Black Hair Day – 2022 – Summer


I am not going to lie.

I was looking for something else.

Googled on some not so good.


Haley Jay



Tips for Length Retention





Three Steps To Loving Yourself – LoveIsConfusing

Three Steps To Loving Yourself β€œLove is Joy. Love is Pain. Love is Selfish. Love is Sacrifice. Love is confusing”….. If you have been paying attention


Girly Outfits for Black Girl

ν¬λ‘œν‚€ μžλ£Œμ‹€ on Twitter




Head Wrapper








Divine Beauties




Some days you are having a not so good day.

But, there you go googled on something.

Hit a Jack Pot.

Bet, you can not imagine how hard it is to grow black hair.

But, here go some people having fortune with it.



Praise God

Don’t throw dirt.

Don’t ruin somebody’s day.

God knows you.

He knows how you are doing.

He was just hoping for a bland day.


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