“You knew we are going to need it”:- Family


Our title post is been a few months in the making.



My brother Wale called and we were catching up.

As we spoke more he opened up about some losses he has endured.

I could see and hear the hurt and disappointment in his voice.

I knew right away that he was not talking in personal pronouns.

He never saw the gains as his.

The gains were for us; the whole family.

And, thus the losses transcend him, as well.

They were not his alone.

The wholeness of his heart meant a responsibility to share all the way through.

Allow me to moan and groan over those same losses.


My wife is the same way.


Christmas Presents


Christmas of last year, 2021, she came back and asked can we still get the kids’ Christmas present.

She furthered I know I have been absent-minded.

And, this Christmas caught me unawares.

I was happy that I received an unexpected cheque in the mail.

Thankfully I took it straight to the bank.

And, it was still there.

The cheque came in a couple of days before she asked.

She made the list of gifts and we were able to get them.


Sister In Law

I reached out to my Sister In Law, as well.

My Sister In Law is my heart.

I silently believe she has more to do with me being here than my wife herself.

God answers my sister in Law’s prayer.

I asked her what she needed for Christmas.

She said nothing.

Continuing, She said, “You know what the family is going through already.  And, so we are not in the mood of celebrating or spending money within this season“.

I quickly agree.

Knowing what we going through, we are going to need the money soon enough.



I went back to my wife.

And, asked what the pouty girl needs.

She said “Who

I said “You

As always she came back with an Iroko Tree Money.

She deserves it.

She prayed for it.

God can direct her to ask from what she prayed for.




Driving Mischief

Quite a few years ago now, my mother gave me a prayer accompaniment.

I had never told her I was distracted coming back from Church about a month or two earlier.

By the time I woke from my daydreaming the cars in front of me were slowed down.

I reached for the brakes, yet it was too late.

Four Car Crash on one of our local highways.

And, it was all on me.



The headache I put my mother through.

Yet, she never complains.

She sees it as her duty as a mother to stay on her knees.

To model God’s love to and through.



When God touches her.

Tells her I answered that prayer.

She quietly tells you “I know what you have been up to“.


I will not tell you how I know.

That is between my God and I.

The quiet and proven whisperer.


Keep it up.

I think you have less goodwill before him than you did just yesterday.

Get right with him, before that bell rings.



Beloved, please use my testimony as a confession.

Praying along with you towards:-

  1. A soul that transcends self
  2. Judicious use of what God has entrusted you with
  3. Truthful and caring lips
  4. Health
  5. Love, Mind, and Dexterity for hard work
  6. Life that overcomes hardships and obstacles
  7. Trusted Family and Confidants that walks backward to make supplications for sins



Praying with you for those momentous moments where God takes away the desire for sin.

Joining along with those souls that have and are praying for me, as well.

Believe me, he is not your judge.

He is your father.

If you are reading this, it means the book is yet open.

If you acquiesce, he will take away the desire.

Give you to your family, unbroken and whole.



  1. Freke Umoh


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