Miracle Zuchukwu:- On Praying


As I said in my last post, in a world where people are always comparing themselves to nothings.

Here is a noteworthy story on personal sacrifices and shared joy.



Whoever it is praying for me, don’t stop, it’s working.

I joined the elite group of 7% of females and 1% of black female pilots in the world.

It’s an exhilarating, yet surreal feeling to introduce myself to the world as a Pilot.


In Elation


In Pilot Booth



Comment – DN Cherry



DN Cherry – Graduate Student & Digital Reality Lab Founder/Student Director

Congrats! This is inspiring. I use to want to be a Pilot in elementary, aunt even got me a whole backpack set with plane illustrations and a badge. Then during a dance rehearsal, we practice going up to a 5th grader to say what we wanted to be when we were older. Where I replied “a pilot”, he looked at me and said girls can’t be pilots. My naive self took what the older kid said to be true and dropped my dreams. I didn’t even go to the dance recital, instead opted to go on a field trip to the park.


Miracle Izuchukwu – Author – FLIGHT ATTENDANT || PRIVATE PILOT

What?! You want to hear mine? I told my dad I wanted to start my journey to becoming a pilot, he said women are incompetent to become pilots. My dad of all people😂…
So sorry you had to face that older kid with a shallow mind. I hope you still get around to do what you have always wanted to do! Thank you for sharing. Cheering for you! DN Cherry





Big Sean – Deep Reverence (Audio) ft. Nipsey Hussle


What’s comin’ is goin’, if it don’t give you more, it drains you

Niggas is bangin’ over blocks that they don’t own, thinkin’ that’s home
Boy, you think that’s where you from? You don’t really know where you from
You don’t how deep your roots is or what your ancestors had done
So, God bless all of the sons and daughters
Who knew they history so they knew where to take it farther
And all the ones that stuck with me like good barbers
Lookin’ at my life story, God’s a good author





Crediting my family, JP, for liking on LinkedIn.



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