Satya Nadella & “The Sufficiency of Grace”

Giving up his Green Card

Satya came to the US in 1988 to go to graduate school.

In Dec 1992, he married his wife, Anu.

The line for petitioners with green card is not as quick as that for Citizens.

With that in mind he would not apply under an H1 Visa, but under a less favorable status.

He likely chose to have Anu apply simply as a regular visitor to the US.

Visiting Visa can be denied for the flimsiness of reasons; Anu’s Visa Application was denied.

We all know that Microsoft has some of the best lawyers and they came up with an ingenious, yet risky plan.

The plan was to have Nadella turn in his green card and apply for an H1 Visa.  The reason being those granted H1 visas are able to have their spouse come to the US with them.

The H1 visa petition was approved.

Cerebral Palsy

At Age, 29, Satya and his wife were blessed with their first son, Zain.

As both he and his wife are the only child of their respective parents, there was an expectation that the child will expand their embryonic nuclear family and bring their extended families even closer.

But, hopes appear to have been dashed when the child was born with Cerebral Palsy.

The burden of coping with a disability in a small family and having most of one’s extended family continents away could only be seen through the most punishing lens.


Difficulties have two probable outcomes, bitterness or empathy.

Empathy make you a better innovator,” said Nadella. “If I look at the most successful products we [at Microsoft] have created, it comes with that ability to meet the unmet, unarticulated needs of customers.”

As Nadella sees it, the Monopolistic lawsuit forced Microsoft to have to confront the Identity question.


To him part of the answer is “We build technology so that others can build technology”.

A more technical question is “What is quantum computing, and does MSFT participate in it…”.

One fascinating way to think about quantum is that if you had a corn maze and you were trying to trace your path. a classical computer would trace, retrace again and again and on and on. Quantum is the ultimate parallel machine. It would trace all of the paths simultaneously.”


John 9:2-3

So His disciples asked Him, “Rabbi, who sinned—this man or his parents—that he was born blind?”
“Neither he nor his parents sinned,” answered Jesus, “but he was born blind in order that God’s mercy might be openly shown in him.


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