Covid-19:- Testing – Familia Need


My adopted sister, Dara, texted me.

Her text read can I call you in a minute.

I replied, “Yes, Please“.


What do You Need?

I already know she is needing something.

I said Sis what do you need?

She said “No, I don’t really need anything.  But, I text you yesterday.

To which I replied, “Sorry I missed it.  I did not know you texted“.


Family Covid

She caught me up very quickly.

Here she goes…

My Mother caught Covid.

She has been homesick for 11 or so days.

Her husband, my step Dad, was sick, as well.

My Mum got sick with Covid for the second time.

Even though she is fully vaccinated and got her booster, as well.

My step Dad is also fully vaccinated.

Here I go taking care of them.


Return To Work

I am preparing to go back to work on Monday.

But, my employer is asking me to get Covid tested prior to my return.

I asked how they know about your parents.

She said I told them.

I am a caregiver to a 90-years-old lady.

Her mental health is getting worse.

Her name is Lola.

I thought she is white.  But, she is actually Spanish.

I can not stand getting her infected.

She is a very good lady.

She don’t speak, but we get by without words.

So it is more on me to get tested and vouch that I am in a good place.


What do you need me for?

So I asked again, what do you need me for?

Well, to give me $40 to go get this at-home test kit from CVS.

I begged off of giving her $40.

Sis, I told you I don’t have any money.

Why is your employer not paying for it?

To which she replies, they are having her pay for it.


Follow-Up Posts

In follow-up posts, we will address how to get Covid Tested.

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