LinkedIn:- Connection – Request


Back on July 19th, 2022 I received a LinkedIn request.






Mutual Connection(s)

I quickly reviewed the request.

Noticed that we share a mutual connection.


Correspondence with Mutual Connection



JUL 19

Daniel Adeniji sent the following message at 11:23 AM

I just received a linked request from Guan. Do you actually know her or is she just a linked in acquaintance.

Thank You,


Connection sent the following messages at 11:51 AM

just a linked in person that I met this morning.. don’t accept sorry
How have you been my brother?
where are you living and working these days?

Daniel Adeniji sent the following message at 11:52 AM

I am well. I think she is a pretty face trying to harvest contacts.

Connnection sent the following message at 11:53 AM

I think your right about her


Learn your lessons on these streets.

  1. Know People
    • Please know people beyond who they project on their computer screen
  2. Reward Loyalty
    • Those who have proven themselves loyal over the years reward them
  3. Ease the Disloyal
    • Those who are not loyal, please stop following them

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