
      • Colicchie ” Never Giving Up ” ( prod by Ghost Beats )
        Channel :- Colicchie
        Published :- 2017-Dec-18th
        Added On :- 2018-June-4th



Come Back Home


I know it has been a while since we spoke
But I can see it in your face that you’re spiritually broke
I know you are modest and you don’t like to boast
but I always see you fighting and you never give up hope
you’ll be yourself again it’s gonna take a while
I know you are not happy you don’t gotta fake a smile

You use to be the best son to your mother
now you are stuck feeling sorry for yourself, under the covers
Be yourself with me, that’s all that I am asking you
I want you back, want you healthy want you laughing too
So when you’re feeling down and out with them shattered views
be a man, just do everything you have to do

You need to stop all them suicidal thoughts
and when you are going crazy, it is vital that you talk

I wish that you could see, everything that I see in you
It’s something special, and I wish you would believe it too

It is hard to pray when you are resentful at God, so odd
thinking you are in charge, but is really just a mirage
Barricaded, but I see you ‘re shoving hard
and if you fuck her, it will not cover them scars

Listen you seem distant from everything that you are going through
One of the strongest people that I ever met is you
You gotta pick yourself up and never turn back
everybody makes mistakes I hope you have learned that


It is rough praying to the same God that you blame
And, when it is time to go, God will find it suitable
Until then it is one foot in front of the other


You are going down south to get your head straight
Focus on improvement as you are cutting off the dead weight

and that stuff you are dealing with that’s slowing killing you inside


you got to move forward just be willing to try
You gotta find gratitude, you’re breathing, still alive
Yea, I know, you wanted to die just last month
the fuel was on the fire pulling triggers on gas pumps
So come back better, show everyone it’s a new you
you can do anything in this world that you choose to
This camouflaged agony’s really what we just call life
Trust me, I promise you, everything will be alright
You never let me down, and now I need a friend
I miss you Chas, and I’m praying that we meet again

Colicchie – To Whom It May Concern

Colicchie – To Whom It May Concern – Part 3

I am rapping about my life to whom it may concern