Hard Words from Women

Background There is a series of posts on a specific subject that I would prefer to share. So as not to have breakage in the flow of that proposed series, let me pull over and get this off my mind.   Hard Words Outline Mother Adopted Sister Public Transit Social Media Bride Lady Friend Adopted … Continue reading Hard Words from Women

Matt Araiza:- Prosecution

Background Matt Araiza prosecution. Incident 2021-August-17th Alleged Incident Occurred   Criminal Case San Diego Police Department The DA's office said the San Diego Police Department did not recommend charges be filed when the case was submitted in early August 2022.   San Diego District Attorney "Ultimately, prosecutors determined it is clear the evidence does not … Continue reading Matt Araiza:- Prosecution

Kanye West And Seasons

Background For people from certain communities talking about Kanye West is a hot stove. But, let us get with it. Bio Kanye West came into the business as a music producer. Then, as a rapper. And, then owning his own label. A mogul pretty much.   Words When one is in music and write their … Continue reading Kanye West And Seasons

Music:- 2022 – April

Videos Tiwa Savage Tiwa Savage - Somebody’s Son ft. Brandy Profile Music video by Tiwa Savage performing Somebody’s Son Videos Video #1 Channel:- Tina Savage Published On:- 2021-October-12th Added On:- 2022-April-6th Link Jhené Aiko Feat. Kendrick Lamar Stay Ready (What A Life) - Jhene Aiko Feat. Kendrick Lamar - Sail Out EP Videos Video #1 … Continue reading Music:- 2022 – April

Big Sean Freestyle | LA Leakers Freestyle

Background Motor City's Big Sean pulled into the Studio of Los Angeles Power 106. Best believe, it is no miss freestyle.   Videos Big Sean Big Sean Spits Over Drake's "Love All" & Kanye's "Hurricane" In Nearly 9-Min. L.A. Leakers Freestyle Profile After over a 10-year delay, The Don has stepped in the building and … Continue reading Big Sean Freestyle | LA Leakers Freestyle

Big Sean

Background Here is a post for those who are righteous, live righteously, and love those who live righteously.   Videos Drink Champs Segments Big Sean says Kanye West is OBSESSED with DRAKE | Drink Champs Big Sean says Kanye West is OBSESSED with DRAKE | Drink Champs Profile Big Sean talks about Kanye West weird … Continue reading Big Sean

Miracle Zuchukwu:- On Praying

Background As I said in my last post, in a world where people are always comparing themselves to nothings. Here is a noteworthy story on personal sacrifices and shared joy.   Praying Whoever it is praying for me, don’t stop, it’s working. I joined the elite group of 7% of females and 1% of black … Continue reading Miracle Zuchukwu:- On Praying

Music:- 2021-March – R & B

Videos DaniLeigh DaniLeigh - Easy Videos DaniLeigh - Easy ft. Chris Brown (Remix) Channel:- iamDaniLeigh Date Published:- 2019-June-11th Date Added:- 2019-March-9th Link ( Song ) DaniLeigh - Easy (Unplugged) (Official Video) Channel:- iamDaniLeigh Date Published:- 2019-September-23rd Date Added:- 2019-March-9th Link ( Song ) Summer Walker Summer Walker - Stretch You Out ft. A Boogie wit … Continue reading Music:- 2021-March – R & B

Rap & “Having Something to Say”

Few Years For a few years can't turn on the Radio Honestly Didn't miss it Needless Conversation Could do without   Need Came up on Rap When it had something to say Had a reason to be Needed a come up Saw that ladder Sure and Steady on the Wall Held Firm Watched my brothers … Continue reading Rap & “Having Something to Say”