Gilles Tchianga, Wes Hall:- “Betting On a Person”

Background Life is full of tales. Some worth listening to; limited worth cheering on. He left his native East African Country, Cameroon, to go study abroad. He studied Food Processing in the University of Milan in Milan, Italy. Stay Abroad Upon completing his studies he decided he could not go back home to Cameroon. The … Continue reading Gilles Tchianga, Wes Hall:- “Betting On a Person”

Manoush Zomorodi:- Boredom

Videos Ted Talk How boredom can lead to your most brilliant ideas Manoush Zomorodi Videos Video #1 Channel:- Cam Nguyễn Date Published:- 2019-May-26th Date Added:- 2022-November-9th Link Spoken On People Dr. Sandi Mann Boredom Researcher Dr. Daniel Levitin Neuroscientist Daniel Joseph Levitin, FRSC is an American-Canadian cognitive psychologist, neuroscientist, writer, musician, and record producer. He … Continue reading Manoush Zomorodi:- Boredom

Family:- Breadwinner – Through The Prism of LinkedIn

Background Family, I will like to take a little time to encourage each other.   Lineage Family:- Parents & Children Relationship Link   Linked In Posts Latest layoffs: Companies making cuts By Bobby Armstrong, Editor at LinkedIn News Link LinkedIn News team is closely following the turbulent employment situation in the U.S., particularly as high-profile … Continue reading Family:- Breadwinner – Through The Prism of LinkedIn

Rich Mason:- LinkedIn Security Advise

Background Rich Mason is a former CISO at Honeywell. Early this week he cued in to the fact that someone was creating false LinkedIn profiles.   LinkedIn Profiles Many of the false profiles had titles such as CISO ( Chief information security officer ).   LinkedIn Response Krebs On Security In a statement provided to … Continue reading Rich Mason:- LinkedIn Security Advise

Armand Carr:- On Letting Go

Background I like this LinkedIn Post from my brother, Armand Carr. Post LinkedIn Post Post Link Image Textual The Lady & The Voice Sometimes it's better to just let things be, let people go, don't fight for closure, don't ask for explanations, don't chase answers and don't expect people to understand where you are coming … Continue reading Armand Carr:- On Letting Go

LinkedIn:- Connection – Request

Background Back on July 19th, 2022 I received a LinkedIn request.   LinkedIn Request Requester Review Mutual Connection(s) I quickly reviewed the request. Noticed that we share a mutual connection. Correspondence Correspondence with Mutual Connection Image Textual JUL 19 Daniel Adeniji sent the following message at 11:23 AM I just received a linked request from … Continue reading LinkedIn:- Connection – Request

Fortune & McKinsey:- Reasons for people leaving jobs

Story Line Link Despite a lot of recession fears, it doesn't seem like the Great Resignation will be slowing anytime soon. Another 4.3 million workers quit their jobs in May—and a new McKinsey report suggests that 40% of the workforce are still very unhappy with their jobs and looking for new opportunities. This is bad … Continue reading Fortune & McKinsey:- Reasons for people leaving jobs

Atul Gawande:- A Surgeon, A Writer, And Much More

Videos Mortality Ted Talk YouTube Being Mortal with Atul Gawande Profile Being Mortal Atul Gawande, Executive Director, Ariadne Labs; Board Member, New America Videos Video #1 Channel:- New America Date Published:- 2015-April-28th Date Added:- 2022-July-20th Link Spoken On Laura L. Carstensen Stanford University David Brooks Eulogy Emotion Zeke Emanuel Healing LinkedIn Want to go even … Continue reading Atul Gawande:- A Surgeon, A Writer, And Much More