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Frontline PBS

  1. Facing Eviction (full documentary) | FRONTLINE
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      • Why have American families struggled to keep their homes during the COVID pandemic, despite a federal eviction moratorium? We investigate in a new documentary with Retro Report.
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        Channel:- FRONTLINE PBS | Official
        Date Published:- 2022-July-26th
        Date Added:- 2022-July-21st



Frontline PBS

Facing Eviction (full documentary) | FRONTLINE

Dallas, Texas

Judge Katrina Whitfield
  1. Obligation
    • Legal Obligation
      • The legal obligation isn’t black and white
    • Moral Obligation
      • I have to visit the moral obligation a lot more
      • Because the legal obligation isn’t black and white
      • It does show the moral obligation
      • You have to listen to both sides to tease it out
      • Once you do that, the grey out is going to be exposed
    • Loses
      • Lose their homes
      • Take kids out of their schools
    • Balancing Acts
      • Small Landlords
        • Small landlords who are often more vulnerable that corporate interest
      • Covid
        • Mom & Pop Shops
          • This is not a business
          • I still have a mortgage, insurance, taxes, HOA fees
          • This paying is still paying those things
Home Owner Sandra Stanley
  1. Did ok paying our mortgage
  2. Had problems paying our taxes
  3. Went into my retirement
  4. In 30 years renting homes, I have had to do 3 evictions
  5. I will rather have somebody pay their rents than have evictions
  6. I hate doing evictions


New Jersey

June Robinson ( Renter )
Nicholas Bittner ( June Robinson’s Attorney )
  1. Landlord
    • I cannot get them out as a renter
    • But, I can label them a squatter
Emily Benfer ( Eviction Lab )
  1. Housing is foundational
  2. It is a pillar of resiliency, in the same place that education and employment are
  3. But, if you knock out housing, your home, where you live, you cannot access the other pillars



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