Bob Inglis, R-S.C

  Podcasts The Long Game Bob Inglis Wanted to "Destroy" Bill Clinton during the 98 Impeachment. Years Later He Tracked Him Down to Apologize. Profile Bob Inglis was leading the charge 20 years ago to impeach President Bill Clinton. Inglis was an up and coming Republican congressman from South Carolina, and a self-described bomb-thrower. A … Continue reading Bob Inglis, R-S.C

Satya Nadella & “The Sufficiency of Grace”

Giving up his Green Card Satya came to the US in 1988 to go to graduate school. In Dec 1992, he married his wife, Anu. The line for petitioners with green card is not as quick as that for Citizens. With that in mind he would not apply under an H1 Visa, but under a … Continue reading Satya Nadella & “The Sufficiency of Grace”