Season of Weighing

Background Their is something about those who truly wait on God. Those who actually weigh God. Waiting on God drives solitude. Solitary forces sin out of one's life. Outline Revelation People Reveal Love Reveal Dislike Reveal Unsure Counterfeit Bondage Meditation Restoration & Replenishing Confirmation Revelation People Reveal Love Your season of weighing will reveal those … Continue reading Season of Weighing

Christianity:- Simplicity of The Gospel

Background I will like to post on the simplicity of the Gospel.   Introduction Yesterday I listened to a discussion between two Christian ministers. It covers area such as:- Millennium Reign of Christ Historic Premillennialism Millennialism Post-Millennial Rapture┬áTiming Preterism Pre-Wrath Pre-Tribulation Rapture Doctrine Imminence Other Words Millipede Word of Encouragement I will like to offer … Continue reading Christianity:- Simplicity of The Gospel

“Heritage of those who serve the LORD, and their righteousness is of the Lord”

Videos Bishop T.D Jakes Bishop T.D Jakes Saved From Death And Family Profile God saved Bishop T. D Jakes and his entire family from a bomb that would have killed them all by him hearkening to the leading of the HolySpirit who prompted him to cancel a normal routine. God still protects his. No accident … Continue reading “Heritage of those who serve the LORD, and their righteousness is of the Lord”

Spirituality and Togetherness

Sign of the Times Part of the signs of our times are difficulties. Some of the most hurtful ones are the ones suffered from being alone. Experiences Family and Friends have reached out to me over the last year of things that came up. Inclusive are:- Confidants Being hurt by confidants Betrayed Trust Stolen Stolen … Continue reading Spirituality and Togetherness

Apostle Joshua Selman

Videos Short Segments MUST WATCH!! MY GREATEST FEAR IN LIFE - Apostle Joshua Selman Profile This is a must watch for every believer. As Apostle Joshua Selman reveals what his greatest fear is. You will surely be blessed by it. Videos Video #1 Channel:- Revival Alert Date Published:- 2020-July-4th Date Demoted:- 2022-June-2nd Demotion Reason:- This … Continue reading Apostle Joshua Selman