Apostle Joshua Selman:- Spiritual Discernment

Background Joshua Selman encourages us to grow our discernment of people and the spirit workings. What is discernment? What is discernment? It is the faculty of perception The ability to perceive the influences behind actions The ability to perceive the spirits behind a physical activity The ability to understand whether an activity is driven by … Continue reading Apostle Joshua Selman:- Spiritual Discernment

Spiritual Gifts:- Discernment of Spirits

Background Continuing our series on Spiritual Gifts. In this post we will cover Discerning of Spirits.   General ( As a repose, Let us quickly cover what Spiritual Gifts are ) In general, gifts anchor God's headship.¬† And, man's responsibility towards God's mission. Spiritual Gifts Scripture Root The Root of Jesse - Isaiah 11:1-3 [ … Continue reading Spiritual Gifts:- Discernment of Spirits

Joy in Heaven

Background Again, I listen to my fair share of YouTube preachers and these days I come away empty. They are either talking or more so arguing about someone else's ministry.   Bible Let us see what the Bible say about rejoicing in Heaven; knowing if I can find out what brings forth joy in Heaven, … Continue reading Joy in Heaven