Cheri Garcia On Sobriety


800 days sober.
This sober glow-up made me cry.
I was in so much pain.
I suffered in silence.
But today I recover out loud.







I am the Founder of Cornbread Hustle, a staffing agency for second chances. I am passionate about helping people coming out of prison and people in recovery find transformation through employment or entrepreneurship. As someone who has reinvented my life, I wanted to create a company to help others do the same.

Before starting Cornbread Hustle, I found my own transformation and recovery through inventing a tanning bed and starting a career in the TV news business. I eventually developed expert-level skills for marketing and PR.

I continued to hone in on my marketing skills as a PR consultant for Mark Cuban companies. I provided strategy plans and media opportunities for a variety of the Shark Tank companies he invested in. Today, I use those talents to help individuals getting out of prison re-brand themselves to become the person they want to be and get noticed by the people they want to meet.

What I’m most proud of is my sobriety and relationship with God. I am very outspoken about my personal experiences with drug and alcohol addiction and I share my journey on LinkedIn and other platforms.

I am 2 years sober and taking it one day at a time.

In 2020 we had to pivot to include a disinfecting department within our organization. It has been very successful and our “hustlers” have loved helping essential businesses stay safe. I have enjoyed sharing that journey and how God has blessed us in the midst of a crisis as well.

If you would like to learn more about me or my PR and marketing consulting services, please visit: ( Link ).

If you would like to reach out regarding staffing or disinfecting, please go to our website: ( Link ) and contact us through the contact submission form. I try to read all of my messages in my LinkedIn inbox, but I miss a lot.

If you have a criminal record and in need of second chance employment opportunities, please apply online on our website: ( Link ).

Click on “jobs” and see what we have available. Please do not contact me directly asking for employment. You must go through our website to be considered.

If you have sent me a message about your sobriety journey, I see them and I love reading about your progress and milestones. Keep sending them. I may not always be able to reply but your hope gives me hope. You’re an inspiration to me as much as I am to you. Thanks for helping me stay sober and know that we are in this thing together.


In gratitude

In gratitude to my Bro, Joe E, for liking on LinkedIn.

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