Mubarak Ramaddan – 2023


We are well into Ramaddan.

About a week in already.


Shared Truths


I emailed my brother, Daniel.

He replied back that he was on his way to West Lafayette, Indiana.

I implored how Ramaddan has been so far.

He said he has the first week in already.

And, that it has been easy thus far.



Education and Training

My sister Amina called me back last last night.

She was on her way home, returning from her training at the Hopsital where she is receiving training on being a nurse.

She told me how everything is going.

How little sleep she is getting.

On Saturday she was at the Hospital from 1 pm to 9 pm.

She went home to go get a little rest.

Did her homework.

Went to sleep at 5 AM, woke back up at 9 AM.

Was back at the Hopsital at 1 PM.

When she called around 8 PM, she was finally on her way back home.


I asked how her fast is.

She responded good.


I said that it would probably have been OK, if she skipped fasting this lone year.

She was graceful in her reply:-

She said, I am now a double orphan.

And, so now I have both parents to fast and pray for.

My son needs his fast, as well.

And, what about me, and my need for fast.


Kareem Ramaddan

Kareem Ramaddan for those doing the actual fasting.

As for the rest of us, may a long suffering God, straighten out the lane and lame.

Orphans indeed.

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