My Journey In The Spirit World – Day – 01

Background Let us encourage each other a bit. This time we will do so testimonially.   Listening Like 'Liyah, turn my mic up a bit. Listening to Chris Morgan. Daily as I live Link   Experiences I will talk about some of my experiences in the spirit world. Departing Souls Angelic Visitations Near Death Experience … Continue reading My Journey In The Spirit World – Day – 01

Season of Weighing

Background Their is something about those who truly wait on God. Those who actually weigh God. Waiting on God drives solitude. Solitary forces sin out of one's life. Outline Revelation People Reveal Love Reveal Dislike Reveal Unsure Counterfeit Bondage Meditation Restoration & Replenishing Confirmation Revelation People Reveal Love Your season of weighing will reveal those … Continue reading Season of Weighing

Apostle Joshua Selman:- 2023 – January – Part 01

Videos Ministerial Misgivings Pride WHY I ALWAYS REJECT INVITATION TO MINISTER WITH SOME PASTORS - APOSTLE JOSHUA SELMAN Videos Video #1 Channel:- Apostle TV Date Published:- 2022-December-20th Date Added:- 2022-December-20th Link Spoken On Dr. Paul Enenche Locations Enugu, Nigeria Yola, Nigeria Kaduna, Nigeria Spiritual Gifts Prophetic How to Discern False Prophecies | APOSTLE JOSHUA SELMAN … Continue reading Apostle Joshua Selman:- 2023 – January – Part 01

Elon Musk:- Meetings & Productivity

Background Elon Musk sent an email to the staff at Tesla with his 6 rules for productivity.Unsurprisingly, it leaked. Rules Here are the rules. Link 1) Avoid large meetings Large meetings waste valuable time and energy. They discourage debate People are more guarded than open There’s not enough time for everyone to contribute Don’t schedule … Continue reading Elon Musk:- Meetings & Productivity

Christianity:- Simplicity of The Gospel

Background I will like to post on the simplicity of the Gospel.   Introduction Yesterday I listened to a discussion between two Christian ministers. It covers area such as:- Millennium Reign of Christ Historic Premillennialism Millennialism Post-Millennial Rapture Timing Preterism Pre-Wrath Pre-Tribulation Rapture Doctrine Imminence Other Words Millipede Word of Encouragement I will like to offer … Continue reading Christianity:- Simplicity of The Gospel

Apostle Joshua Selman:- Spiritual Discernment

Background Joshua Selman encourages us to grow our discernment of people and the spirit workings. What is discernment? What is discernment? It is the faculty of perception The ability to perceive the influences behind actions The ability to perceive the spirits behind a physical activity The ability to understand whether an activity is driven by … Continue reading Apostle Joshua Selman:- Spiritual Discernment

Danger of False Prophecy

Background Here are some of the dangers of false prophecy.   Outline God wants us to fear his words Capital Punishment Social Unrest Draws people away from God Critical Thinking Consumer-Driven It tells people what they want to hear Follow ME Spirit Thing Test the Spirits Warning World Judges The Church   Points God wants … Continue reading Danger of False Prophecy

Apostle Arome Osayi:- 2022- January

Videos Spiritual Warfare Boko Haram 😱😱HOW BOKO-HARAM ALMOST KILLED MY SPIRITUAL FATHER || APOSTLE AROME OSAYI (2021). Videos 😱😱HOW BOKO-HARAM ALMOST KILLED MY SPIRITUAL FATHER || APOSTLE AROME OSAYI (2021). Channel:- Priesthood Channel Published On:- 2021-December-28th Added On:- 2022-January-2nd Link Spiritual Gifts Discernment of Spirits The Gift Of Discernment Of Spirits | Apostle Arome Osayi … Continue reading Apostle Arome Osayi:- 2022- January

Arome Osayi:- 2021-July

Videos Things that result to iniquity THINGS THAT RESULT TO INIQUITY || APOSTLE AROME OSAYI Videos THINGS THAT RESULT TO INIQUITY || APOSTLE AROME OSAYI Channel:- Acts Of The Remnants Date Published:- 2020-July-1st Date Added:- 2021-July-5th Link Discipline THERE'S NO MAN LIKE MY FATHER IN THE LORD || APOSTLE AROME OSAYI 2021 Videos THERE'S NO … Continue reading Arome Osayi:- 2021-July

Prophetic Timeline – 2021/June – Scripture

Background Let us use scripture to understand the prophetic in general.   Outline Orderly Worship Waiting Wisdom Gift and Examination Words That Remain Man Honoring Orderly Worship 1 Corinthians 14:29 ( Orderly Worship ) Scripture Link Two or three prophets should speak, and the others should weigh carefully what is said. Exposition I like the … Continue reading Prophetic Timeline – 2021/June – Scripture